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  1. Thank you muzled for the tip. I will try.
  2. I'm devastated that most of my photos are gone because my phone was destroyed. I had backed up the really precious ones. Samsung IP68 water resistance is rubbish. I was only in the water for about 5 seconds. BTW, what the best waterproof phone bag?
  3. OMG. I didn't know how easy it was. A simple stumble and I was in the water before I knew it. I never in my wildest dreams thought it could happen. My friends rescued me (I had no idea how hard it was to get back onto the dock). Then some very experienced sailors admitted it had happened to them too!! One said it's almost like running aground - if it hasn't happened to you then you haven't sailed much. One funny story involved their little dog. Anyway I was wondering how common it actually is. IF you don't mind could you share your story if it's happened to you.
  4. The owner phoned me this afternoon. Poor guy seemed incredibly upset. More about the loss of his boat and his health etc than the loss of the sale to the guy this morning who drove up after winning the auction. The owner made a couple of videos for the guy who bought it before he drove up from Tauranga. I said I'd post them here for him but told him we've decided we don't have enough experience yet to take the plunge. Sad story https://youtu.be/dZHeFLXQmz0 https://youtu.be/tTBxgK6q0VQ
  5. I'm afraid we weren't the buyer. But I want to thank everyone for their comments. Better luck next time.
  6. OMG. Now you're making me depressed. But it's good to have a reality check. I kinda like Island Time's comment earlier. Yes it might cost but if you love it, it's worth it. We have to decide before 9 pm tonight. Hubbie is still all go. The boat clearly has life left in it. Would it be better to put a long shaft outboard on the back?
  7. Thanks again. I didn't know you could build a massive boat out of plywood!! And good point on searching for non-marine engine parts. Yeah the owner seemed to care about his boat and seemed genuinely upset to be losing it. I guess it's something all boaties face when age creeps up. He said he had hoped to get another 10 years at least. Black Panther, did I read you correctly that you budget $1000 per month???
  8. Thanks again everyone The mooring fees aren't that bad on Hobson Bay. Pity about the insurance. My dad reminded me that In the old days insurance was through mutual societies so there was no profit motive. Is there anything like that in NZ? Maybe a bunch of boaties who actually know what they are talking about? My hubbie hasn't seen the motor running but he's happy to do the labour and reckons even if it's a marinised motor it should be ok. We won't be spending $25k, that's for sure!! He reckons old diesels can run forever if they're well maintained. But he says you won't know fully until
  9. WOW! Thanks aardvarkash10. $6k per year is more than we thought. Can I ask what that might include? I know there are mooring fees and insurance. Would a trailer sailer be better in terms of ownership costs? Interesting that you've been aboard. Did you see anything the owner didn't include in the ad? Sorry to ask if it's awkward and your friend. Don't answer if it puts you in a difficult position. We've looked at a few boats and this might be worth it.
  10. Thanks motorb and harrytom I asked the owner about insurance and he has it already. I'll have to ring the company to find out if if can be transferred.
  11. The owner said he kept getting trademe errors when he tried to add a photo of it on the hardstand. In the comments section he said it was now the photo on his blog. Can you tell from this any more useful information? https://kmccready.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/easterly-30-storm-fantasy/
  12. Thanks Island Time. We met the owner who seemed quite up front about the issues. It's on the hardstand now at Hobsonville Marina. The hull has no osmosis that we could see. Our friend who looked at it said he'd help us do the antifoul and we can do most of the maintenance. We may be able to do a deal with the owner to buy his swing mooring. He used to keep it in Hobson Bay. We live in Devonport so would have to travel around the harbour to Hobson Bay but it's not too far. We weren't allowed to unfurl the sails because of marina rules but we took the sail cover off and from what we could see th
  13. I'm pretty new to sailing and just heard about this website. So I hope I can get some advice. My partner is a mechanic but hasn't had much experience with marine engines. We are thinking very seriously about this boat which may be a bargain but could be a can of worms. We've managed to look aboard with a friend. It's nice inside but needs a cleanup. What do people think? We've only got one day to decide. Here's the link. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3969369830 Thanks everyone Kelly
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