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    BEP regulator

    RTM... I have had one of these in the back of the shed for 15 years. Was working when removed (for new engine). No documentation. Let me know if you want it.
  2. Looks like my traveller profile (30+ years old) which is labelled “Fico”. RigRite in the US seem to have some parts, listed under “Nicro-Fico”
  3. AlanB

    Stowe Marine

    Check your PMs
  4. AlanB

    Stowe Marine

    What I have is the blue plastic speed transducer with paddle wheel at one end and screw cap/T bar to lock on skin fitting at the other. Diameter (ID of skin fitting) about 33mm, height of unit about 80mm. Output cable ends in 3 bare wires. Was working when I took it off boat about 10 years ago because display failed. Replaced it with Navman but that's another story (sigh). The display was the Micro, don't know if the transducer is interchangeable with the Dataline. Alan
  5. AlanB

    Stowe Marine

    What exactly do you need? I have an old Stowe log in the shed.
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