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  1. I have never considered the engine much use as a tool for safety. I have once in 50 years used an engine to move away from a reef when becalmed. Other than that nothing comes to mind.
  2. Do people honestly motor into strong headwinds?
  3. Anyone can pm me a contact? I've lost it, might have some work I can refer. Thanks
  4. This kind off the next step up. if you like idea and want to increase your skill set, then do it. If you are happy day tripping around the Gulf, well that's good too.
  5. Cool, a closer kick off point for east cape?
  6. 7 years without tv. Happy Happy.
  7. No problem as far as Tauranga. Allow say 3to 4 days. But then next stop is Gisborne. At least 2 days nonstop, then another overnighter to Napier.. then add days waiting in Tauranga for decent weather. Remember the most dangerous thing on a sailboat is a calendar. Doable yes, enjoyable yes. But don't rush it.
  8. We put it at the 1st spreaders and it increased reception by about 1 bar. Less than advertised and not very well built. We've now gone a different route. Offers, koha? We paid $500 but an offer above zero would probably work.
  9. I've got one but been thinking of pulling it out. Never run the engine that much.
  10. My worst ever was a tampon wrapped in a paper towel ( after my lecture about what goes in the loo). Had to use a saw to remove the exit hose.
  11. I was there this morning, no sign of any boats ever having been on the beach.
  12. On a good day I could block something 3x that diameter
  13. We've just come back after 3 months away. Fresh as. We flushed with fresh then a squirt of dishwashing liquid.
  14. If you leave the old hose in the bilge you won't be able to get close to your boat and the neighbors may ask you to move
  15. Everything you have salad, pour the leftover dressing down the loo. Vinegar for calcification and oil keeps the rubbery bits lubricated.
  16. CD has it. But the best solution is to replace the hose.
  17. Isn't that a bit like buying a house then complaining that the neighbour's house isn't nice enough?
  18. That's what we had on Chubasco. Brilliant
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