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  1. Costra Nostra.. Imagine wont be there Sat alas.. But will motor down Sunday morning do do the race back.. There seem to be varying times for the start, but im figuring if im there at 0930 i should be good. Have fun on the beach all, especially my competitors in no extras - drink up boys and girls ! Anyone else just going down sunday to do race back ?
  2. Yip Imagine will be out trying to sail the right way this time..
  3. Imagine has a prior engagement alas.. Raggie alone will be flying the Farr 9.2 flag Have fun all..
  4. Great weekend on and off water with the SOLO IQ series ! Fun sailing, and few bumps and bruises and a great venue last night. Grant - thanks to you and Thursday - great work on getting results up too ! Imagine RAF race one as went round tiri outer to port - was in SAANZ mode - but course was to Stb..
  5. Hi all, Here is the link for the tracker for the race.. http://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/race/ryc Click the link for the instructions - easy to set up. Good to replay after the race too ..
  6. Is that for completing 6 of the 9 races required for a series result or all 9 ?
  7. I launched a (yellow) buoy with Jim Dilley, former harbour master 6-7 years ago. The shipping channel buoys are actually higher tech than you think. we went for an up close look at a couple. They also have some GPS system that ensures that the lights flash like a runway and lots of other interesting stuff for shipping. They are not just buoys in conventional sense. At that time there were only 4 other ports in the world with this level of tech. Downside was each buoy was circa $100k then. Yes really. He didn't strike me as telling pokies. I have seen boats trying to lasso red and green s
  8. The closest Yellow would be Mckenzie, that could be an option if need to change, or Rough Rock Yellow,
  9. Hmm thanks KM, I thought B Buoy may be next one from A buoy the first one on the shipping lane.
  10. Is the "B Buoy" refered to in the course instructions the same as the one referred to as "N03" on electronic charts, ie the 2nd Green coming into port.
  11. Will the Predictwind tracker be operating for the two upcoming races?
  12. Yeah, the competitor profiles are a good idea and generate some interest. I'm surprised that Andrew has a gimp room in the bow of his boat. Also looking at Ray on Scarlet Fever, I was nt aware he was a double amputee.
  13. Excellent ! I read that too, reaching and rum will surely be in great supply. And no crew to share either with !
  14. Very Wise, indeed. Dont be left out.. What Boat?
  15. Well, if a its a H Pier Challenge, then I suppose I should, especially as I have been sold some shiny new sails.. Looking for forward to the 10/11 Oct..
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