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  1. Multis have a separate set of rules for lifelines that allows a few different options, one of which is just jackstays and harnesses.
  2. The Piedys have put together a proposal to YNZ to ask for a Class exemption from the Lifelines. Fingers crossed they can get it sorted in time as i would be awesome to see a fleet of Piedys on the line!
  3. Remember the Harbour Master put all Mooring Licence fees up $50 a year to specifically fund the removal of abandon boats, so it good to see them taking action.
  4. The NZMYC will take any entry that has a Cat3 certificate, so convince an Inspector your safe and your in. GET A PIEDY UP YA!
  5. Adrianp

    New Genoa

    Zoom Sails is a good option if you look overseas. Ex Kiwi guy who gets them built in a mega loft in Sri Lanka. We got a new Dacon furling Genoa from them last year. THe materials and workmanship are excellent.
  6. It's like the third cat this year to fall off a boat and swim ashore are Kawau! How/Why is this so common?
  7. For those of you who are fans of Alcohol Stoves:
  8. Also the YB tracker info is available on the Predict Wind app if you have that. It's under Tools > YB Events and then you add the race in the banner
  9. A west coast SW swell of 3m/10sec combined with a E 2m/8sec swell is not going to be nice at all. From Predict Wind:
  10. So that makes 5 withdrawals of a fleet of 20?
  11. Hi All Before I buy a new liferaft I thought I'd see if anyone has an inservice Cat1 liferaft they aren't going to use over winter (May-Oct) that I could rent off them? Obviously if I use it, I own it but that'll be the least of my issues! Cheers Adrian 021 229 4005
  12. Who retails the Carboline at a good price?
  13. Does anyone have a recommendation to where to get a flexible high pressure (1000psi) hose made up for a watermaker ? I need a new 2.5m long one for our Rainmain but its $250+ to get from supplier or made up at the shops I've visited so far. Seems like its the stainless ends that makes them expensive. I need a new and a spare, so its an expensive exercise!
  14. Sadly I feel it is required due to the derelict boats left to die on moorings around us. I don't worry about my boat breaking free, I worry about them hitting us.
  15. I went out and spent Saturday night and Sunday on my boat on the Mooring at Bayswater as I was a bit worried about my neighbours. Glad I did. One broke free and got stuck on another. They then bounced around upwind of me, so I spent three hours motoring the boat sideways to stay out of their path and ready to cut my mooring lines if needed. The Harbour master finally responded to my calls to them and coastguard, coming out and towing one away about 3 hrs after they hit.. A bit of a failing on the Harbour Master team here as I had emailed them late Jan telling them that the boat tha
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