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  1. I wonder what happened to that photo. That was about 15 years ago.
  2. I would but the new editor has to tell me why i can't post photos ( or receive a pm?.
  3. I sorry about the typos, tequila will do that to you
  4. I dontbknow how to emptyit . blackpantherschooner@gmail.com
  5. Covid permitting I was planning to check out next year using my German registry and sailing solo. Might be interesting. I have been saying for years that offshore cruising is in its death throes. But I am surprised how quickly it is happening.
  6. Or the Northland coast. We are hoping Covid 19 will have run its course by next year.
  7. Ive spent maybe 16 years with a Manson plough. No complaints. Id try one of the new ones if I ever lost it but that hasn't happened yet.
  8. Same here. Clean bum 6.5kn, dirty bum 5kn. Same revs.
  9. I think you summed it up nicely. Hope you find a good home for all that nice rope.
  10. Has anybody had any communication from their club regarding this?
  11. Back to the OP. Marinheiro is right that if you are selling a house to do this it is a one way ticket. You will die living on a boat. If possible rent the house a d live on the boat.
  12. I read that too quickly and got " anyone got an internal diaper "
  13. I launched while this was being debated so didn't install anything.
  14. I sailed Glacier Bay to Vancouver. Maybe 3 full days of motoring and 3 half days. sh*t ton of wind crossing Hecate Strait.
  15. Each to their own. I have no desire to own or even travel on a powerboat, and struggle to find a rationale for it. Obviously some others do.
  16. Decades ago I went to the only course I could find that seemed remotely applicable. Something lije First Aid when there isnt a doctor. It was in Sydney. In nearly every circumstance they said " make the patient comfortable till help arrives ". Waste of money as i was heading into the southern ocean.
  17. But who in their right mind would want a powerboat?
  18. We waited 3 years. I agree with good doctor go sailing.
  19. Two more idle thoughts. There is a Facebook group called NZ Liveaboards you might want to check out I always thought the Bolger AS29 would be a great liveaboard for a single person. 12 inch draught and masts that can be dropped in 30s means you could get the cheapest mooring in town.
  20. No one can answer that but you, but I feel sorry for dirt dwellers Benefits- living on a boat Downfalls- living on a boat Not a case of best but who will let you liveaboard. Marsden cove, opua, whangaroa Mooring a few hundred, marina 2k+. My monthly bills are less than my old power bill Look for the thread started by syohana. Not worth converting but if you find a boat with a stuffed diesel srart doing the arithmetic Purchase price is relatively unimportant ( whatever you gave in your bank account ), put more effort into reducing the
  21. Yep. Ihad mine rebuilt by an auto electrician on Waiheke during first lockdown
  22. And here was I thinking you were the Department of Trade
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