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  1. Yep, here just bang a few new holes in your nice shiny coamings.
  2. Yep, here just bang a few new holes in your nice shiny coamings.
  3. Yep, here just bang a few new holes in your nice shiny coamings.
  4. Good question. I find every now and then sailing needs to be more than a leisurely cruise. I crave a challenge. Currently that's single handing a 63 ft schooner on a winter cruise of northland ( gybing from a 3 sail reach to a 3 sail reach in 30 to 35 kn at Cape Karikari was a highlight). But I am also fascinated by small boats. I like the idea of a challenging expedition in one of John Welsford s little boats. I got excited a month or so back when I met a kiwi guy who had done the Everglades Challenge in a Dovekie. So much to do and so little time.
  5. A Frenchman who, because of covid, decided to sail non stop from noumea to reunion. 7000 miles in 77 days in a 4m self designed and built boat.
  6. It is way more likely a hatch or window will be stress tested from the outside than the inside. I think this was a statistically less probable event.
  7. Excellent. Even does replay so can choose when to watch.
  8. To the best of my knowledge NZ is the only country. And Fogg's post sums up my reaction to the report. And IT's post alludes to another problem: an unwillingness to criticize. This is understandable as these are real people with friends and families. I don't know the answer to that one.
  9. Next silly question, when is first race?
  10. IT at this rate you are going to run out of jobs soon ( for the uninitiated this is humorous).
  11. Baked some bread. I started during lockdown 1 now can't bring myself to buy supermarket bread.
  12. I remember going for a test sail and thinking a lot of other classes are about to die. I believe he designed it on a napkin at lunch. Can't say he wasn't influential. And I like the NIS.
  13. That might be the go just type sailing into the search bar.
  14. No. I don't have,an aerial of any sort, so anything on my screen comes from a dvd or my newest trick is I can cast my phone onto the tv. So really looking for an internetty solution.
  15. Starts soon. Any advice for the television challenged to keep up with the play?
  16. I learn something new everyday. Never heard of a muntin before.
  17. Please keep this thread going, we're all curious as to the results and hope it goes,well for you.
  18. This. Whatever your plan is it needs to be implemented way before it is necessary.
  19. Kinda obvious ,( says he who lost one in a rollover). Kinda obvious Tricky one. We all try to avoid such things, but in my humble opinion it will get you one day. Therefore if the boat and crew can't handle 60+kn and the sea state it generates then they are not fit for purpose.
  20. Some are apparently adding a mullion and halving window size. It's in another thread somewhere. That might be a solution that would be better than covers and more aesthetically pleasing.
  21. MH some good points, could you repost in the other thread please.
  22. So the significant change is the covers,are now fitted rather than carried? Then in the report a photo of how it should be done that looks to me to be utterly useless. Essense lost her windows from the inside out the covers shown are ply over the windows , the ply against the coamings would stop them being stovevin, but a few little screws wouldn't stop them popping out.
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