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  1. When you think he has been deed coming up 30 years that was maybe 35 years ago that bloody pipe I remember when I was about 20 so 40 years ago painting manu puru just about finished and a big puff shot ash up on to the wet paint it was still there when we we sold her.
  2. Hi Tony Its a old Pilkington built gbe in ok order for its age good sails but no number 1. rebuilding chainplate area and a few other small jobs.
  3. thanks BooBoo my forestay is about 9.2 I am idealy looking for a No 1.
  4. Hi all im looking for a number one headsail for gbe anyone have any idieas or have an unused old sail in the shed.
  5. tarkus was owned and modified by Roger Dilley with help in redisgn by David Barker Roger also did Harry d his latest boat is Ferrari moored in millford marina.
  6. Hi Tony Looks good I don't think my boy bits are big enough to sail a gbe across the tasman.
  7. very sad story it got sold to a gay who wanted a boat to sail with hiss kids in the bay a bit later a friend asked me if I had seen what was happing to sundancer so I went and had look makes me cry every time I see it.
  8. Hi looking for a gbe or similar for club raceing and fun sailing in the bay of islands.
  9. Hi Phil there was one of drive round kerikeri yesterday was it you.
  10. Hi Dan call Pete Woods at bay boat haul we did a 8.5 mtr cat at the stone store to day( 0272939372)
  11. leroi

    Boat Wanted

    hi if you would like a bit of history on that salthouse 15 pm me
  12. Hi Matty 5 boats from kerikeri going to be there we camp at the doc camp at the end fo the lake see you there.
  13. Hi Matty I have a old Acat main.I am in kerikeri will be on Razzel for the coastal.I wil see you there.
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