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  1. Yes I do, they are bolted to my deck and I use them frequently.
  2. What's scary is there's a bunch of them. Facebook is sending them to me relentlessly.
  3. There are some really bad writers in the marine field but this is so bad it's actually funny https://www.lifeofsailing.com/post/what-size-catamaran-to-sail-around-the-world
  4. One of the reasons I have prefer MX Mariner over navionics is it uses way less power.
  5. I have tablet, not water proof but a boat that is very unlikely to get it wet. I prefer MarinerMX for local and have used navionics offshore. Cheap as chips and duplicated on at least 2 phones. Now watch me get shouted down.
  6. I went sailing. I put the sailing dinghy in the water. I sailed downwind for about an hour. Then stepped back aboard BP. Big tides at the moment.
  7. Never heard of it, might need a new sail. Not so fond of mine- just flipped it.
  8. You can't have mine, I'm using it today. But we can meet up for a race sometime when you get one.
  9. Someone up our river just received an email out of the blue full of demands and nasty threats. Don't know all the details but I have a suspicion this will get unpleasant and a few more boat owners will give up in despair.
  10. Magic, turned an alloy mast into a carbon one, I gotta try that.
  11. Thank you. This sounds more encouraging than talking to Vodafone whose consistent response has been, no.
  12. Thank you. This sounds more encouraging than talking to Vodafone whose consistent response has been, no.
  13. Please understand I don't know what all those words mean. I'd just like my phone to work on the mooring.
  14. Hey MH is it correct that if i install that external aerial my phone might work? After the link it all became gobbledygook to me
  15. Same whangarei town basin clean, Marsden cove infested.
  16. I launched mine around 81. By then cavalier yachts had gone belly up and the moulds had gone to export yachts.
  17. Interesting that all the Fanworm in our river up and died without any help
  18. Cook is, langkawi or Channel Is seem to be the winners ar present.
  19. I helped a guy do this on a 44 fter. Wasn't actually that difficult. Most effort went into making it pretty. We did it in the water and left the mast up.
  20. But he might be pissed if he bought the boat thinking he could pop up to the islands every now and then.
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