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  1. On 30/09/2021 at 8:23 PM, BOIGuy said:

    Pretty sure you need to change to NZ registration to get permission to enter, border is closed to foreign registered boats, unless they promise to spend lots of money. doesn't matter if the crew is all kiwi.


    Boat is a separate entity to crew.  Boat won't need to be NZ registered and will get standard duty-free entry period as a visitor.  Crew will need to be NZ citizens, residents or have exemptions.


  2. 9 hours ago, Veladare said:

    Adrian, I looked at what you are thinking as my califont system was also deemed illegal, (which is ridiculous), in the end I went for a diesel heater and a hot water cylinder.



    Can you advise what brand/type of diesel heater?  Are you talking about a forced air system?

  3. On 19/09/2021 at 9:37 PM, Black Panther said:

    I never did find out how long my old line 7 gear might have lasted.  It froze one particularly cold night in the PNW and  snapped.

    Ha, mine shrank in a fire in my flat in Antibes.  Ended up about large envelope size - coat and leggings  8>(

  4. Fancy/expensive foulies in rain = wetness.  My theory is that it's the "breathable" nature of the material - as in it should let the fresh water leak out while keeping the salt water (bigger particles) from getting in.  That may be fine but I have never understood what keeps the fresh water from getting in.  I gave up on fancy wet weather gear many years ago.  If you want to stay dry in the rain, wear a raincoat.

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  5. 19 hours ago, Island Time said:

    New 60 ft boats are beyond most people, especially his ones, which are nice, but certainly not budget vessels. 
    I watched the video, marketing stuff for his boats IMO. To say bolted on keels are not structurally up to crossing oceans is simply wrong, and to use Cheeki Rafiki as an example (a boat with existing damage from grounding, not properly repaired, and a lot of blue water hard racing use) is, IMO misleading. Look at the stats for the round the world rallies etc, there are a lot - the majority of the fleet - of production boats crossing oceans every year, almost all without issues.

    However, I believe that, as he points out, the EU standards for offshore, Ocean A, is way to low. 5m waves and 40 knot winds should be expected, and considerably more on occasion. The last thing any skipper or crew needs, is to think the boat isn’t up to the conditions….

    I am glad that my keel is integral, the idea of running into something and having to then check (and possibly repair) the keel is pretty scary.  OK when you are around the gulf but in the middle of the ocean, bad weather forecast.........8>(  Also, most AWBs have a "liner" poo'd in.  That would be number one on my "no f'in way" list.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Island Time said:

    Why would you use a mechanical relay? Consumes power with the coil.. What about a solid state (mosfet based) relay - about $20-30 on amazon... Use a normally closed, opens when BMS turns it off. Whats the solar controller? You need to be sure that it can either be switched off, or can deal with a disconnect.

    Do you have an example of the solid state relay?  The P115 is normally open and apparently is low power consumption (I wish I knew more about this stuff....).

    Looking at the Victron Smartsolar MPPT, with the relay between panel and controller.

  7. I see the usual suspects out enjoying some Level 4 cruising:

    Ski - bottom end of Waiheke

    Hineawa - anchored off Ponui (but has been cruising around a lot)

    Geniet Lewe - approaching Gannet Rock

    And a new entrant:

    Kohara - just cruising through the Kent Passage

    Thanks all, really appreciate you taking one for the team.

  8. Ha, BP's on fire!  My solution was to tie a piece of about 8mm line on.  It was driving me bonkers and I just grabbed an offcut that was lying around.  3 years later and it's still there.  The 8mm is only about 300mm long and just clove-hitched on.

    That was a spare Dyneema main halyard, not a backstay.  But worth a try.  Otherwise, the AC boats run a little flap on their rigging.  Certainly looks a bit more Gucci.

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  9. Yeah, wasn't really going to sweat it, although covered in barnacles I'm not outrunning anyone!  Last year we were in Mahurangi, if we need to escape I'm thinking top end of Whangaruru.  Spent time there over summer and it seems like good shelter.  Except the jetskis....

  10. On 18/08/2021 at 12:18 PM, Black Panther said:

    Do I  not ,as master, have a duty to protect the safety of my vessel and her crew? Assuming yes, does this override the rule being discussed here?

    Example: i was sailing towards Cape Rodney at 9kn approaching a lee shore in 25kn, 1.5 metre seas with the tops coming off. Not life threatening but still a really bad idea to round up and drop sails , and I would cheerfully stand up in a court to defend my decision.  And if the court ruled against me I would still do it again .

    Mate I've seen Flipper in court, you wouldn't stand a chance.

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