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  1. benny14

    ANZAC 200

    Are there sched's or anything with progress info? Can't find anything on the SSANZ site...
  2. benny14

    sailor bob

    This is one of the best things I've read in a long time. The nanny state is going far to far, soon we'll have to have a license to walk out the front door. When (if) I move back to Wellington, I might keep Bob's tradition going, sailing across Wellington harbour in a laser is a heap of fun, but the Hobie would be even better!
  3. So tomorrow marks the start of the long distance racing here in Vancouver, and with that, our build up on Papillon to the 2015 VanIsle 360 (more about that later). This years Southern Straits is the 47th consecutive year of the race running, with 92 boats taking part over 4 courses. Papillon will be on the Long Course, 138nm around the Strait of Georgia. Forecast for the next couple of days is south-west to south-east, 20 kts dying tomorrow and in to Saturday, with what looks to be like quite a lot of good old west coast rain, so it's going to be a tough couple of days, with some nice
  4. Anyone know why VodaBoat pulled out?
  5. I'm on the fence with this one. I would be surprised if they did pull out, assuming they get the racing in Auckland, if not, it could be a different story. GD doesn't seem like the sort of person to give up to easy on things... It would be a shame for them to drop it, the last 20+ years have been a wicked roller coaster, but everything comes to an end at some stage. While it's frustrating what has gone on in the last few years, it's just what happens in the AC, and always will be, so it's just deciding whether to hang on and go for the ride or jump off...
  6. Someone asked me why I go sailing over the weekend... I just showed them this video. Pretty much sums it up for me. FREAKIN' AWESOME!
  7. I don't see any reference to mph on that page... Just me?
  8. Agree... BUT... Someone must be buying it to get it here... The Port doesn't buy it, just provides a service for those who do. I don't want this anymore than you guys, but the consumerism has to stop first, not the ports...
  9. Anyone cruised around Belize / Panama? Looking at a bareboat charter over Xmas time to get away from the Canadian winter... Would be great to hear of any experiences/thoughts/ideas for this area
  10. Check out the report that was linked to in one of these threads... It was a pretty good summary of where the money went, and how it was recovered... This has been covered umpteen times now... Enough with the negative, lets move on to the next one, and hope that Dalton, Burling, Ashby et al... can pull together another competitive challenge... I'll be going again, the last one was awesome!
  11. I'm afraid I agree with Deaker here. The way this latest "announcement" was handled, the way Barker has been treated, the way the rest of the team must now feel, someone has to be the fall guy, and that guy should be Dalton. Maybe Barker could take his role? As sad as it is, I don't think there is now any place for either of them in the team - Barker by his own choice, and Dalton's should be by the boards choice. One can only hope the board is looking in to what went down over the past few weeks, and when they find out what happened, release the details, and release the offender. Wh
  12. Yeah, doesn't seem to be live yet... Still only 3 hourly updates. At some stage soon it should go Live with continual updates for the final run in to Auckland, going to be a great finish between the front 3...
  13. Does anyone remember when the tracker goes live? When the boats are less than 12 hours out or something I seem to remember...
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