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  1. Yes i believe there is a trailer service over wilmot pass so thats no worries its more the anchorages/anchoring in doubtful sound itself and best weather window and by the sounds of it Feb is the time to go. I was thinking sail across Manapouri then trailer from there... By all means if there are other boats keen to do it then lets get something happening if there are keen people..
  2. Hi I'm wondering if anyone here would have advice about trailering a Farr 6000 over from Manapouri and sailing Doubtful sound? weather advice and anchorages mainly...
  3. I’m looking for a decent second hand main sail for a Farr 6000 Pm me if your looking to offload
  4. I have a farr 6000 trailer yacht with a 1987 8 hp outboard on it can anyone recommend what type of prop is the most efficient?high thrust or standard?
  5. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for cruising lake manapouri in a trailer sailer I was planning to head down in February and after any advice...
  6. Hey thanks for the advice that all makes some sense i was just wondering about the pole though since you never had a downhaul on the poe did it not have a tendency to lift up under load? Do you recall how long the sheets were roughly?
  7. I was hoping there would be someone out there who would have any pictures/map of how you rig up your spinnaker setup on a Noelex 22... I am looking at getting mine up and running and not sure of cleat , block and line positioning.
  8. Oh wow what a great story!!! I'm actually in stitches laughing you really painted the picture well there and thanks for the feedback!
  9. I have just setup a Jib car/track and new routing for the Jib sheets on my Noelex 22 I'm after any advice on weather i have done the right thing or not. I tested it out and it seems to work ok I'm just after any advice from more experienced sailors..
  10. Thanks a lot for the help guys mast base is not far away from those measurement. The mast base is sitting about half on the compression post in the cabin should this be sitting directly on top or closer than half on at least?
  11. Awesome thanks a lot I really appreciate your help there! Should the mast base be directly over the compression post? Is it uncommon for it to be half on or not at all but very close to it?
  12. Hi, I am hoping to get the factory measurement of the base of the mast to the bow of a Noelex 22?
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