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  1. Hi All Found this old topic Charts for Pacific Island for Open Cpn . I already have the standard download from LINZ with NZ charts but its limited on Fiji Samoa and Tonga Details. Thank you for your help.
  2. Is this the listing https://www.marinehub.co.nz/boats-for-sale/ganley/timerider/5d9d4a69-7ebd-44a1-a85a-9741456413fc?make_slug=ganley&offset=9 ????
  3. DrWatson, This is exactly the point that i struggled with. I didn't think there was much wriggle room after the contract with the clause of survey and sea trial was signed. I expected that once on the water if the boat sailed in general condition than the trial is passed.I expect I am naive "Again" , Island Time. My only experience with boat purchase was in ,retrospect great.We answer a for sale add inn the buy and sale in 2006, We met the owner on the jetty and went for a wonderful sail and we were sold on the boat, A week later it went on the cradle and we looked over the hull and money
  4. Hi Black Panther A loved yacht. Nice to see a well looked after yacht. I am keen to limit my size to 40 ft and have 2 cabins. Thanks for the disp vs ballast explanation. Thank you
  5. Hi Jon I did some digging and found the following Passport Sail Area/Disp.1: 15.24 Bal./Disp.: 37.77% Disp./Len.: 272.34 Cavalier 32 Sail Area/Disp.1: 13.91 Bal./Disp.: 50.78% Disp./Len.: 290.64 Interpreting these no feels like going into a rabbit hole. The most obvious difference to me is the Bal/Disp. Does this mean that the cav is a stiffer boat or under canvased by comparison? Thank you
  6. thank you for that. Yes the cost of a dream. Am I right to assume that any boat that may have been cat one may not be a significant factor as it will need to be replaced.
  7. Hi Steve We had a look at a Pacemaker in Whagarei with Vinings http://www.vinings.co.nz/index.php?mact=V8,cntnt01,viewstock,1&cntnt01stocktype=Marine&cntnt01stocksubtype=Yacht&cntnt01price_low=100001&cntnt01price_high=200000&cntnt01order_by=price&cntnt01view_type=&cntnt01offset=10&cntnt01returnid=78&page=78 The hull is 6 mm below and 5 above waterline. What would be your take on the pros and cons on this. Its probably on of the first to be build. I can see ventilation being a issue on the south island but up north. Very small and few portholes This one
  8. Would you consider a Whiting 40 such as http://www.taurangaboatsales.co.nz/nz-yachts/yachts-50000-100000/whiting-12m I believe this one has been in charter for some time. My preference would be for a 2 cabin layout. Thank you
  9. Thanks for coming in. We are in Christchurch far from the near tropical North Island. Thank you for your generous sailing offer. I can appreciate you point on light air sailing. Is there an half way? Mid displacement Kiwi Built .
  10. Hi Razz We looked at the Passport in Bayswater Marina for $ 120000 and were informed it has the blisters. This is after having a bottom job done in Asia 10 yrs ago aprox. Its a nice yacht I was not sure of the head configuration with the pullmans berth on port. We did like the workmanship inside. I hear what others are saying about problems with tanks chain plates. Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Hi All I am a newbie to this site and I am reaching out to the wealth of knowledge and experience out here. Our story. We have a Cavalier 32 for 10 years and its been the greatest unknowingly at the time the best first boat for us. We always felt safe even sailing upwind, downwind with 3 reefs in the main touching 7.5 knots way passed its hull speed. We would like to travel further than up and down the east coast of the South Island and spend more time cruising NZ and the Pacific Is. Our search for a replacement has excluded at this point prod. boats Bav, Ben and Jea,. We have been looki
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