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  1. These seem to be the relevant changes to the Moorings section:
  2. It looks like its getting pretty crazy there. It's an interesting situation and I'm impressed that all the Govt Departments and Council are not responding to the media storm being created. It helps that this consent has been tested at every level of the courts in NZ and shown to have followed due process. I think that is stopping any wise politician wading in, as they know the the marina won't get stopped.
  3. Interesting situation. I think Martin Robertson has taken over the Mahurangi Marinas yard by the old Cement works, so he gets a nice payout from the land auction and gets rid of the competition?
  4. John Hughes could also be a good option as he has a shed on the waterfront in Mahurangi Harbour and is a multihull expert. https://www.pressreader.com/new-zealand/boating-nz/20150901/283901636723703
  5. https://www.hibiscusmarineandstorage.co.nz/haulout-hardstand
  6. We had the slightly newer Furuno Fax30 which displayed the Weather Fax's straight onto the Furuno Chartplotter, but it died last year and I'm not spending $$$ to get it going again. It was pretty useful to know what was driving overall weather systems that Predict Wind gave the very detailed, but smaller forecast for.
  7. Adrianp

    She's Back...

    You don't realize how big she is till your alongside her in your dinghy and she's as long as the dinghy!
  8. I've got both the IridiumGo and SSB on Lady Nada and I'm glad I have both for offshore sailing. The iridium is the primary means of contact and weather but the SSB is a nice backup. I don't know if I would spend the money on a new radio however if you have one, worth keeping. I've found a regular radio check-in with Maritime NZ when on passage to be a nice confirmation someone official knows what we are doing and where we are. Its also useful to know/talk to other yachties on passage to know what the conditions are near them. I have the a weatherfax app on my phone that can plug in and d
  9. Having raced cats for years, this is about the only practical method to get them up if underway. The best way is to get them up/down when tacking but often there aren't enough hands onboard to achieve this. If short tacking, then just leave both down, it doesn't seem to slow you down much. Be careful with GBE boards if your cases aren't well reinforced inside the boat. They really need to be all the way down or at the top of the case, as they are known to break the case if halfway down and the top of the board is in a unsupported part of the case,
  10. Adrianp

    Is a SSB Radio

    Following Sea is a service that is bridging the gap between Sat Phones and SSB nets. You subscribe to the right list and get emails from that net sent through to the sat phone. At least that's how I think it works. https://followingsea.net/nets
  11. The tanks are just holding tanks. The wastewater will then be transferred and trucked to the Greenacres site on Waiheke, which deals with the desludging waste from septic tanks on the island. I'm not sure about water but they will likely tanker it in, which is fairly common for the commercial operations on the island.
  12. I'm guessing this 108yo beauty has no electronics whatsoever? What is the damage its showing KM?
  13. The Deltas do get a bit squirrely going downwind with a bit of puff. I've tipped mine over a couple of times like that, giggling away the whole time! Lots of fun. I've met the designer a couple of times. He has a half size Delta on the roof of his launch. Super cute watching his grandkids row around in it.
  14. Don't forget to make your submission this weekend or you can't complain when they raise the speed limit to 18kts, which is the current favored response. https://akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/navigation-safety-bylaw?tool=survey_tool&tool_id=navigation-bylaw My submission: "Auckland Harbour is a small waterspace used by many vessels, often not following the expected east/west route of the harbour. 18knots is far to fast for untrained skippers to operate in very confined waters. Many private skippers do not follow the 5knots with 50m of a another vessel an
  15. You could always swap down to the smaller Yanmar 3ym30AE and SD25 saildrives with the basic dog clutch. This is what we have in Lady Nada (well the older 3YM30 and SD20) and 95% of time is more than sufficient. There are some times when we feel a little underpowered with a big headwind, but that's more just being a little slow than a safety issue. If we had to repower the boat, I'd chose the same engine/SD20. The 3ym30 is a great engine and very smooth. Big weight saving too: 3YM30AE + SD25 - 160kg x 2 = 320kg 3JE5E + SD50 - 220kg x 2 = 440kg But then last time we saw you,
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