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  1. Never had a problem. The kite normally collapses as soon as you hoist the jib if you are beam reaching. If you have room try and run down wind and smother it behind the main. In either case I usually just smoke the brace (it's ok if it runs all the way through), gather the foot in then drop the halyard. Do everything from the cockpit and drop into the aft hatch. Never ever tie knots in your kite sheets!
  2. H&H entered. Anyone know of a spare 10m marina berth for the night? Will pay nightly rate.
  3. So...who used their reacher sheets today?
  4. Every Y88 that started completed the course. Nautique finished and got a result but Driving Force was outside the time limit.
  5. Yep - had a good burst just touched 11.0 side by side with Gale Force on AP ???? Bit of carnage going on behind & I didn't want to become part of it...GF pulled ahead under 2 sail and I ended up having a good battle with Space Station to the finish. Thanks to all involved for putting together a great opening weekend for the series. Looking forward to seeing everyone out for the next race at RYC on the 1st.
  6. Awesome - bring on the class racing! I race your blue bus with my blue bus ????
  7. Found one: http://creativecreativity.typepad.com/. ... 970c-800wi It might need some calibration. Nothing a few bananas won't fix.
  8. H&H's race report. With the forecast looking like a slightly breezy Westerly 15-20 through most of the day and possibly 20-25 later on choosing the number 2 headsail was a no-brainer. Left the number 1 on the dock. The big decision was to kite or not to kite? I rigged it up on the way out ready to make a call on the start line. Started bare headed in close company with most of the regular Hauraki Singlehanded Series guys: The Bondi Tram, Crocodile, Revolution Blues and Oracle. The angle to Motuhie was looking good for a kite so just went for it before I over-analysed it. The kite set befo
  9. Well that blew away the cobwebs Congratulations to Oracle for the gun. You'll be happy as Larry after that effort.
  10. Found the problem, handicap for our old boat - it's a young 11 and that's the same handicap H&H was handicapped to on Sunday. Seems to be quite a common problem getting Y88s and Y11s mixed up - especially rum racing handicapper at BBYC...
  11. I remember Oracle having 2.5 boats as a result of circumstances, not planning. I have no problem with this as it was all within the rules - rules that were the same for both defender AND challenger.Your argument is 2.5 boats vs 2 didn't make the cup any more difficult to win. It didn't, your logic is flawed because the choice to make extensive modifications was also available to the challengers under the same set of rules, had they seen opportunities to make improvements. 2 boats vs 1 however is a significant advantage. Historically, how many 1 boat campaigns have won the americas cup during
  12. Yes it will. Having 2 boats is a significant advantage in many ways. Also how do you convince a sponsor to invest into designing and building an ac62 with no guarantee that it will even get to race if the challenger is knocked out in the ac45 elimination series? Only 4 teams will get to play in their ac62's. I am all in favour of tnz putting together a challenge if they are given a fighting chance but no potential challenger will get a fair fight as the format stands.
  13. Mr Hell

    Designers Talks

    Was a very interesting talk, Neil showed how it worked with some simplified animations but probably didn't go into any more detail than in any of the other lectures. An article released shortly after the cup showing how the electro-mechanical-hydraulic feedback loop worked can be found here: http://www.cupexperience.com/blog/2013/ ... rol-system
  14. #1 wasn't really the right sail for the job. I wanted to change down on the reach from motutapu to motuhie but The Ross 930 surfboard was running me down and overtook me. I saw you battling away bare headed & thought that's not worth putting my beer down for. Doing a single handed headsail change is a real b!tch and costs a lot of ground - 88's are only allowed hanks so persevered with the 1. Saw 18 knots true, was a bit flappy but wasn't much slower than the #2, just had to flatten the main right off & crank the back stay. You had a nice come back on the bondi surfboard
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