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  1. 16 hours ago, harrytom said:

    Do tell Kevin.What would you do?You wont know they cant tread water until you there and as you said not approach as they can pull you under.

    Still awaiting Kevins answer but not holding my breathe

  2. 55 minutes ago, wheels said:

    The reasoning now is that every time you do a compression cycle, air has been pumped in and out of the lungs in an amount that will ensure enough oxygen has entered the system. Heart compression and thus movement of blood is so essential that it is more important to maintain chest compressions and not to bother with the breathing part.
    Of course none of that is possible if the person is in the water. It is considered that the person when in water may have only just stopped breathing and the heart is still pumping, so resus by giving breaths may keep a persons heart pumping till you get them to shore.
    The turning of head to side is only temporary to drain exess water from airways etc. The person should then be placed on their back and checked for pulse and then chest compressions started if no pulse found

    But the second statement says to rescue breath,thats the confusion.

    So which one is right??

    Do not give rescue breaths.   or        Begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 

  3. 7 hours ago, DrWatson said:

    This is an excellent thread.

    And we should all read it and share experiences. 

    Also the current up-to-date best practice for resus in drowning cases would be damned useful. I did a resus (defib etc) course a month ago, and was a little disappointed that it was entirely aimed at resus after cardiac events. No info on drowning or electrical accidents.

    Hers 2 confusing statements from <r Google

    Drowning adult:

    Call 999. Perform chest compressions to the time of "Staying Alive". Do not give rescue breaths. Continue compressions until help arrives.



    Turn the drowning person's head to the side, allowing any water to drain from his or her mouth and nose. Turn the head back to the center. Begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on land, if possible, or in the water if the injured person needs immediate life-and-death measures.


    And what I actually thought was cpr with patients head tilted so water etc could drain.End of the day doing something is better than nothing.

  4. 8 minutes ago, O_Smiladon said:

    So still worth picking up tomorrow Harry ?? What ya thoughts ??

    Really appreciate your help on this


    Can you show photo to boat builder and see if it can be changed??  how much do they want for it or does previous owner anything about the original rudder?

  5. 1 minute ago, Fish said:

    I do know this is why lifeguards use those red rescue tube thingees. So they can keep the victim at arms length. In the standard domestic beach situation I think it would be wise to take some sort of floating device with you. Body board, surfboard. If your on a yacht, obviously the life ring. But there is an underlying message here. Rescues are dangerous, it is wise to take a moment and think things through rather than just diving in. A - to increase the odds of saving the person, but B - to make sure you don't drown as well.

    I often wonder how many times the rescuer needs rescuing and we just don't hear about it.   I dont think I would of jumped but as you suggested toss a lifering/lifejacket anything they could grab hold of.Make sure a line was attached then you could(hopefully) pull them to your vessel and climb up ladder.All very easy to sit here in the calm but in a seaway things go wrong quickly as we all know too well.

    Might of mentioned it before. Took a group of scouts to a wave pool got one to jump and try and put a life jacket on. They all failed and could see why we insisted jackets worn at all times.

  6. from memory shaft would be close to 50mm,might be able to swap out shaft?First thing is you need to know is there existing shaft in your hull,has it just been filled.

  7. 52 minutes ago, Kevin McCready said:

    Fish, I'm not trying to inspire you. What do you think I'd do if they couldn't tread water?

    Do tell Kevin.What would you do?You wont know they cant tread water until you there and as you said not approach as they can pull you under.

  8. 16 minutes ago, Sabre said:

    To go back to an original style rudder would mean removing the extended skeg. 

    hopefully just glassed and bogged in,maybe a screw or 2 from inside. Cavs are heavy on the helm at times so cannot see how the stern hung would work properly.We broached just after and hell of a lot weight on helm. 

    No photo description available.

  9. 1 hour ago, Island Time said:

    Have a look,  see if the original rudder tube is still there. If so, it's not an enormous job to go back, and diy rudder. The rudder shift and tangs might be a bit pricy though. ...

    Thats what I was thinking.If tube there,knock extension off and build a rudder,Not hard just time consuming and hardstand fees costing .

  10. No I dont own it,was writen off 6 months later due to a storm but is back in the water up tamiki river towards pybc.


  11. 4 hours ago, Veladare said:

    Droves? I counted only 4 racing a few Sundays ago

    Fleet numbers down and it seems (from F/B0 they spend time at Kawau Is. Did a season a few yrs ago as forward hand on Marquita. Only helmed one once,buggered if I could get it to go to windward.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Fish said:

    No problem with opinions, that is what a forum is for. My question was with regard to differentiation opinion from opinion posed as fact (i.e. the need to dredge).

    But on the playground bit, isn't that a bit of hyperbole? Kennedy Point already is a ferry terminal... 

    Swing moorings can bugger up a bunch of good playgrounds. A marina is a far more efficient use of space for parking boats than swing moorings. I'm not trying to be difficult, I believe new infrastructure, done well, can reduce impacts on the environment. This marina is an example of that.

    Do you know what is going to happen to the sewage that will pumped from holding tanks??

    The answer is there will be non leak tanks buried on the bottom.No idea what happens when tanks full. Do not think that is very enviromentally friendly. 

    Is the marina going to put in its own fresh water supply system?? As they closed the public toilets over summer due to in sufficient water.


    One of the sticking points for whānau whānui of Waiheke’s Piritahi Marae, which opposes the development, is the marina’s proposal to bury sewage tanks in the seabed.

    It’s “inconceivable”, argues Jacqueline Carter (Ngāti Awa, Waitaha, Ngāi Tai, Ngāti Maru, Ngāpuhi, Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Pākehā). “Not just in the fact that we might want to come here and get a kai, but because of the tapu that we are talking about.”

    The developers claim the tanks have “zero chance of leakage”

  13. 18 minutes ago, Fish said:

    Why? Is that a fact or some sort of personal opinion?

    How much silt is stirred up when driving piles? Not a lot I would have thought.

    This is a very different proposition, and substantially smaller impact on the environment than building a sea wall. Sandspit needed dredging. This is possibly one of the lowest impact marinas you could get...

    I think it is a dangerous situation when poorly informed people start advocating either way for infrastructure projects. Its a marina so it must be bad does not equate to reality.

    So you have no issue with a marina in our playground,No problem. We can al have opinions too.


  14. 52 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

    Just a matter of population pressure.  Florida is very close to a ban on anchoring. 

    And that is somthing that concerns me.Give cruising another 10/15 yrs and will be told where and where you cant anchor.Which bay you can use which bay you cant. Hope I am wrong but with the boating explosion its only a matter of time before you will need a boat WOF and some form of licence to operate a vessel.

  15. 1 hour ago, Fish said:

    Simply not realistic to put large commercial / construction projects on hold for 3 years. And what is that likely to achieve? Linking the blatant mismanagement of fisheries to blocking already consented marinas?

    Further, this marina is not constructing any breakwaters, not shifting any spoil etc. It is an entirely floating marina. So I'm not sure where you are going to get all of this sediment and heavy metal from that is going to smoother everything?

    This same emotive response comes from a lot of people about land development as well. There is a formal planning process, everyone pays their money and goes through that, and then when construction starts, someone gets their tits in a tangle. The great irony is that the vast majority of people that object to land development live in houses, drive on roads, and enjoy amenities such as phone, power and water that were put there by said land developers.

    Here is a different angle to think about it from. The marina may reduce the total environmental impact around Waiheke, due to removing the number and frequency of boats anchoring. Anchoring stirs up silts and sediments. But most importantly, anchoring destroys sea grass lawns that are essential for juvenile fish and a wide range of other benthic life.

    If people are truly serious about protecting the Waiheke environment and fisheries, possibly consider not sailing or anchoring there?

    There will be dredging of some sort and piles driven in,maybe a floating marina but what do think is going to hold it place,piles,walkway held with piles.I do not see a problem with it going ahead or not but I can see Maori objecting to it now the Government may back the Rahui. Cannot help but feel there will be a treaty clam/pay out somewhere during or before construction.

    Where will marina development end??Bon accord harbour,why not??Port Fitzroy?? Clevdon river?? Coromandel harbour has been ruled out so lets put one in at Te Kouma?

    It will end up no anchoring and an inspector arriving to drop the green/blue dye in the crapper to make sure you dont use it.



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