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  1. Of course, that's exactly what you'd try first, then if it continued to deteriorate sea anchor or drogue. I've been known to heave to going to weather 25kn just while I cooked dinner. For anyone who hasn't tried it the sudden improvement in comfort is astounding.
  2. Do you charge it from the boat or plug into the grid somehow?
  3. I had issues this week after the rain. Turns out water in the fuel, very little and easily purged with the drain screw. 4hp Yamaha 4st
  4. Oceanographerd use oranges to study currents.
  5. Let a few people drown. Preparedness and skill levels will improve and fewer people will drown. (only slightly tongue in cheek)
  6. Having bought the boat with a watermaker I am now deeply attached to it. Washing dishes in fresh water neans the teatowels are far less likely to get up and walk away.
  7. Go to the hospice shop and buy a new set every yeay
  8. We have blackout curtains for use in marinas. Also have few houses that seem scared of the dark.
  9. Happens quite a bit, although the management can be a pain, I know people who have moved back into the main marina as a result.
  10. My wind instruments date back to the ark , but I have my own system if the sails are flapping it's gone forward, pull them in. Every now and then give them a bit of ease for good luck. If the rail is in the water put in another reef. if the rail isn't in the water put the kettle on
  11. It's not unusual to get enquiries for gh apartments from people wanting the berth and then rent out the apartment.
  12. My wife has one available if anyone is interested. 12m berth i think.
  13. I wonder why marinas aren't run as cooperatives
  14. 6yrs on and the overall situation is worse.
  15. From that article Know your boat’s limitations: Do not expect your boat to cope with conditions it is not designed for. Don’t take it on a long sea passage if it’s not designed to survive knockdowns and roll-overs: stick to coastal waters where you can run to shelter if the weather turns nasty. That's not bad luck.
  16. blue polytarp and ahollow log
  17. sh*t we have a black boat
  18. I wonder what that is all about
  19. I don't have a fuller, but my rig uses the one headsail from 0 to storm jib
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