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  1. Looking for a long term rental. Preferably F pier.
  2. Hi Matt - back in Auckland. It's not showing on the NSS, but I've borrowed someone's spare AP16 which is working and showing on the NSS. I'm guessing I need to find a way to get the AP20 onto the NSS bus... Alternatively, what would you recommend replacing it with?
  3. Thanks! I have the EVO NSS3 (x2). I have the AC20 computer on board. If this is possible, that would be great. Drive unit is fine.
  4. Looking for someone who can replace 2x capacitors on my AP25 unit as I believe that this will likely fix the issue I am having. Thanks
  5. Looking for a Simrad AP25 control unit as ours has failed and hand steering is getting tiring!
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