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  1. Anyone know what happened to Alien? It used to be a regular cruising around Auckland, Waiheke, Coromandel. It was a Turissimo Catamaran modified to incorporate a bridgedeck and double aft berths. Last seen at herald island....think it went north...
  2. Wanted- bic techno windsurfer average condition ok -for beginner teenager
  3. Wanted- Late model Laser, ideally with radial rig and stackable trolley
  4. Whio


    did you add or cut away to create your platforms ScottiE?
  5. sold! ...second happiest day of a boat owners life. who bought it and what are their intentions with it do you know?
  6. I'm looking for a ride back from Russell to get back before lunch saturday for Wakatere's Rum Bucket (more rum) OK Dinghy regatta. Anyone out there want some help with driving and petrol costs? PM me. cheers Tim
  7. we made a new board (currently on loan to Voom) and gave the old ones away to a cruiser to use as rudders. have been storing the stainless steel fold up tool for making centre boards if you want to take a go at that- no centre board comes out the same as any other out of it tho!
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