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  1. Crikey crew lighten up I was just being sardonic after reading yet another finely crafted piece of local journalism...

    Liz Alonzi doesn’t want to sell her 10-foot trimaran, but may have no choice. With the closure of the Okahu Bay Hardstand in Ōrākei, the next-closest location she can service her vessel is in Whangārei.

    “It’s either that or pay $1500 an hour to hire a crane, which I can’t do,” she said, explaining that other Auckland marinas were not equipped for trimarans.

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  2. Crikey one would think Liz could wash her 10ft trimaran at home rather than pay $1500 for a crane.

    What a potpourri of territorial local authorities and private vested interest ship yard rats have crawled out of their nests to once again rob Auckland boaties of necessary access to reasonably priced hardstand facilities.

    If you are a members of the Akarana you should hang your heads in collective shame.

    A plague on all their houses I say.



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  3. What a tosser Mellars couldn't give a flying fish for those who risked their lives to save his unappreciative hide.

    When approached by the Herald for comment on the rescue and the lengths authorities went to save him, Mellars said: “I don’t give a rat’s arse about the rescue, and I have nothing to say to you.”

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  4. 9 hours ago, LBD said:

    Could have been 150mm shorter but at least it is fitted now, rigging up the lines next.

    Plan is to add a grate at top and a boarding ladder in the near future


    Could be an expensive 150mm when the marina nazis require you to move to a longer berth.

  5. 2 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    Not quite the last weekend, but pretty happy to get a Mariner Stainless Kero stove as a trade for a 6 pack of cider.

    I spent a hundy on some new bits and it's now running in in the outdoor fireplace at home.  It will move to SO once it's proven wrinkle-free.

    Full gory detail on the restoration can be found here.


    You will now need a toasty iron.



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  6. 10 hours ago, LBD said:

    I have seen those... I looked up Morbic when you first mentioned them... I just need a few minutes with drawings, a tape measure and inspiration fluid on my fore deck. Tell you what, when I have that sorted then maybe I let you know which  one you need to build next...😏

    Sure give us a call Mangawhai Morby Manufacturers 0800 $$$ $$$

  7. 1 hour ago, LBD said:

    Looking absolutely beautiful!

    Foot or so shorter and you would need to double security to keep me out... looks to be nearly the perfect tender for me.

    I will be keen to learn what the final bare hull weight comes in at.


    Francois does a 10/10.5 Morbic.



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  8. 1 hour ago, Frank said:

    Thats a good looking dinghy, nice work


    Thanks for that Frank.

    Progress has been stalled until I have successfully slain the one million Willows that ring the ranch crikey they are a curse of a tree that’s for sure.

    I am considering adding a small amount of depth to the skeg so it carries through to the false stem for extra bottom protection.

    Next step is to glass the sole and garboard then fit skeg and stem then sand fill prime sand fill prime….
    May well add some graphite to last coat of epoxy as the photo shows.0BA012A4-7A93-417F-896A-5C0592FB3DC8.thumb.jpeg.52022295eaf5ec6167d04f59ee03882b.jpeg


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  9. 14 hours ago, Young Entertainer said:

    went back to man o war for the first time in a few year,  1 choice of beer only,  $11 served in a can not even a glass,  i think is taking the piss! literally.  wont be emptying my wallet there in a hurry again,  used to be a regular fixture on the boating calendar

    I became a wowser after my local in Poncenby started charging $13.00 for a beer.

    I don’t object to businesses making money I do however object to profiteering.


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  10. Barn with the Morby was flooded but wet vac has seen off the worst this morning.

    Tide rose up to 20mm under front door threshold of main house but all good the thing I'm really pissed about is my Canna lillies are toast.

    Wife spent the nite at the Kaiwaka Hall and son had flooding road disintegrating beneath his car whilst coming from Auckland but arrived safe phew.


  11. Day of miracles as the storm passed the sun shone and the Morby soaked up some rays.

    Plenty of post Gabrielle tasks to be done on the ranch but I couldn’t resist going on all fours to admire what I had just given birth to… one very stout girl.




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