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  1. From watching half the doco.I formed an opinion that they felt a need to protect the skipper rather than through him under the bus. I do not believe the 10knt discussion.I am picking the skipper was battling with enchanter and wasn't looking around at sea conditions.Just wait for MNZ findings 

  2. Had A 2 not suffered steering and mainsail pin drop out might of been over quicker,Liked the NYC panick.Trying to pressure the Dutch in to say they invented the keel.

    I read with interest how Daltonb wants crawl and hold a series here before the Spanish event "Go F yourself"Dalton.




  3. Between Orere Pt and Wilson bay(thames) 1/2 way across last thursday came across what we thought was a log. No ,turned out to be a young black seal sunning itself on its back,meanwhile pod of  dolphins in serious feed mode. Water warming as few young hammers spotted too. Temp 15.6c

  4. So we could all agree then that the contractor maybe at fault as to the way the mooring was laid?? In the article it claims it was a anchor type block that hadnt dug in due to the fluke facing upwards or on its side?

    Seems was asked to change moorings on more than one occasion.

    Guess moorings will be thing of the past,no more new moorings,only piles or marinas. Speaking of piles several have been replaced in the panmure river and some were well past their use by date,worms have a great time nooring them.Had a vessel been lost due to a pile failure would the council step in?

  5. Regardless of the mans capabilities. He was using a council/harbourmasters approved mooring for his vessel, as the findings show was laid incorrectly. As renter of a mooring how would he know if laid correctly or not.

    Would it not fall under the consumer act??not fit for purpose?.

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  6. Kind of opens a can of worms for Council/harbour master.

    Correct mooring weight and vessel to suit.If it drags and your vessel gets wrecked whose to blame?? The council/harbour master issues permit and stipulates vessel size and weight and contractor lays it.

  7. would this debacle ever of happened if Blake was still around??

    Know very that are interrsted in the cup since foiling came along and even less now its going offshore.

    Did watch the GPs in Denmark? far more interesting racing as its fleet racing.

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  8. On the coamings and toe cap rail my uses a product called lion oil,not sure where its from,but beats varnishing,last/loks great,not a stain more like a lnseed without the smell or oilyness,once or twice a yr .kauri coamings and teak toe rail. But nothing beats a traditional varnish for appearances.Watched a old guy in the 80s varnishing a transom and when finished it ad basically a mirror finish,10 coats but first 2 thinned so it could soak in and seal. I guess now days with the new europhans and expoxys life has got easier.

  9. really simple registration,doesnt need to be expensive,a one off fee like getting a call sign for vhf,you take that number from vessel to vessel(power boats I'm thinking)all yachts that race are registered(except when I raced)in current owners name registered. a onn off fee $50 should cover it?

    That part on speed has me baffled though,200m from a shoreline/ swimmer/diver 5knts but passing another vessel at 50m at what ever speed you like gets me.fizzy doing 25+ virtually no wake but these new design launches you can surf behind.

  10. 3 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

    Sparky takes 2hrs to recharge and the spare E Tanker battery takes 3hrs.


    The range is the issue,takanini to te rapa 1/2 way back need to swap batteries,waste of money and time,nz post have gone hydrogen 400kms. 

  11. The worst part is the H/M will stick some on T/M get viewed as a cheap do up and nothing achieved,left to deteriate futher,meanwhile the AK ratepayers pay for the others disposal.

    How many have deceased owners and family said"bugger it,some else can have the problem"

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