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  1. GrahamW

    Cup app

    Ah...it goes up on the 24th, superb timing
  2. GrahamW

    Cup app

    I just signed up for Fan Pass, it still has the $19.99 option for 7 days
  3. I was sure in the TV footage I saw more than just Dean on the boat, I wonder who they were and what they did, their added weight must have slowed the boat down. A quick Google shows that Barker didn't lose, and neither did Spitall win, Team NZ lost, and Oracle won. Both teams made up of a number of people, both sailing and non sailing. I have no idea how many people are in Team NZ but I'd guess there are a few. I have no idea what their contracts say but I am sure that the aim of each job in the team would be to assist Team NZ win the cup. So, if we use the logic used elsewhere,
  4. While Burling obviously has a lot of talent, going from a small team/crew to one the size of Team NZ and the now 8(?) crew on the new cats is a leap. Coutts did it right by bring Barker up as an understudy before letting him lose at the wheel and then in charge of the team. Just because Burling has a huge amount of talent doesn't automatically mean he will be a good leader, it takes much more than just a great boat driver to win the cup. While Barker was the face of the team partially on the boat he wasn't the only person in the team, Barker didn't lose the cup, the whole team did, both
  5. GrahamW

    let's celebrate

    Here we go again, your hate campaign against Dean is becoming tiresome.
  6. So Ketchup seems to be hung up on the KPI that Barker and Dalton had of winning the Americas Cup. I am presuming he has knowledge of their individual contracts and therefore is certain that is what their employer is measuring them against. The question he is posing is whether they should go or not, my view is that they did do a dam good job, did they make mistakes, in hindsight yes, and thats all you can judge against unpess of course you were in the room when the decsions were made and can share the exact reasonin, even then mistakes can still be made. Should they go, well as it has
  7. GrahamW

    Con Thode

    Sure do, quite a bit I remember about that trip, ran into Janet last summer, she remembers it well too.
  8. GrahamW

    Con Thode

    I sailed with him on SONZ in 1990 and 1993, both trips were supposedly his last voyage, 93 actually was. It was only the 1993 voyage that he first opened up and spoke about his part in the war, 40 teenagers spell bound for 2.5hrs, no glorifying, it was just the way it was. Also the best boat handler I have ever seen, all with no fuss.
  9. Wasn't Teflon invented as part of the space program,, in space wouldn't you WANT the egg to stick to the pan?
  10. Has anyone have any experience with these? http://www.cptautopilot.com Looking for something for a 40ft 13 ton steel yacht.
  11. GrahamW

    Paget Rock

    It went before Christmas, I went passed a few times mid Dec and it wasn't there.
  12. http://i.stuff.co.nz/national/9311915/O ... ve-two-men So what is the answer?
  13. This seems to be the first cup where we don't have NZLn
  14. GrahamW

    Parade of Sail

    Ring the Spirit of Adventure office and ask, I heard the same re meeting at Kawau and sialing down together.
  15. 7 lost at sea 5:30 AM Friday Jun 28, 2013 A New Zealand meteorologist took the last known calls from seven people aboard a classic American racing yacht missing in the Tasman: "The weather's turned nasty, how do we get away from it?" The phone calls and texts suddenly stopped on June 4. More than three weeks later, searchers say they have grave concerns for the crew on the 84-year-old wooden vessel that went missing while sailing from New Zealand to Australia. Attempts to contact the crew by radio and an intensive Air Force aerial search this week have proved fruitless
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