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  1. The worst part is the H/M will stick some on T/M get viewed as a cheap do up and nothing achieved,left to deteriate futher,meanwhile the AK ratepayers pay for the others disposal.

    How many have deceased owners and family said"bugger it,some else can have the problem"

  2. I suggested back in 2013 a land all catch.Scott Macindoe(legasea) was totally against the idea due to opening up of a market for small fish.My arguement was better to land than dump/waste the catch and too bad what price they got for it.The commercial sector needs to fish smarter,after all they have all the gear to determin size/species. Now Minister Parker wants all landed but with this latest submission to exclude public from making submissions guess hes been brought by the industry. National started it all with Nathan Guy mpi minister and when one has the Sanford owner for president are you going to step on industry toes? Peter Goodfellow.

  3. Bloody short notice,saw it Tueday and it appears we will not be able to make submissions on stock/wastage etc. Basically giving the fishing industry a free pass to do what and how they like. The commercial sector claims its about camera installation.Really not hard.The mpi/fisheries need to grow some balls,no camera no fishing.

    Pretty much takes away our rights to question MPI/fisheries.

    In the end its the public who will suffer reduced bag limits increase in sizes and those twits that say 3 snapper is enough on social media etc is what fisheries will see and say "look the reccs are happy with 3 snapper" then theres the "we only 42cm ,next minute size increase.    Spawning is another issue those say we shouldnt fish in spawning season.When is spawning season??generally Octobet to December but the water temp must +18c or greater fish can spawn more than once .The trick is commercial need to be out to the 100m or 10 miles from land for trawlers.Theres a Legasea thing called rescue fish. https://rescuefish.co.nz/petition/  The problem I have is the call to turn all trawlers in to long liners. 100 vessels 3000 hooks equates too 300,000 fish extract from areas mum n dad fish. daily.

  4. Try little passage at Musick Pt,Tamiki river, no one gives a stuff. Would be nice to see the police vessels cruising around for a change.wait not going to happen dont see them on the beat onshore.

  5. 4 hours ago, Psyche said:

    It would be better to encourage people attend a boating education course

    compulsary would be better. I did a boat masters back in 1986,can remember most things but lights would get me.Dredge/constrained by draught.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

    Don't bother. Just get the HM to pull a few over every second sunday, fine them and advertise it in the papers 

    And there lies the problem,how often have you seen the HM vessel out n about r even a police vessel?

    I know coastguard dont want to be the rule enforcers but with amount of vessels they have perhaps its get near time to part of a govt funded agency and do the job of enforcement.

  7. Still waiting on the anti registration crowd here to explain how you track a vessel down thats not registered.May have a name(trailer fizz) how do track it ,last seen heading??

    Doesnt need to be a huge cost ,only cost would change of ownership details,we do change of details for cars,life time vhf call signs if we want to keep same call sign need to infornm coastgurad(current handlers of it)when transfering to different vessel.

  8. 1 hour ago, alibaba said:

    Really need a number of some sort, given that there are so  many common names out there. Over 130 boats named Kingfisher- etc. Sail numbers are fine if they are registered. HOwever, all that is usually after the fact, and I agree that we have enough rules, we just never see anyone enforcing them. Auckland Harbour is like a washing machine at weekends, and I think the harbourmaster is probably well understaffed and underfunded.

    ever tried ring HM after hrs??

  9. 1 hour ago, eruptn said:

    Last time I looked there was one on my sail and either side of the hull, and it's a National one too...

    Only if you race,how many yachts with numbers and current owner hasnt bothered to change or update details?? I never did. Not compulsory.

  10. 12 hours ago, Island Time said:

    Do you guys know that there are already rules for boat ID? Often local body rules, Auckland ones say a boat must have a name on it, clearly readable, min 90mm high lettering. Jet skis have to have a number. 
    Again, the rules are there, just need enforcing.

    My has a name on it too. Go look up (if you can) to see who the owner is. Yes yachts have a sail if registered with YNZ for race prposes only,not compulsary. Yes jetskis are registered in AK and waikato only But once again a white 16ft vessel called happy days.try finding the owner,not registered anywhere,several with  same name.

    Those against compulsary registration normally have something hide. Make it part getting insurance sounds good and produce day skipper cert.

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  11. boat registration needs to happen. It was a white 16 ft boat,yeah that narrows it down.. Not hard to do for trailer boats its your trailer registration.

  12. 32 minutes ago, Island Time said:

    No. Windward vessel must keep clear. If Jennaker poled out to weather, still same tack. 


    So in effect what you saying ,the windward side is the poled side?if no main up. So if poled out to stb you are on port tack

  13. 20 hours ago, Island Time said:

    yep, other boat is at fault. Gennaker makes no diff, its what side his main is on.

    correct. But if running just under Genny(no main up) would they then become right of way vessel?? I presume yes

  14. 7 hours ago, Psyche said:

    With the preponderance of giant launches purchased by people who are morons the only surprising thing is that there hasn't been deaths or serious injury as a consequence of this kind of skill level. You can right now in NZ go out and buy an 80 foot Riv with zero boating experience and drive around at 30kts

    Frightening really,broker friday night and away Saturday with no idea,be like a new restricted driver driving the latest ferrari. Need some sort of regulation,but would that safety or taking away my rights?

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  15. https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/public/news/media-releases-2022/20220530a.asp


    Jae-Ho Huh was sentenced on 27 May in the Auckland District Court after earlier pleading guilty to one charge under the Maritime Transport Act.

    He was prosecuted after his 11-metre launch, with three people aboard, collided with the schooner SV Arcturus.

    The collision occurred between Rangitoto Island and St Heliers in Auckland in March 2020. At the time, the launch was travelling under auto-pilot at between 15 and 20 knots (28-37 km/h).


    Mr Huh has been fined $ $3,900 and ordered to pay reparations for consequential loss totalling $18,537.94, and additional reparation for emotional harm of $500 per victim.



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  16. 12 hours ago, DBLRUM said:

    I got a brand new main for my Cavalier 26 approx 3 years ago through Brent Gillies at BG Sails in East Tamaki, Auckland. He outsourced it to Hydes in London who I believe have their loft in the Phillipines. I received a fantastic sail with awesome stitching which is still going strong and still looks like new several years later for approx 2 thirds of the price quoted in NZ.

    yes was going to mention him,excellent service and sails well made. I believe a lot NZ lofts send details overseas and have cut and stictched back here in NZ



  17. Yes and who was the National fisheries Minister that kept peeing in comms pockets and accepting bribes and who is the National party president and owner of "Sandfords"?

    Nathan Guy was the minsiter and Peter Goodfellow president,leopard change its spots?nah

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