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  1. http://www.westaucklandupholstery.co.nz


    Sheets – Whether this be your fitted or flat sheets. Fitted sheets are fully elasticated to ensure minimum movement. Flat Sheets can be Cuffed, Piped or just standard.   

    We can produce these from your most luxurious linens, to your standard Poly cottons, and also from coloured to the most pristine whites.


    Now that took all of 30 seconds to google

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  2. 2 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    Hey Harry - got any pictures of that?  I thought it might be a good way to go, especially if I can fit it semi-permanently ie not via a grease nipple

    No sorry,from gun to gland we used a hose,gland had a self greaser on it 10mm?? so adapted gun to fit.

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  3. On 3/05/2021 at 12:22 PM, Fish said:

    What ever HT. There is legislation for iwi to go to MPI for 2 year no takes, there is no legislation for iwi to block off beaches for their own use. You are just being outright alarmist with that one.

    Well "Fish" I hope you saw the news tonight as a court judgement has been passed which gives the Hapu/Iwi between Whakatane/opotiki foreshore and seabed rights . Iwi have said they will not stop commercial fishing but will seek a partnership for such activities. Is this the tip of the iceburg?? watch this space.

    Oh does go further including fresh water systems.

  4. the poor knights is a reserve and yes comms and reccs are fishing right along the boundary same Goat island,goat island is also subject to after hrs poaching.

    Said it before and will say it again ,if any group is dead serious about saving stocks.There needs to a ban from fishing 1 mile from the shoreline including outer lying islands.Yes it will affect those in dinghies etc but how else do you protect stocks??the qms is not working unenforceable Rahuis (not backed by MPI/fisheries)will only work for those of us who will abide but poachers/black marketeers wont care. There is not enough police/fisherary vessels/staff to monitor the coast.

  5. 31 minutes ago, Fish said:

    What ever HT. There is legislation for iwi to go to MPI for 2 year no takes, there is no legislation for iwi to block off beaches for their own use. You are just being outright alarmist with that one.

    Just wait.it will happen.seperate health board coming.alarmist I do not think so.There has been talk of iwi in-charge of foreshore etc when seachange was in talks and it was proposed that iwi.to have control of inshore fisheries.iewhether you can gather shellfish  as a non Iwi. This was spelt out at reccs fishing meeting.

  6. 4 hours ago, Frank said:

    The non legal status notwithstanding its Interesting that the local Iwi seem to be more proactive than MPI, good on them I say !

    Agree.something needs to happen now but the issue for me.will this set a precedent and other Iwi closing areas off with no consultation what's next ? Local beach locked off for Iwi use only 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Deep Purple said:

    There's a Rahul on scallops at Mercury bay and everyone is supporting it. Even the September whitianga scallop festival has been rebranded whitianga Oceans Festival and scallops are off the menu. 

    it'll go off I'm sure



    Problem with Rahui is no one can stop you taking scallops but if the ban was put in place by fisheries different ball game.I believe part of the Whangaroa may closed to scallops next season.fisheries 

    Have your say on a proposal to temporarily close the scallop fishery in Whangaroa Harbour and coastal waters shown in the map.
    Nga Hapū o Karangahape marae, Whānau pani, Ngāti Kaitangata and Ngāti Kauwau have requested closure of the scallop fishery in this area for a two-year period to allow time for scallop stocks in the area to replenish and regenerate.
    Email your submission to FMSubmissions@mpi.govt.nz by 5pm Monday 10 May 2021. Comments on this post will not be considered submissions.
    To find out more, and have your say, visit: https://bit.ly/30JbM7Q
  8. 3 hours ago, whitepointer said:

    Anchor wouldn’t set in chamberlains bay one time, retrieved it to try again, found the point embedded in half a beer bottle ha ha,

    Yep had that in North Harbour and a towel in te kouma.best holding was in man o war bay.oicked up a bloody cable 

  9. On 2/03/2021 at 12:34 PM, CarpeDiem said:

    It's not released until 12/April - will be open for 28 days once released. It will include the following restrictions:

    For the Bay of Islands:

    • No swimming with marine mammals;
    • Vessels to maintain a 400m distance from marine mammals; and

    Within the Bay of Islands:

    • Vessel speed to be restricted to 5 knots within two “marine mammal safe zones”.


    Where can one find the consultation??its open now but where?

  10. On 17/04/2021 at 10:05 PM, lateral said:

    The beehive. Definitely a rock, not an island, will not sustain life. In fact will take yours if you’re not careful. It owes me some skin off my face.

    Ditto the Nun, who only cares for seabirds.

    The whole area will spank you if taken for granted.

    And full of katipo spiders,but its ok only the female bite.

  11. Hacksaw blades 

    Rule was, may still be to carry 10? hacksaw blades. Who ever dreamed this up has never ever tried to cut wire rigging. Had cause recently to cut 10mm s/s wire.Luckly at home,broke 3 blades,while cuting could see sparks,so in the event of an emergency think one would be stuffed,pitching sea way etc. Bolt cutters after several cuts nicking each strand eventually cut through it. So would it be better to carry a battery grinder and 12 blades?

  12. 16 hours ago, harrytom said:

    Do tell Kevin.What would you do?You wont know they cant tread water until you there and as you said not approach as they can pull you under.

    Still awaiting Kevins answer but not holding my breathe

  13. 55 minutes ago, wheels said:

    The reasoning now is that every time you do a compression cycle, air has been pumped in and out of the lungs in an amount that will ensure enough oxygen has entered the system. Heart compression and thus movement of blood is so essential that it is more important to maintain chest compressions and not to bother with the breathing part.
    Of course none of that is possible if the person is in the water. It is considered that the person when in water may have only just stopped breathing and the heart is still pumping, so resus by giving breaths may keep a persons heart pumping till you get them to shore.
    The turning of head to side is only temporary to drain exess water from airways etc. The person should then be placed on their back and checked for pulse and then chest compressions started if no pulse found

    But the second statement says to rescue breath,thats the confusion.

    So which one is right??

    Do not give rescue breaths.   or        Begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 

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