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  1. You are sailing in zero visibility.  You need to pass a big outcrop of coral to port then turn 90 deg port. What navigation tools do you have and how close will you get and still be comfortable? Closer cuts time off your trip,  farther off means less chance of hitting the coral. 

  2. The good old days of paper charts.


    1 this island is 1.5 nm west of charted position

    2 this rock is 4 nm west of the charted position. 

    3 this rock was observed in 1889 but hasn't been seen since

    4 this chart needs to be moved 8nm east. 


    Interesting most of the corrections were east/west. A guy with a sextant could determine north/south reasonably accurately but east/west not so much.

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  3. Never used one in anger. As CD pointed opportunities are few and far between and best avoided. But I remember the first time I read about them and thinking that's it. So I've only used my homemade ones in serious conditions (102kn recorded at north Cape but averages around what IT described), but were I heading somewhere like the southern ocean that would be my weapon of choice.

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