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  1. Sounds like the majority want option 1 so I'll let them know Cheers for the reply's Bobbo
  2. Hi Everyone the NZMHC Committee wish to know what courses we want to do for this up coming winter series. The choices are: 1) Same short courses as we have been doing in summer series (div n course) 2) Join up with the big boys in open division and do the longer courses as it's a Saturday. We would still continue to have our own division with separate results etc. Thoughts? Cheers Bobbo
  3. Hell Yeah I need some concrete for my garage! 41.5 days on the 'Mighty' Dirty deeds
  4. Hahaha Mr H (if it is you....) hope we didn't hit a nerve there! all in good fun don't take it so seriously, but as JK says we've seen that behaviour in the past from a more recent multihull owner! We were just celebrating a close fought battle up the coast how was your race? Go the 'Mighty' Dirty Deeds.
  5. Cheers John was indeed a great result in what was a wild ride we won't be forgetting in a while. To be up with Exodus and leading Timberwolf into the Brett was an awesome feeling knowing that we were the top 3 in division 7, and something an 8.5 can only dream of in a Coastal. Full credit to Matty Flynn and the boys on Exodus who drove us hard from Kawau with a full main up when we were barely hanging on with a single reef, we battled with them neck and neck all the way up the coast only to have him drop his rig 200m in front of us, gutting, it sure would have been close!.. Well done to th
  6. I always thought little white elephants fell over more often Probably cause they're going so fast...
  7. You guys watch out for any birds on the return trip?
  8. 3 seasons ago is a long time. And in a situation like the wed night races in the dying breeze it's hard for the tail enders to match the bigger faster boats on handicap. Would be nice to see a few GBE's win on handicap .. just like our division in coastal.
  9. Why is there little prospect for this division to grow? beacause the bigger boat owners are happy to sit back and let the 8.5's make up the numbers? The 8.5 committee has worked extremely hard to get new boats and owners out and I can tell you it's no easy feat. It was hard enough to get 6 for the coastal and thank you Jon for giving us our own class in division 7. Most of the new boats to the fleet in the last 3 years have all been 8.5's and there's more on the way. If your worried about the size of your division get together and do something about it, it's not going to happen by i
  10. Exactly! .. but it seems a few people are anti the 8.5 class racing it's own div as it was intended for the sake of a few big boats having no one to beat.
  11. This is really why we need to split it. It's kinda like having Wired and a Young 88 in the same div... more like wired and a piedy I reckon! yes it would be nice for 8.5's to have their own division but hey.. then there would be no one for the big boats to beat! A start with the big boats but our own div for the 8.5's is the answer.. just as long as we keep the numbers up.. I think it would encourage more numbers to be honest?
  12. Yeah way to go clive! thats how to send an 8.5 mate! it reminds me of something Rob Shaw told me when I first started sailing multi's - the smaller they are the more fun they are! - we had a little one similar at sail rock but only 2 sail reaching so yeah the sea state is the biggest factor in parking up like that. we went through a couple of big waves like Send it says and slowed considerably but it's always that odd one out that grabs you and pulls you in! Hahahahaha Yea-ah! as long as your ready on the sheet it's all good and no way you get bored sailing these things thats for sure!
  13. Haha yep well said mate! we had a ball! and the days will only be getting longer.. It seems to me people are looking for an excuse not to do races.. what a shame it's the same old story over and over again!
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