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  1. Nah, nobody writes on the net with accuracy, I type all day at work so when i get home i dont even capitlise stuff or worry about spelling. Go easy on him Although I think there is a lot proof reading software now. I have done technical writing, software manuals etc, that could be an option for you. Just need to know the industry style guides etc kind of like English is a language and had grammar, IT has certain words, sentences and gramar it uses. Its pretty boring though. But so is web development. I wish I had become something like a vet, where I didnt have to work in big citi
  2. Im not sure about hazards on AIS. One nice factor is if you are doing a voyage with a few boats you can see where everybody is etc. Floating hazards are the big unavoidable, I saw one guy doing single handed to Hawaii on his awake shift during the day (he would get up every hour at night), go passed a half sunken fishing junk boat, which would cause major issues had he hit it which would be very easy at night even awake. Who knows what the future holds for the system and radar though. The other thing is you can get tough tablets, the ex uses one for marine biology. Thanks LadyHawk I was th
  3. Ive been thinking about if I get a an 80s hull if it doesnt have a new nav system, chart plotter etc, I really want all the gear, including alarms, not that AIS/EIS replaces eyes, it sure beats being hit by a tanker. Would you just put an antenna in and run off a laptop including navman software etc? One thing about Monohulls vs the nice helms on Cats is the electronics for nav are a lot further away. Are you going to hear an alarm in the cockpit when the nav gear is down below?
  4. I think for now Im just going to get a monohull for weekend and holidays, something like pacific 38. A pilothouse rig would be nice. Lotus 10.6. Im struggling to think of others that fall in the speedy cruiser category. Get its surveyed well and my biggest fear, have the Rudder serviced to make sure she aint coming off. You can get some nice boats that have been recently fully refitted, new sails, engine, sheets etc for $60-70k. I can handle being on heel for day sails between places.
  5. Im just dreaming of making Cruising full time happen sooner rather than later. At this rate I will be 56 before I have $1m invested and a $250k Cat. Im kind of all or nothing, I hate the idea of cruising for 6 months then going back to work, its just a tease.
  6. Monohulls really do slice through the water nicer, but being on 20deg for 5 days straight becomes a real PITA. Conversely Catamarans whilst barely heel, SLAP like the 2 hulls are going to split in any decent ocean (basically any bluewater sailing) A canter keel on a performance cruiser monohull now thats the dream. I bet it happens. Any thoughts on Multihull slap under sail?
  7. Ive been thinking about what kind of industries can work while on the ocean cruising. I work in IT, but Im quite high up and my technical skills are quite low now, so I would need retraining to do web development etc, but its an option. Accounting, a whole new degree and test to be a CPA Is there any reality to working while cruising?
  8. Or Catana 41? Thats the smallest cheapest Catana with Daggers?
  9. Yes they are big, but they did show up in this top 40 performance. https://www.cruisingworld.com/sailboats/40-best-catamarans-and-trimarans-ever/ But I agree. What I really need is something around 35ft, dagger boards, costs sub $400k and is nice and light. Where the seawind 1000xl2 doesnt have boards, it has shed 500kg, that may be enough to entice many at $329k start price. https://www.sail-world.com/Australia/Seawind-1000XL2-%e2%80%93-There-is-a-reason/-116060?source=google A used Outremer 40 might be the sensible choice for me.
  10. i get wary of self builds, but I have to admit that price for the size of that Tri is affordable NOW. Would a boat surveyor show up if this is structurally sound enough for bluewater cruising?
  11. I forgot to say another Tri that has caught my attention is the Dragonfly 32. Fascinating how the pontoons fold in and moor in the same space as a monohull. I have noticed with a lot of newer tris they dont lose as much money from new, for some reason. Clearly they are more sailing Oirented than cruising. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kngm-NhfSJ0
  12. So we know we are going monohull again due to the Mrs being massively inflicted by SeaSickness or motion sickness to be realiastic, but she is fine on multi hulls. Anyway, I thought Id like to try out a Trimamarn. I know the 760 is a trailer sailer weekend cruiser. But is it caable of things like making it out to Great Barrier Island etc? Clearly they are quick, but if you hit bit swell you have to chop it down or imo those pointoons are going to nose dive? It worries me a bit. We did consider a Tiki etc, but would rather go with newer boats until I have the money for my ultimate which wi
  13. I didnt find anything trollers should use to flame you. Well written. A flexible calender saves lives. I see this in simple passages even in power boats at Xmas from Te Kouma Harbour to Gulf Harbour. Ive known plenty of idiots who have risked their families lives in 50+ and gusting in boats way to small for this kind of work, when the Coast Guards Naiad is struggling, you know GRP power boats should be thinking about cancelling other plans. Rent a car and drive back and come back for the boat another day. Its only a small passage but that area between Colville and Waiheke can really rip up sno
  14. I think I will stick to the 35ft Mono until I can afford a Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 which is a performance cruiser. I was going for a seawind 1160, but a used Bahia is not much more and faster. Or possibly an Outremer 45. Something of that style, performance with the comforts there. I wont be able to afford new, but a 10 year old is only $400-500k Just soooooo many options in the $300-500k bracket, from 40-59ft peformance cats, some that hold wind speed records like 29 knots. Others that will do near wind speed down and still 75% up. The performance cats cut down passage time dramatically
  15. Any thoughts on this proper Cat? Its had a heck of a refit 2 years ago, only $85k https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/auction-2237178238.htm?rsqid=87b29d69e9414bec9ab3d4a71e2f1cc1-007
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