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  1. Salt water blasted waterline - before and after (well, front couple of meters).
  2. Two options I've recently done I recently hooked up out water blaster to the salt water deck wash pump and gave the boat a good washdown - worked mint and the next lot of rain washed the salt all away. Hopped in the dinghy and cleaned up the waterline too, which is a good way to do it when you have 180ft of dirty waterline (44ft cat). We recently hauled out and wanted to wash the boat down in the yard - so we took our own water to the yard in a 250L plastic barrel on our dinghy trailer. We have a 10,000 rainwater tank at home, so heaps of water there. Lasted about a hour of water
  3. Our solution: Change your phone to 2 degrees and get a new phone from them that has "Wifi Calling" - basically phones works as normal but over wifi rather than cellphone network. https://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/wificalling/ Then Steal the neighbours wifi and go for gold. Or the more honestway - We often hoist our Cell to Wifi modem (https://www.gowifi.co.nz/wireless/rbwapgr-5hacd2hnd_r11e-lte6.html) to the top of the mast in a drybag, with a second 2 Degrees simcard in it. 2 Degrees allows you to share your data plan with another simcard for free so it can just use your
  4. I replaced my worn out 2 blade folding Briskis in 2018 for a pair of 2 blade folding Goris. The Goris were only 10% more expensive than the Briskis! Been great props so far. What was painful was taking one of the Briskis to the scrap metal yard..........
  5. This 2h video of a bunch of Kiwis doing the transit is a good Lockdown watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ80U5VZ5zM&t=1912s Whats the the Histrory of this boat? It looks like a sistership to the Sylfia of the Expedition Drenched boat
  6. Its interesting to read some of the the comments (1250!!!! of them) on the article. Most of them are very supportive and rational, but what else would you expect from Candians! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/new-zealand-yacht-cambridge-bay-nunavut-1.5698347
  7. Seems like a media beatup to me. Looks like the he got told the Candian Waters was closed by the time is was too late and he had started the Passage already. I doubt going back upwind in Artic waters is an option. He's was sighted here 7 days ago, so I'd say he has no choice but to keep progressing through the NW Passage.
  8. We brought a second hand Delta dingy earlier this year and they are great little dinghies that tick a lot of those boxes. 3m long so should fit within your spot. Rows well (even has foot braces) and sails nicely. They are pretty lite too and seem robust as there are heaps of them around once you start looking. Our was $850 and in great condition.
  9. Adrianp

    Lithium v AGM

    I've read that Marinehowto recently and there is very useful info contained within its poorly formatted and repetitive page! Worth the effort though. There is a interesting facebook page that is useful too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/427372107686109/
  10. Adrianp

    Lithium v AGM

    Very interested in seeing the finished system and how you do it as this is on my to do list. There seem to be many many ways to approach this! One of my mates has just imported 900ah of Winston cells and REC BMS for a roll Royce system. Another has imported some other cells himself and is just starting the build. And another mate got a 400ah 24v system from Blue Cars on Waiheke, who seem to have pretty good pricing on cells they have in stock. https://bluecars.nz/shop/206ah-module/ My AGMs are dead so it's time to upgrade. All my chargers are Li ready too now so I really ha
  11. Man, that drives home why we need to keep on top of the bloody virus with our Lockdowns. Just heart breaking.
  12. Adrianp

    Yammy 15

    Where did you get a new one from? I've got a 15yo one that is just awesome and want to get a another one so I've got a backup.
  13. Hi Sea Eagle - Adrian here from Lady Nada - Pity we're all not back at Vuluga like last year. Definitely check out Milford Cruising Club. As the fleet is limited in size to what can get in/out of the tidal Milford Marina entrance, the fleet is generally 20-25ft keelers. They also have a big fleet (about 20) of Pied Pipers (a 22ft Townson design) which are mainly owned by 15-25 year olds. The marina is super cheap but is tidal limited and most keelers can get in/out 2 hours either side of high tide. They have a club haul out and will be a great place for the boys to learn about boat owne
  14. The NZ Multihull Yacht Club also offers free first year membership to new members who own a multihull. Great way to get out the contact list and keep informed. https://www.multihull.org.nz/membership/
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