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  1. BelowPAR


    Interesting. Thanks.!
  2. BelowPAR


    ahahah just been scrolling up and down the photos, trying to work out why you put an extra layer on the bottom (pic 278) How do you finish the twill on the bow?? is that what picture 300 is showing? Cheers Ben.
  3. BelowPAR


    You dont quite get the size, untill you see the chap with his arm over it. Looking good.
  4. Wow, love the difference in looks of SD. Any on the water shots , the one behind the tractor ... .
  5. Stratosphere? Is it well known? Anyone have any photos pre wreckage? Looks interesting..
  6. BelowPAR


    Thats really interesting thanks. Whats the masking tape on the carbon fibre for? I assume its to do with keeping the weave square, but how?? And whats the wooden cross guide for? Sorry, they are probably dumb questions...
  7. BelowPAR


    Yea i was thinking water pressure.. Thinking aloud about what the effect of submerging a sealed tube but leaving half of it at atmospheric pressure would be.? The bottom of the tube still going to crumple or nope? Because fully submerged it wouldnt take alot of depth. More thinking aloud, what does the Wolf weigh in at? The strain on the cordage would be primarily due to the positive bouancy and trying to re submerge below the centre of bouancy wouldnt it. That damage is just awful, would be a shame to see it happen to the next one to go down side up.
  8. BelowPAR


    Wrong Jordan. This was a compressive failure, we know this because the break is inwards. Not an outward explosion like you describe. There is a risk associated with "egg Shell" methods of construction such as Tortured ply, this is what happens when they fail. If the hole were due to the pressure difference, it would be an inward break would it not.? Plausable explanation i think? I would never have expected a hole such as that, cracks and splits sure but that hole is interesting. I cannot work out how you would place those two surfaces under sufficient compressive load to
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