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  1. maybe whiting power,being yanmar agents.http://www.whitingpower.com/
  2. Hempels olympic is great as long as you do not scrub/wash it,very very ablative,$190 5lt mt smart marine
  3. under 10 kts we seem to hold our own,weight on rail is a little problem,teaching my 2 boys to sail,one on helm the other learning to let head go and winch when we go about,3 in cockpit might be part of the problem,will have a better idea after weekend,will report back!
  4. thanks,will follow advice
  5. we have dropped traveller down till main starts to back wind a bit but appear to be pointing according to angles on wind vane,as you have said hit hull speed.will play around this weekend.possible sails are a bit tired?
  6. tomharry

    cavalier 26

    Have a problem going to windward 15 to 20 knots of wind carrying no2 and full main,the boat is sittting at 5.13knt and feels like we have hit a wall. have i reached hull speed and thats it or more weight on rail? toe rail is just dipping water,have tried a reef and makes no difference,maybe reef main and try no1 on or will i be over powered? Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. would not mind but kawau weekend with pybc
  8. kea/cub/scout leader thank less task,i was a cub leader at papakura sea scouts for 5yrs,baby sitting service.real eye opener to what kids can and cannot do,we want to go on a camp,no problem i will organise it,what you expect us to help,no camp.
  9. I keep the tank full and put in diesel bug.Boats sit for long periods and condensation can build up Trucks never or rarely get the bug as being used full time,wheels not turning not making money
  10. "Terry B"now I could be a long lost grandchild of yours if you list had a dripless shaft seal on it for me
  11. that was the problem last time,saw opening hours but were closed
  12. Did it in 1984 from memory,devonport to sandspit then tutukaka and return to leigh then devonport,cut short due to a possible usa nuclear sub arriving
  13. That seems very weird. What else did you change? Hell yeah!!. Anchor winches are only designed to lift the gear from the sea bed to the boat, not out of the sea bed or the boat to the anchor. Doing that will kill it before its time.I have thought about why all chain would drag compared to chain/rope.Now i think i have the answer,when using all chain it should be marked at 5m intervals as mine is not,so I guess now when lowered i only guessed to as to how much chain i had let out.In a chain/rope combination I know i have 2 boat lenghts chain so when it hits bottom i can then measure out amount
  14. we have cav26,just got rid of the 100m all chain,and we dragged,2 boat lengths chain and 50m 16mm rope now and it does not drag in a blow(i like to hear the warp working)if it is stuck i bring warp back to cockpit winch or motor over it till breaks out.
  15. did not go to viaduct show but went to show grounds boat show. maybe just me ,not enough sailing gear.most stalls aimed at the top end of market when i think most money is spent by the average waged kiwi. sailed a sea scout cutter back in 1970s at greenlane in the pool and tore the bottom of pool.
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