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  1. As much as I am against parking fees,on Wednesday/Friday night race days or weekends.Why not have issue a permit for a minimal fee and if displayed outside those times or exceed parking time limit then tow away becomes enforceable?


    Just as a means of stopping CBD all day parkers.

  2. from memory,the copper coat from the 90s was a pack resin type,when cured you had to sand resin off to expose copper and i think we gave a rub once a year to keep copper exposed.   the last boat had copper coat on and just water blasted it,4 yrs on and stills seems fine, initial expense stops me from doing current vessel but may  have another look?

  3. A friend was just telling me he has an app on his phone that makes it call another number (his wife's phone) if the GPS notes he moves more than x metres. Uses it when he goes ashore, if he drags the boat calls him and tells him.

    Sounds like a good trick, anyone else know about it?

    I can see the app being useful while onboard,being ashore alarm goes off,by the time you get back boat aground?  I would not use with 2degrees thats for sure as reception around coromandel is hit and miss

  4. i use the concertina type (lazy tongs)can be used one handed,as before right tip for rivet,never had a issue using alloy/ss/monel.


    2 hands are best,hold base and push with other hand,just keep fingers/thumbs out of way

  5. unfortunately with the older boy,15,has lost interest a little when brother is onboard,13,but no2 is willing as no1 sleeps 24/7

    if its just no1 and i he wants to go ashore,particularly se side of motuhihe at night looking for kiwis,often heard never seen,


    3/4hrs sailing seems to be the rule,kawau can be challenge for both,now have plan for both,give them a course and tell them need to do something down below,thats when i have a snooze but poke head up to how its going.they seem to enjoy it a bit better.  tried at xmas your boat i here as observer/cook bit of a failure as no1 sloped off leaving no2. must admit though boat bit small now so could be part of the problem.

  6. on my last week away I did trs for the simple fact,cell phone coverage by 2 degrees is rubbish in the gulf,my thought being if wife needs to know where are c/g can give them our position. having a 15/13 yr old boys onboard who can sail/start motor etc but really have no idea where we are,still teaching how to read a chart,should anything unexpected happen to me,stroke/heart attack at least c/g know we left position A heading C via B,gives them a starting point.

    after lodging tr always tell them listening 16 to cut out chatter.

  7. Anchoring in a blow!is it best to anchor out in the true wind so there is constant pull on anchor ?(which I prefer)or seek shelter and with every gust feel the load been taken up on warp? 15lb plow with double the boat lenght of chain and then i let out 3 x depth,so i have a shallow pull. Am I correct? had a issue on monday night under Whanganui Island,constant pull but swing arc was a bit more than others as I tried to explain to other party I was here first or has that gone out the window?

  8. thanks for info.now begs a question,if on finance through a udc type company they would have a registered secrurity over the vessel?how would you know if money was owing until someone put a notice on vessel?


    so with the current laws/regulations you could sell anyone a boat pocket the money and the fight would be between original owner and new owner,seller could scraper?

    what protection is there really?

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