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  1. Used sailboats are so cheap now, why would anyone bother building?
  2. Actually I did a bit of a net stalk on Fifi to find out where her money came from. Evidently she was an early investor in TradeMe and did quite well when they were bought out by eBay. She also runs an art roadshow for schools as a charity. Interesting girl that one. But marry her? Hmmm ... I'm too old - and too confirmed as a bachelor - for that. There was more than one proposal on that thread, but she made it fairly clear that she had already found a new guy.
  3. Don't know if you watch the TradeMe auctions but someone recently got a bargain: http://www.trademe.co.nz/browse/listing.aspx?id=1233798808&rewritten=true A bit out of my price range though.
  4. Yeah, repairing most things on a ferro is a snack. The only area I'm concerned about is the rear deck just forward of the transom, since it has already been badly repaired once. May just smash it all into crumbs with a 6 pound hammer, insert a layer of 3mm ply and make a whole new shelf on top of that. It's not really structurally important but looks pretty ugly. I'll post some progress photos later in the year as I attack each area of the repair. Seasick Sheamus has gone really quiet. I was hoping to see some more photos of his progress.
  5. And btw, when the Tasman had been water blasted and I did a really good inspection I saw nothing at all to concern me below the water line. She could have floated for another 20 years as long as the bilge pump kept working occasionally to remove the fresh water getting in through the crack at the deck/hull join. The repair I did to the small hole in the hull was 100% sound. I can thoroughly recommend Gripset Betta Water Plug as an emergency material for fixing ferro yachts. I wouldn't go anywhere now without a couple of tubs aboard.
  6. Yeah, thanks. I ended up hauling the Tasman out at Montys Marina in Beachmere about 6 months ago. She's still on the hard and I haven't even started working on it at all. Too busy doing embedded programming but I have been living aboard the whole time. I ran her up there from the Brisbane River across Morton Bay with a 6hp outboard. Right now I'm visiting Sydney for the first time in two years, and living on the Hartley Queenslander until the 28th when I'll be going to a reunion of some old hippies I knew in the 70's. The weather - and seagulls, which had taken up residence for breedin
  7. Interesting thread. I will need to cut a 51mm hole in the hull for exactly the same purpose. I own a heavy duty 240v hammer drill (previously owned by my father, a refrigeration engineer who used it to cut holes in bricks) and managed to buy a hole saw of the right size from the UK. Will let you know how it goes.
  8. Yeah, I suspect I'll be as busy as a one-armed wallpaper hanger for the duration. Plan to weld using either a HenRob/Cobra gas welder or a MIG. In either case I could use SS wire for the weld, so might just try it. I truly suck at stick welding so that isn't an option.
  9. Got my Hartley Tasman out of the water on 5th July at Montys Marina in Caboolture. The damage noted by Maritime Safety Queensland - the cause of the order to haul out - is, as I suspected, totally superficial and well above the waterline. My only surprise was an unknown log sensor that had been smashed, which might have let in a small amount of water. In any case the hole for the wiring was tiny and the bilge pump wasn't constantly working so I regard this as trivial. I'll be at the yard for the next six months doing a comprehensive scrape, repaint and replacement of some broken pushpit ra
  10. Which "attitude" are you referring to? And what "situation"? These sorts of vaguely insulting comments are childish, pointless and non-constructive. So far I haven't seen any rational input to this thread, and until I get an idea of who actually owns a ferro vs who is just being a jerk you will be ignored.
  11. Anyone recognise this design? It's parked up near me and I haven't seen this shape of ferro before.
  12. Auction closed at $255.00 but the buyer was 800km away and neither paid nor contacted me. Typical of eBay these days, 18yo zero-feedback dorks with nothing better to do than make a nuisance of themselves. So, I'll be hauling out in the next few weeks and doing the work. Honestly, if you girls are worried about such damage I suggest giving up sailing. These things have been smashed on remote reefs and had holes repaired on a beach. That's one of the benefits of ferro yachts. Yes, an unrepaired crack could very well lead to serious structural issues eventually, but it would take many yea
  13. Clearly you know little to nothing about ferro yachts. They don't use stainless reinforcement, unless the builder was an idiot. My point here is that the yacht is afloat, is not sinking, is not a hazard to shipping and that the incident was trivial. It was also reported to water police within half an hour of breaking free but they took nine hours to respond, by which time the yacht had drifted a kilometre into a wharf, and then it _was_ becoming a problem. The initial order was made by an MSQ officer who assumed that damage he could see was caused by collision with a wharf. A crack rep
  14. I'm in Brisbane so that link isn't of much use. Already made enquiries of the concrete recyclers here and got no response at all.
  15. I was aboard two weeks before this happened and the anchor chain was not fouled. It was in shallow water and occasionally bottomed at low tide so I really can't see how it could have tangled, but that theory is all I have right now. The chain, as I said, was 18 months old.
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