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  1. I'm looking at Far East for a new Main. Interested in others experiences - especially a few years on.
  2. Thanks. It was waxed GC brushed over old GC that I had sanded back. Looks like removal is needed - You live and learn!
  3. Looking for advice. I have applied gel coat to a hatch cover which hasn’t cured. It had too much pigment applied when mixing and I stupidly continued. Went off in about 10 mins so thought all is good. After a week I can brush my hand across it but is still tacky... so not so good. Do I need to remove it? If so, how do I do this?
  4. Mine is one of the newer Noelex Industries boats. Measures 2290mm from the bow. Like all N22's there will be discrepancies. I'll try and dig out a copy of the class rules to see what the tolerances are. On a separate note, does anyone know what happened to the N22 Association?
  5. Thanks All, exact dimensions are 2 blocks of 40 x 50 x 60mm if there are any teak-laden scrap bins out there.
  6. Apologies if has been asked before, where is the best place to find teak. Only looking for a couple of cubes of around 60mm so off-cuts would be perfect. Ta.
  7. Zachary

    Cabin lining

    Other threads I found didn’t address what I was after, which is general advice on the topic from the community. Anyway, awesome reply, thanks. Really encourages relative newbies like myself to post questions here
  8. Zachary

    Cabin lining

    I'm wanting to line the cabin hull. Any recommendations beyond the Autex Interior Lining Burnsco have? What is the best adhesive? Any tips or tricks from those that have been there before? Cheers
  9. Thanks all. For $50 odd I'll give the repair a go.
  10. Hi all, I have inherited a Navman 3100 multi on a new boat - which displays a couple of part digits and nothing more. I recall there was a bunch of noise about these awhile back but can't find anything. In anyone's experience, are they repairable? Are they worth repairing? Is there anyone with spares? Cheers
  11. The mast and boom on my traler yacht are in good condition but was never anodised so look pretty average. To improve the look, the mast is too long to strip and anodise and it has been suggested I get it either powder coated or wet sprayed. Any advice from those in the know? Cheers, Mike
  12. Zachary

    New oven

    I need to replace a cooker in a Carpenter 29 and want one with an oven. Have looked at a Spinflo Nelson... Has anyone any experience with these? Any other commendations?
  13. Long time listener.. First time caller. We were moored in double cove, Queen Charlotte Sound over Xmas. Around 60 dolphins came right up to the head of the bay around us... Amazing. One had a small calf that got stranded on the rocks. All adults tried washing the calf off to no avail. After a few moments, I went over in the dinghy to help... Scary with so many adults around. Amazing thing was, they backed off while I got the calf off the rocks. Circled around me and swam off. Amazing moment and amazing animals.
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