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  1. 12 hours ago, DBLRUM said:

    I got a brand new main for my Cavalier 26 approx 3 years ago through Brent Gillies at BG Sails in East Tamaki, Auckland. He outsourced it to Hydes in London who I believe have their loft in the Phillipines. I received a fantastic sail with awesome stitching which is still going strong and still looks like new several years later for approx 2 thirds of the price quoted in NZ.

    yes was going to mention him,excellent service and sails well made. I believe a lot NZ lofts send details overseas and have cut and stictched back here in NZ



  2. Yes and who was the National fisheries Minister that kept peeing in comms pockets and accepting bribes and who is the National party president and owner of "Sandfords"?

    Nathan Guy was the minsiter and Peter Goodfellow president,leopard change its spots?nah

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  3. If sound waves were to or did work. We could resurrect the Navy degaussing buoys in the tiri channel??

    Only knew of one vessel that was in the panmure river that tried the sound wave thing. It all it did was those in close proximity chew thru zincs,could never prove t was the wires hanging overboard but once it dissapeared so did the chewing of zincs.The average time was 4 months on a block.

  4. 5 hours ago, waikiore said:

    Ah not many on committee boat this time, and yes we were dead in line with the ODM , to observe accurately,  many of the miscreants have privately admitted that they were OCS but not pinged so carried on .....  

    Wonder why so many not racing now days. Now you know what you are up against and if like me(tried to be smart) you would get pinged.  Not just yachting,ruby forward passes,high tackles etc

    Was at a radio yacht race many yrs ago,RO called contact,they were further up the track and couldnt see. It was 2 of us luffing and as r/c yachts jump it looked like contact, me and the other guy were behind our boats,niether did penalty as no contact,took it to the race committee and was told RO has final say and we were both disqualified. Rest of day sat on bank and drunk beer in protest.

  5. 1 hour ago, Psyche said:

    Did you seek redress?

    A request for redress or a protest committee’s decision to consider redress shall be based on a claim or possibility that a boat’s score or place in a race or series has been or may be, through no fault of her own, made significantly worse by
    1. an improper action or omission of the race committee, protest committee, organizing authority, equipment inspection committee or measurement committee for the event, but not by a protest committee decision when the boat was a party to the hearing



    Very hard to take on city hall.tried it once.lesson learnt God is right regardless

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  6. 8 hours ago, wheels said:

    I believe that has come to an end. Or was supposed to have.

    Gleeson n Cox.Still carting coal to Huntly,winter coming on so more coal,not sure if regal still carting from Tauranga.

  7. 3 hours ago, Island Time said:

    Most of those trailers don't have Keel Rollers. They are float on trailers completely without rollers...

    All well and good if you have a step ramp or want to submerge trailer,how many are fitted with bearing buddies,slight pressure on grease to help keep water out of bearings?

  8. why not remove the side supports and fit wobbles on,can still have keel on plank or change to rollers.Not hard job or overly enpensive,wobbles positioned correctly will keep boat on main keel rollers.



  9. New rules if I have interpreted right. 7 snapper 3 kings 5 kahawai 5gurnard?? as previous wa 7 snapper 3 kings 10 kahawai 10 gurnard 20 bag limit + allownce on species. Stops the plunder of pink maomao only 20 now instead of unliited.




    For example, a fisher in the Auckland/Kermadec, Central or Challenger areas can take three kingfish and up to 17 other finfish to make up their daily limit of 20.

  10. 6 hours ago, ex Elly said:

    Death of the scallops: How a Kiwi delicacy was driven to the brink of collapse

    The scallop industry went from a booming moneymaker to a near standstill in the space of just 10 years. Fishing groups point the finger at environmental degradation, while marine advocates and iwi blame destructive fishing techniques. Ryan Anderson reports.



    Kaipara closed 5yrs no sign of recovery, top of the south no recovery and it will be the same for gulf/northland, why??Toheroa havent recovered in over 30yrs closure, too many people,allowonces to high



    Got 2 hrs to waste have listen,still no answers and will still be talking in 20yrs time,recc v comm v greenies. Bit like we need a bus stop but not outside my place. Local Govt or The fisheries minister need too step up and just say its closed as of now ,no taking zone 5yrs.

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  11. A mate built his in the 80s using East system,cheaper than west,same product. I purchased a real good fairing compound early 90s resimax,3m I think,gone now.

    As mentioned earlier Foodstuff group or countdown there is no choice as market has diminished. How many backyard builds do you see now??

  12. 9 hours ago, Island Time said:


    Type 401 - inflatable

    Achieves buoyancy by either a:

    • water-activated switch
    • manual pull cord

    May include a mouthpiece

    Designed to keep the wearer vertical during unconsciousness

    Comfortable and convenient to wear at all times

    Must provide 150 newtons of buoyancy

    Guidelines for inflatable lifejackets

    Download nationally agreed guidelines to help choose the right inflatable lifejacket, and know how and when to service it.

    disagree with you but thats fine,personal choice

  13. Have read a lot about PDFS and most countries consider them as an aid rather than a lifesaver. Never owned never will,forced to wear one once and never again.

    Why muck around blowing in to tube or pulling a string ,when in the water I want something that works straight away even if unconscience.Yes may say inflate automatic,but do they in time of need.Below is just one example of many coastguard etc 



    Currently, there aren't any Coast Guard approved Type I inflatable PFD's available to the general public.Good for protected, inland water near shore, where chances of immediate rescue is good. Not suitable for extended survival in rough water. Will turn SOME unconscious wearers face-up in water. Poor performer in rough water, often requires you to tread water in order to keep your head above water.

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