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  1. Told the wife there are supply issues regarding sourcing materials for the kitchen...
  2. Took a while to find somebody who was interested in cutting the Morby files Paul and crew at https://www.fineformes.co.nz/ did a sterling job at a very reasonable rate too. Cracked into building/assembling the mould as the biblical rain on the ranch shows no sign of abating. Have a pressing order a new kitchen island for the house so will complete the mould and put it on castors so I can gain some space before I receive a whipping...
  3. Many many moons ago my father and I lived aboard the Waione B33 Bailey designed old log of wood moored at Okahu Bay. I used to help a local Maori family who lived at Bastion point remove mussels from the breakwater poles and sack them in an Idle-Along for delivery to a processing plant somewhere in Mission Bay if memory’s are correct. Another crappy day here on the ranch in Mangawhai here’s some background on Okahu Bay. Can not get it to link but comes up with a Google.
  4. How much $$$ is so called “businessman” Geoff Hunt contributing to disposing of his floating junk ,bugger all would be my suggestion.
  5. Absolutely stunning stingray the lay of that grain is beautiful.
  6. Francois Vivier Morbic 12
  7. Has anyone used a CNC cutting service in Auckland. Have 8 sheets of plywood to be router cut and the cutting files.
  8. From SA post: ‘’The whole Australia II (A-II) package was incredible, from Benbobs innovation, Bertrands determination, Schnackenberg’s sails, Bondy’s money & foresight, plus a dedicated, talented and thoroughly professional crew. BUT, for my mind the reason A-II got up on the downwind leg allowing them win the race was an absolutely brilliant tactical call by the tactician Hugh Treharne. Hughie spotted the shift that DC didn’t, took the punt & gybed into it and then A-II were in front at the bottom mark. The rest is history. No amount of a “great package” could make up the lar
  9. If memory serves me correctly Ngataringa A4 suffered extensive damage whilst on a mooring as the result of a collision are you capable of paying for the cost of such repairs if your 70s classic unfortunately slips it’s mooring and damages another craft maybe some insurance would be prudent.
  10. Talking of Andrew Fagan and Swirly World does anybody have any news about his Pitcairn rescue after rudder failure.
  11. Tony Gibson the former CEO of this publicly owned facility should immediately hand back his severance payment of $1.8m. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/65m-write-off-port-of-auckland-dumps-container-terminal-automation-project/YPWYDI5G5RTRHMJWK2ZBR564WI/
  12. Fullers CEO on RNZ today suggesting that this is their preferred model with the public providing the vessels etc and them not having to upgrade the aging ferry fleet just becoming operators of the services. The one thing that surprised me is the 20% contribution to air pollution the ferries make in Auckland considering the bus fleet appears to be running on coal.
  13. Who is actually going to operate these publicly funded ferries my guess Fullers at a profit making peppercorn lease with no release of the deal struck due to commercial sensitivity.
  14. Yup a bit like who owns the sand “he who has access to supreme legal weight and the ability to take”.
  15. Try buying Gib Board what a clusterfuck with Wistones holding 94% of the national market.
  16. With a pillock of a owner.
  17. The whole install reflects neglect and obviously needs some love and attention it's all fairly basic stuff . A marine diesel needs clean fuel fresh air and good oil along with a clean heat exchanger plain and simple stuff really that could well save your bacon on a dark narly nite. Whilst you are at it drain the fuel tank and change the belts.
  18. Ran all our boats for decades on kerosene appliances Tilley lamps Tilly heaters Tilley iron Optimus cooker never had any safety issues nor incidents but crikey it’s not cheap to buy so used Avgas or Jetfuel.
  19. This guy John Street deserves a much belated knighthood for services to protecting and preserving heritage yachting.
  20. $728.50 per month for a marina berth directly impacts on the value of Young 88 like most craft.
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