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  1. Speaking of high heat , i left my dive gloves under the front windscreen and they melted.
  2. This story lowered my opinion of CG and people on big fizz boats.
  3. Can I get CG to deliver margheritas to the Weiti river?
  4. My wife drives a Suzuki Swift, so wondering exactly what is wrong with it?,?
  5. It gets harder and harder to take this event seriously.
  6. Wheels is thrilled AOC may make a run for president in 2024, but got so excited he posted in the wrong forum?
  7. Thenchuck in club racing and the option to go cruising
  8. Modern cruisers are such pussies
  9. I had never heard of him till 10 minures ago . Anybody know more? I'd love to find a copy of the book.
  10. If you are prepared to look outside the box. 10k is probably a bit optimistic. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/centreboard/listing/2985078237
  11. It was called Tearaway. Belonged to Dave Duke. All the crew were young and impecunious. We had a ball. 1978 i think.
  12. I raced one to Noumea back in the 60s. Fun times
  13. If you soda blast then interprotect you should be set for a long time. But you knew that. Alternatively the perfect time to go coppercoat and don't do it again for 10yrs.
  14. I was thinking of the boat Alain Colas sailed in the transat
  15. https://www.superyachtnews.com/business/phocea-on-fire-in-langkawi
  16. Sailing performance was more lively than expected. I'm looking forward to a bit of fun with it. Might go dinghysploring up the river tomorrow.
  17. Winter, i might know just the person. Give me some time to make contact.
  18. It was the poor performance of no 5 that finally convinced me to go to coppercoat.
  19. When the courses are upwind/downwind the two become the same.
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