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  1. 15 hours ago, Island Time said:

    That's disappointing. But not particularly surprising....

    You cant better city hall,ever protested a race committee and won!

    When Legasea/option4 went before the supreme court over recreational Kahawai , cost roughly 1 mill,3 court appreances ,a win ,a lose and might say a draw,the outcome was.The minister shall provide catch rates ahead of commercial when species become low in biomass. (rough translation) so expect to spend more than that to bet council

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  2. 3 hours ago, Island Time said:

    All of this nonsense is why the ferries can't get crews.  - plus the low pay of course..

    And that is why so many Indian taxi drivers due to the fact they need to complete to NZ standards. The heart lungs etc are in the same place as theirs so whats the problem. we have a pharmacist driving due to not able to afford to NZ course.

    Its a crooked system. Time served in NZ or overseas should count.

  3. 35 minutes ago, CarpeDiem said:

    Fan Worms are left unchecked and they deplete a nutrient required for Snapper and Kahawai to breed. Is this a good or bad thing? Well, it depends on your perspective. But for Snapper and Kahawai, it's undoubtedly a negative outcome. 

    From What niwa has posted,seem to be a water filter but can take nutrients away from oysters/mussels,no mention of fish.


    With warmer tempertures,more shipping its only a uestion of time before more deadly pests arrive,as someone pointed out .The pacific oyster which has overtaken our rock oyster,now an industry.



  4. 3 hours ago, Ex Machina said:

    effective  antifoul .

    not allowed to sell effective antifoul,go ask the greenies

    Wonder what effect self polishing/ablative paints have on the oceans?

  5. The "bug" exist in petrol too, but because we use our vehicles often and filling tank it doesnt get a chance to get established same with heavy transport. But vessel lay  unused for long periods with 1/2 full tanks so condensation gets in and away the bug goes. Never had a problem, dosed tank each fill, kept tank full and regular use with regular change of filters and drain/check water trap.. Buy fuel from high turn over stations.

  6. 50/50 may work we you both use the boat at the same time.  The 2 issues I see are. Breakages not being reported.(yeah it was fine when left it)

    Maintaince  Who does what or pays for what.

    50% boat ownership is easy its have they got the funds for maintaince?

  7. On the weekend ,Greenpeace held their "Ban the Trawler protest for the gulf. Where were "Legasea"?? being their non political selves. Under the umbrella of NZSFC cant be seen at or organise protests. 

    Just read the National party Fishing policy. In the next 10yrs to double output from Aquaculture.

  8. The call for regristration not nessacary. The insurance companies could say"no day skipper corse or better. no insurance" one way getting people to know basic rules.?

    Currently you can purchase near any size vessel in NZ with no idea about rules etc.When was the last time a dealer/broker said"heres a booklet on rules of the sea?"

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  9. The ferry being the stand on vessel must also try to avoid collision too. Turned to stb may of been more of a gunnel to gunnel contact. But it will come out in 18 months. 

  10. 36 minutes ago, Psyche said:

    commercial fishing boat coming at me I am always ready to alter course

    Had that off the Hen n Chicks,longliner,presumed laying so gave way to it. none seem to display I am fishing day signal,2 cones pointing towards each other,?

    The modern nav gear is a bit frightening. Had spencer 1/2ton fitted with a course plotter and linked to autohelm,so easy to set (going to windward) and make a coffee,but did pop up every 5 minutes and make sure no other vessels around.Winter going north so no real issue,sure as heck would try sailing from Motuhihi with it up the harbour.

  11. This should clear it up??



    Could not see anyone at the helm of that boat, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t someone there. It had two 300-horsepower motors on the back and it was full, fast. And he just don’t swerve, he didn’t slow down, didn’t put the throttle down. He just ran straight into the front of the ferry.


    He told Checkpoint it was lucky the boat - the eight-metre ‘Boston Whaler’ - hit the strongest part of the Blue Ferry

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