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  1. I protected my 2000 with a simple cover roughly made from clear plastic like dodger clears. Keeps rain and spray off and you can still see and operate the buttons etc.
  2. I spent a week there in the late 70s it was a back packer spot with beach hut accommodation. I spent as much money as I could but at the end of a week it was still less than $20.
  3. I once sold a clapped out trailer sailer to a guy who planned to drag it to the top of a hill on his remote farm as a novelty hut. Put it on trademe for a dollar reserve with potential as sleep out or play hut. Someone might even patch it up and put it on a lake with an outboard.
  4. Yes but will stick with the original name Aroha. Love it and easy to search its history from there. There was a big one for sale in Europe somewhere but bit unproven and not that cheap. I looked at this one about 10 years ago in whangaroa but it was more expensive and we struggled to make ground to windward when we went for a sail. The hulls were really dirty though. It seems to slip along nicely when its clean though.
  5. I did notice lots of people taking photos of it as I sailed into Auckland. It’s a bit unusual but will be handy for exploring up narrow creeks with out worrying about having to turn around to get back out !! Could name it to and fro but I just call it the backwards forwards boat.
  6. Yes sailed it from taipa to Auckland just before the first lockdown. Parked up for a spruce up before this summer Then some cruising around the gulf
  7. Harryproa site has all the info but for me mainly the price was right for a low maintenance shallow draught multi that is not too old and has 2 double berths
  8. I will need to concentrate to remember to turn my Nav lights around the right way when I am sailing backwards on my backwards forwards boat
  9. Little shoal bay you can haul out there with a Hiab over winter and set it on blocks in the yard. Pretty good value if you want it out for 5 months or so.
  10. I have a plastimo stainless steel system that may suit.
  11. Hi not sure Peter hill made it for oryx his catamaran. Possibly a wells ford? Design. Anyway I initially thought it was no good as its quite narrow and tippy with only one person. But its very light and rows great as well as having sails. With 2 people or some weight in it it becomes quite stable. Was planning to keep it when I sold Oryx but the buyer talked me into letting it go. Should be easy enough to build as it doesn’t have much frame work
  12. Further north there are lots of little places you will be able to get into. Taipa river where I bought my proa from is easy at high tide and has a few local shops.
  13. Lots of boats there will be uninsured. My last boat was there this time last year next to the yellow tri in one of the photos.
  14. He walked up for a chat one day about 5 years ago when I had the catamaran catabatic anchored in close at takapuna beach . Really nice guy and in great shape mentally and physically for his age Was a privilege to meet him ,I offered to take him for a sail but he was happy to just chat and have a stroll on the beach.
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