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  1. Being semi new to sailing and ex motor cross racer you can tell at a glance who has done the miles , the way they move around boats, the glint in there eye near water and yes this apply s to ladys as well lol with motor x it was simple all walk not to good any more .lol good to follow your adventure and cant wait to follow your race ing .
  2. Reading this im feeling a bit emasculated. Lol good going
  3. Hi , yes all sold , bought a ganely 42 in oz not sure how to get it back hear , just getting quotes yay , yours is coming on now , big effort yay
  4. Far 1020 sold on trademe week ago 15 k a little tlc but no more than others
  5. Yeah good luck was good to meet when you view ed animation, keep walking the talk
  6. This makes me wonder if its all my fault eg left booking at xmas to last minute due work , finally went to book prop fell off , 12 hours late , que easter wek end still slack to book , secured a booking only to have it cancel d last minute due to replacement ferry hitting a inanimate object , must be boats and me .
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