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  1. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/mon-dieu-a-french-warship-spotted-off-the-new-zealand-coast/RM5YH5G3PJHZTBRHJ25PSVZAPA/


    A volunteer coastguard crew was shocked to discover a French warship lurking in the Hauraki Gulf mist while searching for a stricken yachtie.

    Kawau Volunteer Coastguard was called out to assist in the search and rescue of the yacht that had lost navigation and electronics amid a gale warning, with winds of 30 knots and heavy rain off Kawau Island last week.

  2. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/enchanter-tragedy-case-heard-in-court-skipper-faces-charges-relating-to-the-deaths-of-five-men/HXWWGJLLKBDPVE4H37UNYSSBOA/


    Goodhew is charged with breaching his duties as a worker on the vessel and in doing so allegedly exposed individuals to a risk of death or serious injury. The charge carries a maximum penalty of a $150,000 fine.

    His business, which trades as Enchanter Charters Ltd, is charged with operating a ship without the prescribed qualified personnel. It alleged Goodhew did not have a medical certificate at the time of the incident.

    The business is also charged with allegedly failing to address voyage and passage planning in its Maritime Transport Operation Plan, and allegedly failing to identify and address the risks arising from the trip.

    By failing to take those steps, the business exposed individuals to a risk of death or serious injury, the charge, which carries a maximum penalty of a $1.5 million fine, alleged.

  3. Start of with compulsary "Day Skipper" ticket,covers basic rules etc. If no improvement then boat registration. Trailer boats are easy to do,trailer rego on hull ,one off fee or annual with trailer rego. Yachts/launches(moored) one off fee through ynz until sold/change of ownership.

    Currently have boatmasters,sat in 1987 with the marine dept when they were in jean batten place ak .Only change I can think of is the AK channel markers went from Numbers to Alphabet ,but "A" buoy still "A" buoy.

  4. Wonder what charges will be laid?? Failing to give way.nit keeping a proper lookout.excessive speed?? The Boston whaler this is.Acident causing injury or possible death?? Penalties??

  5. 3 hours ago, Psyche said:

    Perhaps MPI needs to get involved:

    About 7 or 8yrs ago,Legasea held a fishing symposium. One of the guest speakers was Everlyn pinkerton from BC Canada.  She pointed out that all regional councils are responsible for the seabed/fauna/shellfish/fish(in conjunction with mpi)out to the 10 mile limit. But to take on council would be costly.Who has a lazy 2 or 3 mil??

    The Landing,not are you only taking on AK council but local Marae who want a cleaner Okahu Bay. Councils arguement will be ,we need to put costly containment tanks in. Hike fees up. $200 up/down $200 per day and say no DIY must use approved applicators for removing anti foul or painting. Sounds negative,but reality.

    Taking on council is like protesting a race committee.soon close ranks.


    https://unitaryplan.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/HTMLSept/Part 2/Chapter D/Chapter D - 5 Coastal zones.htm

    5.1 General Coastal Marine zone

    Zone description
    The General Coastal Marine zone (GCM zone) comprises the majority of the coast, and includes the CMA that lies outside of the Marina, Mooring, Minor port, Ferry terminal, Defence or City Centre zones, and is not in a precinct.

    The objectives, policies and rules of the GCM zone apply to all zones and precincts unless otherwise provided for in the zone or precinct. If an overlay applies to the area where an activity is proposed, the provisions of the overlay will also apply, including any overlay rule that applies to the activity.

    The purpose of the GCM zone is to provide for use and development that has a functional need to be undertaken in the CMA, and to manage conflicts between activities, while:
    Enabling appropriate use and development of the CMAs natural and physical resources to provide for our social and economic well-being.
    Protecting natural character and landscape values and natural features.
    Maintaining water quality and the life-supporting capacity of the marine environment.
    Protecting significant ecological values.
    Protecting historic heritage values.
    Providing for Mana Whenua values in accordance with tikanga Māori.
    Maintaining and enhancing public access, open space, recreational use and amenity values.
    Avoiding and protecting development from coastal hazard risks.(This will be the stumbling block and Council will push it.Saying this why we want it closed.)
  6. So if the ayba wins appeal no doubt council will lodge another appeal or make the haulout cost prohibitive. See gave them the facilities but they don't want to use it  Wayne Brown wants everything to be profitable.user pays.Want to make Liberians volunteers.Close cabs as rents to costly. 

    What sanctions are ynz going to place on rayc seeing how they back closure??

  7. 4 minutes ago, DrWatson said:

    Saab with strange imperial fastener??? Haven't Sweden been metric since, well, 1889?


    swedish,built in finland and norwegan input,no wonder they dont exist anymore

  8. 2 hours ago, Island Time said:

    Agreed. Its not right that the council structures can be covered in mature fouling, propagating it onto our boats...

    For this reason, when approached by council to allow access to the GH Village marina for inspections, access was denied. The village marina is private....

    Bio security would over rule private marina if issued by MPI??

  9. . remove intake as others have said, Peace of mind.  Yesterday changing engine mount on the boys Saab, thought the nuts had disappeared in to the chassis rails, odd ball size and imperil., but after a search found them. Not where one would of thought directly underneath but about 2m away on the driveway.17mm socket nut but 3/8 threads.


  10. 4 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

    I doubt whether I have caught as  many fish in my entire life as one set of a commercial net.

    The average set/haul in the gulf is not as high as you may think average is about 150kg of fish lot of effort for little return.

    I think deep sea like the orange fleet they would be in tonne per trawl.

  11. Over the yrs of boat ownership. Never brought diesel from a marina, always brought 20lts from high volume stations, kept tank full and added a additive, think it was 10ml per 10lts?empty water trap often. Once bug established .Game over.

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  12. 4 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    The administration alone would cost more than the licence fee.  Just pay it out of taxes. 

    Increase fisheries surveillance significantly especially at boat ramps.  Strict liability on offences with loss of gear as the only outcome for offending.  Change the quota system to reduce the waste of by-catch.  Mandate cameras and surveillence technology on commercial boats.  No discussion.  Again, strict liablity including on skipper and owner.

    If we paid a fee then we can say we are STAKE holders.At the moment we are given a cursory amount even though the Minister must allow for recreational catch. We do not have a birth right to catch fish!!

  13. 1 hour ago, Frank said:

    Watched the replays last night , fantastic viewing, its got plenty of drama which I imagine will broaden the audience but it would be good to have Mozzy sails on the commentary team. As for comparing it to the AC, meh they are totally different gigs.

    Holds my interest better due to close racing and its fleet racing not drag boat racing

    Wonder if Prime will show Sanfran high lights when it happens.

  14. Yes we wre out in the 45/50m  mark off colville on Friday,lots of 28/31 snapper around,Would e happy to take first 7 at that size,sweet unlike the bigger fish.

    Now if we were serious about increasing fish stock. There are a number of things we can do,

    1) no fishing within 1 mile of any shoreline or out lying islands(protect fry etc hiding in kelp  ,protects breeding /growing fish

    2)no size limit,you catch must be kept

    3) no taking any shell fish except kina and no limit on kina,reduce kina barrons and re establishs kelp

    4)restrict trawlers out to the 100m mark.

    5)restrict where longliners can operate,they lay 3000 hooks a time with a 1 in 20 strike rate.

    6)introduce $20 pa fishing licence for all. 600k fishers in NZ x $20 =$12 mil. That would be used to increase fishery officers + vessels    without officers  number 2 wont work.


    Would keep the current 7 snapper limit but drop combined bag limit from 20 down to 12 . 

    Customary rights stays but limit take and enforce all stock to be legal size,no excemptions

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