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  1. What about how much load goes on it when they drop the board at 35+kts heading into a gybe. ?? 35kts is around about the sht ya pants speed for waterskiing, because the water goes from hard to extra hard. So how do they get the board to submerge without ripping the hull in half??
  2. Thanks for the info guys. The difficult thing is it has to go in a standard epoxy carbon wet layup, and is all pressed at the same time so I cant use a specialist glue. The HPR resin is definitely the go.. But the bank budget is tight! It is for helping the fibreglass stick to a steel ski edge, and maybe absorbing energy from that bond to reduce the chance of delam. Wheels: facebook.com/DEVOboardshapers , but I will put that into a new thread. Its a project I set up to write off some of the engineering hours for Mech Eng degree at Auckland Uni. So far have been building longboard sk
  3. Ive been hearing about a rubber that is treated for bonding (?) and used under fiberglass in high impact areas to reduce delam (Ski edges, golf club shafts, sports racquets etc) It makes sense, but there also happens to be only one german company making the stuff called 'VDS' rubber and they have a minimum order of something like a kilometre. Has anyone had experience or trialled any techniques at doing something similar? WOuld be super keen to hear. Even epoxying to rubber in general - sounds intuitively like a no go but Ive never actually tried it. Ta Ben.
  4. BelowPAR

    AC 72 Design

    Well check this out for downwind...
  5. Time for some glasses. Just look at the foils if the foils are different then the hulls will be for obvious, well to some , reasons Time for some Italian lessons.. The foils are fake. Hopefully get to see the real ones today
  6. But actually i just googled .. that would make it 1958. Next guess
  7. Nice. Doesn't say k646 on the sail does it..? Farrar Windsprite design if it does??
  8. The 8.5 GBE Freedom is back home. Starboard rudder failure approaching Tiri, looong sail home. AWESOME start to be part of, big breeze and some carnage. Unfortunate blow out as we were sitting well within limits, and the boat was going nicely! Now we just get to contribute to your online stats
  9. BelowPAR

    ETNZ AC72 Sailing

    Yea something like that... Read those PLACING results and say that BAR werent the best team. Trying to say that the Oracle were the third best placing team might be difficult.. Im not sure that super-sunday weightings will stay that high for long Reckon its possible to get a 72 upright without massive damage?? I know they flipped the 45s on purpose a couple of times, imagine doing that on the 72... Could be worth it tho by the looks.
  10. Most Piedy owners are rockstars anyway http://www.facebook.com/rockstaryachtinginc?fref=ts
  11. BelowPAR

    AC 72 Design

    3.27 ish check out the bouncing hulls. Its pretty cool.
  12. BelowPAR

    AC 72 Design

    Yea and this one right? http://www.scoop.it/t/wing-sail-technol ... ive-wright
  13. The results are now published, both those boats you mentioned were granted redress.. And two others were DSQ. http://rayc.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/20 ... Nosaka.pdf
  14. BelowPAR

    AC 72 Design

    Have you seen a photo of ETNZ at anything other than near level? So it is interesting that NONE of the Oracle ones have it remotely level. Either one boat is much more extreme and taking more of a process to tune, or one boat is not flying as expected. Or maybe the SL33s are paying off and ETNZ dont need to test as much. Certainly the hull flex indicates a different concept. Noone stuffs up that big by accident and interestingly the few photos of Oracles AC45 were bow up aswel...
  15. I would prefer to know maybe a day (the night) before, once forecasts have been taken into consideration! But before getting on board the boat. Worst case, rattle it down to two possible courses, but as with this year for the short haul whether we were going round little barrier or following the upwind was going to make a massive difference. Good luck & thanks
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