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  1. Rahui is self imposed restriction with no authorised standing. CAN is a different matter.Must be adhered too. I was fishing yesterday in a area that has a Rahui and Yes took my limit of mussels,Why because MPI/Fisheries have called for an extension via public submissions. The Waiheke island Rahui of taking scallops(non take as per MPI) rock lobster,cockles,mussels etc that legal Rahui/MPI restriction ended last October.2023. Only in place for 2yrs

    Funny part was.We were inspected by fisheries and counted our mussels as we were still inside the supposedly restricted area.No issue and they confirmed it has expired and submissions are being called for too extend.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Psyche said:

    even with a massive increase in funding to remove it 

    Wheres this funding coming from? Hospitals have been told too save 80 million. Every service is being cut in NZ including bio security staff.

    If antone thinks mpi/bio security are going to throw millions at this weed think again

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  3. 52 minutes ago, K4309 said:

    We've traced a boat - a superyacht - and it's come into Barrier on the west side, anchored, [then] it's gone round to the east side and it's anchored. And then it [went] right round past the north edge of the island to Mangawhai, so how can you stop them?

    "These are superyachts that come from overseas. We don't know what they're doing."

    Bit of vigilence by Barrier residents could row out and inform them about anchoring etc wouldnt go astray?

  4. On 16/04/2024 at 8:16 AM, ballystick said:

    I have checked the fine print in my insurance policy and I can't find any reference to the above standard or anything regarding Lithium batteries, there must be heaps of Lithium batteries installed already especially with the promotion of Drop-In units, we'll see what the future brings  

    Until you make a claim, the insurance companies are a law under themselves. Its there job not to pay out!

  5. 2 hours ago, K4309 said:

    It is fair to say that if it wasn't for the customary rights issues around fish management

    Had a read of Seafod NZ march issue.

    Seems Shane Jones is against Reserves/Hpa allowing Maori with customary permit to take from closed areas.

    So you may not hear me talking a great deal
    about mataitai fisheries and customary fisheries.
    I mean obviously as a Māori I know they’re really
    important, but I ’m a wee bit different than some
    of the other MPs  of Māori decent in this way…. If
    science reveals to us that a resource is so stressed
    that the public have to be excluded, then Fiona
    it’s the whole public. I don’t like this idea that you
    have these marine protected areas or you have
    these reserves but you continue to provide access
    for the local hapu. My hapu, most of whom live in
    Auckland, they’re not going to enjoy that access
    because they don’t have a marae or a settlement
    near these areas. So,  if the science is so severe
    that all  of us have to  stand together and enable the
    resource to recover then that’s everyone.
    Is there anything else you want to add?

  6. 1 hour ago, K4309 said:

    If you take those points and consider we have lost the hosting rights of some major international sporting events including the America’s Cup, the Rugby Championship, Netball World Cup, and the Wellington Sevens. I'd say it's prudent we put aside past prejudices and given some consideration to what Coutts is saying.

    The Americas cup can be taken out of the equation.Thats purely a Dalton thing,didnt get his way so takes the cup away,. 

    15000 maui spread around the west coast/lower east coast is not a great number.

    Seperating Mum and calf is the issue,minority sport and seems here or over the other place you are in the minority group wanting to have GP regardless of NZ sanctuary. Why sign an agreement then cry??


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  7. 37 minutes ago, CarpeDiem said:



    DOC does not have a role in permitting or allowing the race to go ahead.

    The marine mammal management plan was developed by and belongs to the race organisers. DOC does not have a role in implementing it.

    SailGP has chosen to hold its event in a marine mammal sanctuary that was established for the protection of Hector’s dolphins.

    Date:  24 March 2024

    In New Zealand, marine mammals including Hector’s dolphins/upokohue are protected species under the Marine Mammals Protection Act and Marine Mammals Protection Regulations. This legislation directs how vessels must behave around marine mammals and says it is illegal to harass or disturb them. All vessels and people involved in the SailGP event, including any support boats or spectators, must abide by this legislation. It is a legal requirement. People controlling vessels who encounter a dolphin or other marine mammal must travel no faster than idle/no wake speed if within 300m of a dolphin, and do not herd, harass or obstruct marine mammals or cut through groups.

  8. I do concede on the GP cats,fleet racing anyones game,but actual AC cats win start win race,boring as  truck.

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  9. Signed the Ecan about Dolphins appearing in a marine sanctuary and racing must cease. The issue is not so much the common dolphin but rather the hector/maui being endangered.

    Yes Mammal come play in bow waves etc but can they avoid something doing 50mph+

    RC can take his toys and go. Short memories by some how he and Brad left to join alinghi and set the world on fire in AC but failed and came running back with tails between their legs.

    Now if they want more spectators why show it on tv same day/time as racing is on?Why would you want to pay to watch something that is being shown for free.

  10. Build new brackets and put back in same place.Start drilling new holes lower down recipe for disaster. You will find where existing is bolted that section of hull will be strengthened to take load.Start drilling lower down and I think you are opening up a can of worms,What made you think they needed replacing?

  11. 3 hours ago, Addem said:

    They delayed for an hour last year when dolphins appeared. 

    why no dolphins today?? Round them up and drop in the Hauraki gulf then no more commercial fishing.

  12. 1 minute ago, Black Panther said:

    I see Sail GP as akin to professional wrestling. 

    Had a Uncle who was a pro wrestler before on the mat and that stuff,early 50s. Just before his death he said would love to get in the ring and show them how its done and yes they will get hurt.

  13. 2 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    More like, Russell tossing toys out because he can't get what he wants.




    "Like a lot of things in New Zealand these days there’s a few minority groups that have a huge say in what happens and that’s the way it works."


    There had been concerns about collisions with endangered Hector’s dolphins - including from the Department of Conservation - and there is now an independent decision maker in place with the ability to halt racing if dolphins get too close.

  14. Well who would of thought "Dolphins" stop a regatta?? Appears no more Sail GP for Lytleton next yr due to Dolphins. Maybe Auckland but hang on a minute. Auckland couldnt host it due to geographical nature,not being able to close off veiwing?

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