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  1. Hello Ian, Partner and I would be interested. We are pretty novice and seeking more expirience at sea to give confidence before skippering our own boat. Members at Devonport Yacht Club. I have crewed a couple of times on friends boats, I am also doing the boating NZ course, have run through eSail siimulators etc, but just need more time at sea. Let me know if you would like to have us around one day. Thanks, Cameron
  2. Hi! Girlfriend and I would be interested. We are just getting into sailing. I am pretty handy if any maintainance jobs need doing and eager to learn.
  3. Chapter 1 - The Deal My girlfriend and I have been talking about getting into sailing for ages. Very early in our relaitionship I took her down to look at a boat in Tauranga (a beutiful and spacious 39' Kauri planked Stewart Camelot). Alas that deal didnt go through because my friend instpected the boat, deduced that it had run aground and detected some cracks in the hull around the chainplates. Nevertheless we have been talking about boating and sailing and looking at classifieds ever since. One day while visiting some friends, they made us an offer we could not refuse. They of
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