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  1. My winch spat the dummy yesterday and the main spline sheared. Does any one have one (or one in bits) that is surplus to requirements? Cheers, Mike
  2. This conversation reminds me of the various newspaper articles and blogs prior to Jessica Watson's departure. There were comments from various family organizations claiming that her parents should be prosecuted, she wasn't old enough to even get a drivers license, she should be doing her homework....etc. In essence these were efforts by well meaning people to inhibit others from what they themselves feared. Why is it we feel compelled to condemn the adventurous exploits of others? Perhaps it's because those that dream cast a shadow on our (mostly) pretty safe domesticated lives? As sailors
  3. Coastguard Boating Education are the RYA representatives in NZ. They can point you in the right direction re ICC. RYA YM quals are internationally respected and can lead to a commercial pathway for 'Red Ensign' vessels. There are several recognised RYA training centres around the country that can help you get everything from a Day Skipper to Ocean Yachtmaster. Not cheap, not quick - but quality training (theory and practical training and assessment). I've done both CG Boatmaster and RYA Yachtmaster courses - different beasts, one is theory only & is short while the other requires commit
  4. Contact Coastguard Boating Education, they deal with this question frequently.
  5. Thanks Matt, an informative evening. Good use of the short videos that provided concise info (without the inevitably glitches that hinder live demos). This really is a fast moving and rapidly changing field - you'll have to run a seminar yearly so we can keep up to date.
  6. Spent Saturday night at Oneroa - amazing to see over 50 other boats out enjoying a fantastic evening. Not too many going for an early morning dip though. Despite the cold start it felt almost springlike.
  7. Was just talking about this two days ago with a knowledgable nav/electronics chap. Great idea. I'd be keen. Mike
  8. Hi, I have two on board (20704s), one in the galley and the other in the heads. The one in the galley is 16 months old. The other one is @6 months old. I only turn them on when on the boat- otherwise it is a matter of natural ventilation (you can close the vent off if you wish). The motor on one is a little noisy, the other silent. Bought from Burnsco- more than happy with them. Mike
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