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    You make it sound as if propwalk is a bad thing. On my boat it is absolutely desirable and about my only tool!
  2. Dtwo

    Boat rage

    But on the bright side it only took from September to February to secure this conviction. Heavy-handed AND super-quick enforcement! Not.
  3. IB you seem to be conflating 2 issues. You can register a boat and you can import a boat. Two separate, independent processes. So, I could buy a boat in The Med. Register it in NZ. When I get back to NZ and want to keep my boat here, I will need to import it. Or, I could import a foreign registered yacht. Many have.
  4. Sold? Owned? Disrespected? Slept with? I'm guessing Sold.
  5. Excellent craft beer bar in Warkworth. According to a friend...
  6. Burnsco do the Vetus one - which is pretty good BTW - but smallest is 19 mm
  7. BP you are such an optimist. This would require owners of 4.5m centre console RIBs who have just driven ashore from their 70ft Rivieras to actually give a sh*t about others! And I think you'd find most of them couldn't tie a loop anyway.
  8. I see Beta do a 38hp with a V drive option. Call Andy at The Engine Room, he's very good to deal with. I'm very happy with my Beta - and one of the best things ex Yanmar/Volvo owners love is the spare parts policy (cheap). My Beta oil filters are cheaper than Supercheap.
  9. Would that not show that imprisonment works? I would point out that I am in favour of more rehabilitative options, but I'm interested in how you would respond (I haven't done any research!)
  10. I found that going out on deck with a phone and pretending to video seemed to modify behaviour. Apparently randomly shooting ignorant twats is frowned on, which is a pity as it would solve some problems. Licensing is the knee-jerk response and I don't think it would work. My suggestion is that when a jet-ski changes hands, new owner needs to sign a declaration that they know the rules and will be responsible for monitoring compliance. Then at least there would be an avenue for civil action rather than expecting non-existent harbourmasters to enforce the rules. A few high-profile flogg
  11. "going to windward" - Hi, I'm relatively new to cruising and don't understand what you mean. Is that a bar?
  12. Dtwo

    Boat rage

    Looks a bit pissed to me https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/tairua-boat-rage-video-captures-violent-altercation-on-the-water/DXSQUFFG2YVZNLZKFN3MGKTG2Q/
  13. Yes, there are many "standard" tapers. Humans!
  14. Maybe it had just broken, he was looking up going "%#@&*" and then the ferry hit? 😏
  15. You'll probably need taper details as well. Hopefully it will be a standard taper. Would MaxProp hold the details of that?
  16. Ha ha it's like reading some posters on Crew.
  17. You don't need this O/N stuff to be NZ registered. https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/commercial/ships/registration/part-B/default.asp As for the "tonnage", my understanding is that it started with ships being measured for how many standard barrels they could carry - i.e. tuns https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tun_(unit) Then things morphed to where we are now. So it has nothing to do with displacement, everything to do with how much volume is available for stowing barrels. As in, pretty meaningless for yachts.
  18. I'd really appreciate your input. I'm using a Simrad NSS9 Evo3 plotter and Simrad RS20 VHF. AIS data comes from a Vesper XB6000. I have checked all firmware versions and it all seems to be up to date. Hopefully my last post explains the issue.
  19. Nothing that dramatically difficult to create. I have mentioned this before and sporadically beat my head against a brick wall trying to achieve. On my Simrad plotter, I can select an AIS target and go to the data page which shows Closest Point of Approach, MMSI etc. On that screen is a "Call" button, which when selected, should pass the target's MMSI number to the DSC-equipped Simrad VHF, and initiate the DSC call. The "Call" button is not enabled. The Simrad manual says a call should be able to be initiated to a suitably equipped DSC radio. That is male bovine excrement. This
  20. Good to hear someone is happy with Navico "support". My issue - DSC calls from my plotter - got a "I'll talk to the manual writer". Basically after spending lots of cash, I discovered that the features described in the manual don't actually work.....
  21. Well imagine if your kids are swimming around the back of the boat and the jetski comes around the front. So yes, it's obviously dangerous. It is also illegal and ignorant. The 5 knot law applies 200m from shore and 50m from other vessels. Clearly this guy doesn't know, doesn't care, or both. And to calm down those who would suggest murder would be a disproportionate response, I'll spell it out: the topic post was tongue-in-cheek. Take a breath. Breaking legs - too much?
  22. Asking for a friend 798593244_20210109_1841301.mp4
  23. Very true. The sign says non-potable though? Any experience with Mangonui Steve?
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