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  1. Some great photos of her and others from a Dragon regatta few years ago. http://oceanphotography.co.nz/lightbox/index.php?module=search&pId=105&start=0
  2. I know there was a lot of rain but...
  3. Pussy Cat GBE Sold mast-less on Trademe ? Sublime - GBE - Sandspit - Ben & Brenda Howson (Not mast-less for much longer)
  4. Beau Geste off Takatu Pt now
  5. Some good Phase 2's for not a bad price in Trade Me lately. $1200-$1800 typically. One pretty good one went for $500. www.phase2.org.nz. Sunburst a good option for class racing.
  6. 2nd the Phase 2. One went for $500 on TM lately, but typically $1500-$2000. Easy to maintain, sail single handed and with heaps of space for crew. I had 4 onboard last weekend. (Little ones) PM if you are north of Auckland this summer if you want a sail. www.phase2.org.nz
  7. Great day on Kawau Bay today for the North Harbour Form 1-4 Regatta, hosted by Mahurangi College.
  8. Thanks for your advice (backed up with why or why not). KM, I really appreciate the time you have taken to explain that. Time for some measuring up.
  9. It is time for the mooring lines are ready to be replaced. The regular inhabitant is a Townson 32 on a pile mooring. What diameter line, what type of rope and how to attach to the ring. How to prevent chaffing especially where the rope meets the ring.
  10. If you keep shortening it, perhaps you wont need a boom at all.
  11. Well, BMWO didn't really have a boom either, and they won all their races.
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