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  1. Elenya


    Beautiful cats! Dare I ask what breed they are?
  2. Hi Unfortunately a vessel came to grieve at Le Bons Bay over the weekend. Bavaria 39 'Rio Sun' ex Tauranga. Be careful out there this summer.
  3. Thanks Splat, Yes indeed, talking about cruising is always good. Happy to chat through Fiordland and places south. You can drop me an email at jim.dilley@ecan.govt.nz cheers
  4. A small article that contains an update on the cruising family that left NZ because winter was too cold. Also shows they are not the only idiots out there showing no respect for local rules or peoples lives. I do hope they are not allowed back into NZ. https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/419580/trio-detained-after-sailing-from-new-caledonia-to-solomons
  5. Yup I am with you here we have been hit at least twice in a marina (both times destroying a windpilot self steering gear). Exactly why I want it insured and see no difference or lesser risk just because I can't go out on it. Conversely I wouldn't expect my house insurance to increase over lock down because I am using it more.
  6. Yup I am with you here. My boat is safely tucked up in the marina not breaking any rules but I want it insured still.
  7. Elenya

    Turning off AIS

    I can understand some people may like to see their boat is still where it should be and afloat when not onboard. Ashore? turn it off surely? Class B units will be bumped out of the available transmission time-slots in busy areas with Class A having preference, so the system takes care of this overloading itself. However this would mean other Class B units, that were at sea, may also get pushed out of a timeslot because someone has left an AIS on while the boat is safely moored. Not a problem in NZ i expect (yet) but some places it could mean you onlt pop up on other vessels AIS at quite long t
  8. Hi On SportNZ website now. https://sportnz.org.nz/assets/Uploads/Play-Recreation-and-Sport-Detailed-Level-1-4-Table.pdf Slightly different to what has been coming from other government bodies (i.e. this seems more permissive) but time will tell.
  9. Dutyfree that is the exact view we had when we bought a marina berth licence at a different marina. Simply paying a bit upfront.
  10. Our marina has turned off electronic access to all berth holders except the licenced liveabords. Seems to be working well with minimal people about and not much happening apart from rain and a bit of snow on the tops. Keeps the risk if spread of the virus down. I see MNZ have issued a message to all boaties to say don’t go out and to stay where you are if you are out. Perhaps some people just don’t see that they are possibly part of the spread of the virus by going somewhere different each day. If anyone wants to know how their boat is in TeAna just say and I will have a look a
  11. Thats the measurements I read. I got the 150mm confused with the 300mm. From my point of view, as an oversees yacht, it would always be difficult to comply with every countries regulations (which is why countries cant impose many requiremnts on foreign vessels) but when it comes to contractual requirements we have no choice but to comply if we wish to use those marinas etc. This is the first time I have ever been asked for a gas certificate, electrical plenty of times, but never gas before. And it is a tad annoying that you have to pay to be able to look at a standard. en
  12. We discussed the califont at the time as I felt that would be the case however....the califont is fitted in a well ventilated location and has the required 150mm clearance above so fits within the requirements. We replaced all gas pipes and fittings so it is a complete install under the current regs.
  13. Our marina has required a gas compliance certificate as part of the conditions of use. No issue as we only have a bottle and line to a califont and a stove. Cost obviously. The issue with additions to an existing system is that the while the requirements may not apply to an existing system you may not find a certified gas fitter who will adapt the system as he/she cant certify the bit that connects to the old system. I am sure there will be differences of opinion on this but that is what I have been told, and fits with my reading of the requirements. I had planned to replace our system an
  14. This mornings update. Rescued. Multiple MEOSAR and LEOSAR alerts were received for an un-registered USA coded EPIRB indicating a position in the Southern Ocean, approximately 750 nautical miles southeast of the Chatham Islands. Subsequent information received from MRCC Gris-Nez that a French National on board an 11 metre sloop that had dis-masted and was taking on water. Communication with the vessel had been lost. JRCCNZ tasked the M/T LINDANGER to head to the distress location. A RNZAF P3-K2 Orion tasked by the JRCCNZ located the vessel and established communications with the person on boar
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