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  1. It would appear that in today's world there are two separate activities. Sailing and yachting.
  2. I doubt whether I have caught as many fish in my entire life as one set of a commercial net.
  3. Find a chef. Had that on a delivery back in October, highly recommended.
  4. Make your own decisions. Dont try to clear in on the weekend.
  5. Black Panther


    Wait for IT to get back from chch
  6. Lots of options for disposal. Overboard when out of the river, a couple of the houses ashore here have asked for it on their flower garden, yc has a dumpster.... The advertising says once a month with 2 people aboard. Never really checked as not an issue.
  7. Composting toilet like an airhead. Problem solved.
  8. We have a cast iron skillet. I complained about the weight but was overruled
  9. Lived off that for over 8 years. Good product.
  10. A squirt of dishwashing liquid as you leave the boat and after the first flysh when you return. Problem solved.
  11. There's truth in that statement. It takes a lot of effort on my part to avoid Harry and Megan.
  12. Angela is filling out a census form and they want to know if our home is damp. Rude buggers. I told her to write "only below the waterline".
  13. The tracker only works on apple?
  14. Anyone got a quick link to the tracking?
  15. And now I have to Google chatgt
  16. Got that, but if I was sailing down the west coast and a big nasty was predicted I would head as far offshore as possible. Would you position your boat in a place of higher risk so that when it is destroyed you can claim insurance? If you're still alive.
  17. There was a very big sloop anchored out there, wonder if it has been moved.
  18. Take my word, the higher figure is closer to the truth.
  19. I shoulbe so lucky. We haven't gone anywhere since we came back early after new year. Left weiti around 1030. 25 kn plus but the swells breaking across the river entrance . Surfer dudes will be happy with this one. Wharf rats at GH for the next few days.
  20. Getting out of the river was interesting. Now I think moving yesterday would have been smarter.
  21. I would say so. We've had individual storms to match (Bola) but I haven't seen a consistent chain of them like this before in Auckland. I was in Tahiti in 83? Big el niño and cyclone after cyclone like this.
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