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  1. This Guy? Mad! 327192495_8726846427356377_3369431114010467887_n.mp4
  2. I bought a pair of the HDI marine exhaust elbows for my Yanmars last year and I'm very happy with them so far. Delivery from the USA was quick too
  3. Just entered Lady Nada!
  4. When they are checking you out, Customs will ask for a copy of the Cat1 cert and your will not get your clearance to leave NZ if you don't have one. If you just sail out, its likely no one will stop you but when your arrive in your next port, you will be in a lot of hot water as you will not have any of the right paperwork. They will have no idea where you came from, how many people you had aboard, did you murder your crew at sea and dump their bodies, etc, etc
  5. Can't help on the combability but we fitted the WS320 last summer and have done 5000nm with it since. Its awesome and just works! On our B&G displays it shows the battery charge and signal strength, which may or may not display on the Garmin. We never look at those (as it just works) so shouldn't be a big issue.
  6. I know the last owner of your boat and I think he had some troubles with a broken wire on the depthsounder. I think he put a new plug on the end of the cable, so you should check those connections.
  7. AYBAs presentation can be found at the end of the Agenda minutes if anyone wants to read it: https://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2022/11/20221124_OR_AGN_11149_AT.PDF
  8. Great Turnout of support with over 100 people there to support the Hard Stand. The AYBA/Auckland Recrational Marine Users Group (I think that was their name) gave a really good 10min presentation pointing out that their Consultation was legally flawed as they treated it as just a local reserve, when it is actually a regionally significant piece of coastal infrastructure. It was a polite way to hint, "you are going to get legally challenged" if you don't reconsider and do a proper legal round of consultation. The board then briefly debated how to accept this presentation and next steps, vo
  9. My Understand, which might not be 100% right: The Yard and all assets are owned by Auckland Council (I guess actually the Orakei Local Board as local boards own all their reserves) and you get a bill from Auckland Council when you use the yard. STF (https://www.stfgroup.co.nz/ are contracted to run the yard on behalf of Council. They do a great job but seem to struggle with no investment in the yard from its owner. I've had nothing but good dealings with Jonny and the rest of the team running the yard.
  10. Multis have a separate set of rules for lifelines that allows a few different options, one of which is just jackstays and harnesses.
  11. The Piedys have put together a proposal to YNZ to ask for a Class exemption from the Lifelines. Fingers crossed they can get it sorted in time as i would be awesome to see a fleet of Piedys on the line!
  12. Remember the Harbour Master put all Mooring Licence fees up $50 a year to specifically fund the removal of abandon boats, so it good to see them taking action.
  13. The NZMYC will take any entry that has a Cat3 certificate, so convince an Inspector your safe and your in. GET A PIEDY UP YA!
  14. Adrianp

    New Genoa

    Zoom Sails is a good option if you look overseas. Ex Kiwi guy who gets them built in a mega loft in Sri Lanka. We got a new Dacon furling Genoa from them last year. THe materials and workmanship are excellent.
  15. It's like the third cat this year to fall off a boat and swim ashore are Kawau! How/Why is this so common?
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