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  1. 1 hour ago, Black Panther said:

    Next silly question,  when is first race?

    Glad you asked that .BP. After your inquiry on how to watch. I listened to the news all day and heard no sailing results now I know why🙂

  2. You have your Spencer up the Clevedon river?? Do you have a exhaust shut valve?why I ask as it is common for eels to work there way in to the exhaust and you may think they will come out on fire up of engine apparently not so. This was the advice an old boy back in 1996 gave me when we moored up at clevedon. It was already fitted.

  3. 59 minutes ago, SanFran said:

    It shouldnt cost ratepayers anything.  Dont you recall a couple of years back every mooring owners annual fee being increased by $50?  That was to cover the cost of removing all those old shitters.  Have any been removed? 

    3 or 4 have been listed on T/M for tender,no idea if sold but really local tip would be a better option.No doubt new owner's just leave rot more.Most are past use by date.

  4. https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/plans-projects-policies-reports-bylaws/bylaws/Documents/navsafetybylawcontrols2014.pdf

    15 Vessels to be seaworthy (1) The person in charge of a vessel anchored or moored in any navigable waters must keep the vessel in a seaworthy condition at all times, unless the Harbourmaster has given prior written approval for it to be anchored or moored in a condition which is not seaworthy.

    Anybody knows why this rule is NOT being enforced??I will take a guess,to get rid of the old shitters would cost rate payers $$ and who is qualified to say a vessel is seaworthy or not??Auckland council/Harbour master??

  5. Have Your Say
    Navigation Bylaw 2021
    Proposed new Te Kaunihera o Tāmaki Makaurau Ture ā-Rohe Urungi Āhuru / Auckland Council Navigation Bylaw 2021 and associated controls


    Tēnā koe

    We would like to update you on the proposed new Te Kaunihera o Tāmaki Makaurau Ture ā-Rohe Urungi Āhuru / Auckland Council Navigation Bylaw 2021 and associated controls.

    You may recall we notified you in November last year of a proposal to make a new Bylaw and controls that had opened for public feedback.

    On 24 June 2021, council decided to adopt the proposal with amendments in response to feedback from 242 people and organisations, and the views of all local boards and the Director of Maritime New Zealand.

    The new Bylaw and controls will commence on 31 July 2021 and will:

    • continue to regulate the use of Auckland’s navigable waters (for example by regulating recreational vessels, water skiing, swimmers, divers, ferries and cargo vessels) to help ensure maritime safety and minimise the risk of accidents, nuisance and damage
    • retain the current 12 knot speed limit within the Waitematā Harbour Restricted Speed Zone and ability to approve higher speeds for fast passenger ferries
    • add information about existing rules in other legislation that protect marine life, marine reserves and birdlife
    • make a new control to prohibit anchoring at the entrance to the Tāmaki River
    • make a new control to restrict access to the Commercial Port Area
    • require at least two independent forms of communication on a vessel (examples provided) and a VHF radio on vessels operating in the vicinity of a harbour entrance bar
    • align rules about the use of Ōrākei Basin with current accepted practices
    • allow the use of a mooring by other vessels and the transfer of a mooring licence as a condition of the licence
    • technical and editorial amendments in response to feedback from the Director of Maritime New Zealand and to correct drafting errors
    • clarifying the Bylaw wording to make it easier to read, understand and comply with.
    • continue to require all passengers on a vessel six metres and less in length to wear a personal floatation device (current exemptions also continue to apply).

    What happens now?

    On 31 July 2021, the new Bylaw and controls will replace the current Navigation Safety Bylaw 2014 and associated controls. On 14 August 2021 (subject to parliamentary deadlines), new infringement fines will commence.

    All existing licences (for example a mooring licence) and exemptions will continue to apply until their expiration date or are reviewed.

    For more information:

    • on the decision to make a new bylaw and controls, read the Auckland Council Governing Body agenda and minutes for its meeting on 24 June 2021, Item 11
    • on the statutory bylaw review and proposal to make a new Bylaw and controls as publicly notified on 16 November 2020, visit the ‘Have Your Say’ page
    • on the new Navigation Bylaw 2021 and controls, visit the council’s bylaw page.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 09 301 0101.

    Nāku noa, nā
    Auckland Council


  6. 4 hours ago, marinheiro said:

    Then take your gripes and instead of the word "boat", insert the word "house" and think of all the issues of trades not showing up, bad workmanship, overpriced work.

    That sentence reminds of my nephews plumbing problem, rang a plumber ,2 young guys turned up and walked straight through house in dirty boots, Matt asked which one of you is the tradesman.1st one was 1st yr apprentice 2nd one yr 2 apprentice. Matt rang company and said if I am paying tradesman wage I expect a tradesman to accompany apprentices. He went else where.

  7. 41 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

    Protests work better when they are peaceful. Ask Gandhi. 

    Yes I would of thought blockade so cannot get supplies?But unfortunatly the group who are in attendance appears to be rent a crowd.Just there for the trouble.   There was a ship/trawler painted in Dunedin(I think) this week had ban trawlers painted down the side by Greenpeace activist.The way forward would of been a small boat flotilia and blocked berthage so it couldnt leave,All for action but needs to be peaceful and you will get meaningful coverage.imo

  8. 18 minutes ago, Fish said:

    Does anyone know what a 'sea floor area' zone means, or High protection area?

    I thought it was very odd that all the media banged on about 18 new marine protected areas, but none said where they are. I had to find the report and read it.

    I'd far prefer if all of those areas where just made full marine reserves.

    I'm concerned a sea floor protection area just means no dredging or bottom trawling, where there is very little of that still happening, is there?  Its kind of a smoke a mirrors thing from the govt "we are doing lots" when they aren't really. Big area of concern for me, the CEO of Sanfords says he is happy with the proposals. That really rings alarm bells. If the CEO of Sanfords is happy, I smell a rat...

    PS, wonder if we can still anchor in a sea floor protection area? Sea grass etc is a valuable habitat..

    The concern is 3 more yrs till they put cameras on.

    Talking to a trawler guy and he said they have certain trawl lines they follow,up and down that line week in week out,if the net is or has removed/damaged the seabed why are the fish still? Not defending them but is the info we are getting correct, Blaming commercial scallopers in mercury bay/opito bay for lack of scallops when they have been banned for 5 or so yrs.Now the report came out blaming what we have been doing on the land,which is something i have said for awile.releasing heavy metals/silt and the seafood dies or moves off..

  9. 17 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

    About that. I left with a reef in main and foresail so was underpowered till about 10 miles from Sail Rock, that was fine as I got to have breakfast and tidy up. Then it freshened throughout the day, probably averaged 8.5 to 9 for the second half of the trip. Saw 11 a couple of times near tutukaka. Certainly shook the cobwebs out and made the 3 day wait at Kawau worth it.

    What wind?? down in the firth we had channel 20 bleating 20/25 knt collville meanwhile middle of firth (mania harbour side) zilch.



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  10. real sailors watch the person on the flags,as soon as dropped a bit from top its go ,stuff the gun.Yep won a protest or 2

    The gun/sound is only there to draw your attention.

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