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  1. https://www.marinadelray.co/post/indonesia-is-open-to-all-foreign-flagged-yachts?fbclid=IwAR2n3M50he05KTj15KjZLpUCIS-Fx5q5P_XAYTN6WQFx9k96HshsR64ePZc
  2. I just replaced the wire to rope. Cheaper and easier. Unless you are a full on racer no difference in performance
  3. No this was a serious boat designed for going places. I was told one of the best brands available. If you just want a toy for the kids it would be overkill.
  4. I did some paddling in Alaska in a Klepper. Cool fun and after a while you forget it's inflatable.
  5. First weekend of November i believe, wynyard basin near the footbridge. On display a bunch of his cool dinghies, some lesser keelboats and a magnificent schooner. Tino rawa? Trust. Come and say hello.
  6. Excellent result!
  7. I understand there is one happening at an Anchorage near Nelson . We think we've got two cats coming so we'll have a dance floor
  8. Interesting. I'll talk to them. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have a cheap and efficient means to get a decent cellphone signal. On our mooring we have to climb the mast to make a phone call. Once out of the river no problem
  10. Yes, if you have access to that sort of thing.
  11. Butt joins or scarfing with plywood
  12. https://www.offcenterharbor.com/fb-2010-oonagh/?fbclid=IwAR230v97SXlGms6cRZS_UjRzCxtq3fbhLox1N0kGFhGSAY8LiLYveYTBVBQ
  13. I think given the choice more than half would put the boat into storage abd fly home. The ones that stay are a net positive to the economy.
  14. No worries. Back on topic, if in a normal year 600 overseas cruisers arrive then letting in 300 doesn't seem a problem.
  15. Hey fish, saying that liveaboard cruisers poo in the water and catch all the fish is untrue and borderline offensive.
  16. No, because no one knows, they were held incommunicado here. Perhaps we will find out when they get back to Germany
  17. This is not serious I hope. Ah, I see IT has covered it.
  18. How do you safely sail from Tahiti to Germany in July? What route do you suggest?
  19. Why does this keep getting repeated when it is not correct?
  20. The difference is that these people are asking for help as through no fault of their own they have nowhere else safe to go.
  21. I havee two. One of the best things I have done for the boat.
  22. You are all guessing as we do not have all the information.
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