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    Fair call. In reality, my bare feet are generally reserved for deliveries and cruising when the conditions are good, so I didn't really answer the OP. It's usually boots or Five Fingers for me racing.
  2. NevP


    If it's warm I prefer bare feet and if not I want to at least attempt to keep warm dry feet so it's sea boots for me at that point. Not sure that I subscribe to the bare feet = best grip theory. I think a good sole on non-skid gives better grip than bare skin. If I want something in between I wear Vibram Five Fingers. I use an older version of these, but only because that's what I already had. https://us.vibram.com/shop/fivefingers/men/outdoor/trek-pro/MTP.html?dwvar_MTP_color=Black%20%2F%20Grey%20%2F%20Red#start=1 There are watersport specific ones as well https://us.vibram.com/
  3. Thanks guys for your input. I have gone with Aon/Vero this time around. I wanted to race on Saturday so had to get something in place asap and AMI's apparently low price just made me a little uncomfortable. Maybe I was just being paranoid but will reassess when it's time for renewal. Thanks hb, good to know I should look at the actual liability requirements at regattas and that other companies have a similar pricing to AMI. I wonder how much difference it would make if the sunburst was your only boat. Freedom, good to hear that you had no problems claiming.
  4. Thanks MY. Good to know.
  5. That sounds on a par with most of the others. AMI just seems crazy cheap at around $100. I thought it may have been a mistake on their part initially but the previous owner confirmed he had similar with AMI.
  6. As far as I can tell this isn't an option. My current house and contents insurer (Lumley via Westpac) won't cover an almost 30 year old PT at all. And everyone that does has separate policies for beach launched or trailer boats.
  7. Having recently purchased a Paper Tiger I am looking at insurance options (including racing). I have had quotes from AMI, AON and Club Marine. There seems to be a crazy difference in premiums between AMI and the other two. AMI is significantly less than half the premiums of the others. AMI seem to be a fairly common option with others that I have talked to. Low premiums are definitely a selling point, but not if there are problems down the track. What experience has everyone here had? A couple of points that I've noted; AMI only cover $300,000 for third party. Others ca
  8. Auckland-Tauranga on The Guarantee is happening. Drop me a PM and I can come and say g'day pre or post race. It's also looking likely that I'll be up for the ANZAC 250 next month. If you're still not sure about entering, needing crew or whether to take on a relative unknown I'm happy to come and introduce myself without any expectation.
  9. Hi Guys If anyone out there is looking for crew for Sail Fiji, I'd be very keen to join a boat and would be more than happy doing the delivery back as well. I have posted on the Sail Fiji available crew page but figured I'd spread the word here too. I have over 9000 coastal, offshore and bluewater miles of racing and deliveries (including Fiji, Campbell Island and a good chunk of the NZ coast). I compete regularly with RPNYC around the cans, Cook Strait and offshore, including Central Triangle 2015. I have Advanced Sea Survival (2012), Coastal Marine Medic (2012) & Outdoor first ai
  10. NevP

    Farewell Arahura

    She's being replaced by Stena Alegra, to be renamed Kaiarahi. More info here https://www.interislander.co.nz/Our-Ships-And-Services/Kaiarahi.aspx Stena Alegra was the replacement used in 2014 when the Aratere was out of service. I haven't sailed on her but didn't hear anything much complimentary in 2014. Hopefully she is getting a bit of a spruce up before going into service.
  11. Scratch that. I appear to have my wires crossed somewhere. Tracker information will be available on the website and the boats can communicate with who ever they want via VHF or HF.
  12. I agree MOD. An event that the anyone with enough enthusiasm and dedication could make happen, without needing ridiculous financial reserves or sponsorship. Definitely one for the participants, not the spectators or sponsors. It sounds like those of us watching from the sidelines will only hear from the competitors at the start, mid-way and finish. It appears that everyone except for race officials, including friends and family, will not be getting much in the way of progress updates. BP, with the apparent lack of coverage throughout the race I'm guessing the opportunity for sponsorshi
  13. 2018 Golden Globe Race The traditionalist in me is loving the concept of this. Not so sure about the reality of giving up 50 years of technology. Recreating the original 1968 Golden Globe Race on it's 50th anniversary. Pre 1988 designed boats with a full keel, only allowed to carry technology that was on board RKJ's Suhaili, except for a few safety concessions. That means no electronics, not even a pocket calculator. Only comms allowed is VHF & HF radio except for confidential satphone scheds & satelite tracking back to race management. What do you think? Awesome adventure or
  14. Ahh yes. I see that now. So if the angle goes all the way to 90 deg (cos 90 = 0) you get back to a 2:1 ratio. And if you go even further to 180 deg (cos 180 = -1) you have 1:1, because you are actually back at configuration 1.
  15. That was my first thought, but that's not correct because there are two vertical vectors and one at 45 deg so it would be closer to 1/3 of 45 deg (15 deg). But even that isn't quite correct when you add the vectors the pull is more like 15.14 deg. And then as previously mentioned the vertical lines won't be exactly vertical because of the side pull... So at that point I gave up. Have just read IT's latest reply. So we could prob use 15 deg to calculate for practical purposes. But sounds like you may have a simpler method IT.
  16. And all this probably relegates the Bris Sextant (along with the real sextants) to not much better than a toy today. Even as a backup, by the time we have managed to destroy all the electronic navigation on board, what are the chances that we would still have intact (soggy?) reduction tables and a working time piece on board? I do like the idea of learning the traditional nav methods but it doesn't really seem like it has a practical use any more other than as an interesting hobby.
  17. My bad. I thought we were talking about the tackle rove to disadvantage (configuration 2 here). In which case the angle of the final lead has no effect. In configuration 3 the angle definitely does have an effect. I think what Scottie is saying is that in configuration 3 the hanging weight will NOT hang vertically from the top block because of the the side force from the 45 deg pull. However, I think the original trolley example would actually have a straight pull similar to your diagram due to it's wheels keeping it on track. So the two scenarios are not identical. At this point w
  18. Trick question. None. All the last turn does is change direction, it doesn't affect the advantage. If you remove the last turn through the block completely you still have 2:1 purchase, you reduce the friction due to the final sheave, and you don't get run over.
  19. I haven't used/seen one but I'd say it's definitely an instrument if it works as described. No need to measure the angles of the glass plates. The idea is that you calibrate it by taking a set of observations (or several) from a known location and then you work everything backwards to determine the angles observed. You then use the 'calibrated' angles for all your future observations. Awesome example of KISS. You'll still need a set of solar tables and an accurate time piece handy though.
  20. NevP

    Pop quiz

    According to IT's link, this is true once you're through the Strait into the Med but not in the Strait itself. My thinking was that it must be tidal so the answer would be "it depends" but apparently while the tide does have an effect it's not the dominant one. I also thought the Suez might have an impact but apparently this flows either way in some sections, depending on the time of year (according to the all knowing Wikipedia).
  21. Or if my thinking is correct, you just stand on the cart/trolley and haul from there and you're back to 3:1 advantage.
  22. It's pretty clear from this why direct connection to the anchor is a bad idea. My question is why do they appear to be manufactured to allow this? From the images here it appears there is a short slot that will only allow a chain link to be attached whereas the other end has a longer slot capable of accepting the anchor shank. Why are both slots not capable of only accepting a chain link if this is how they should be connected?
  23. NevP

    Cutting Rope

    This is scarily easy, especially when the line being cut is under tension. I did a working at heights course a couple of years ago. The instructor had one of us in a harness hanging off a 10mm rope barely off the ground. He used something like a 6mm cord that he only needed to draw across the hanging rope about 1/2 doz times to cut right through.
  24. Thinkhappi, I get the impression that you are confusing the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) with the international Colregs (IRPCS) and even just plain ol' good seamanship. These are definitely not the same thing. Similar in some aspects (eg port tack vs starboard tack) but are quite different in others (eg RRS has no concept of 'overtaking' and a particularly significant difference is the concept of "stand on" under IRPCS vs "give way" under RRS). Everyone who enters a race agrees to adhere to the RRS instead of IRPCS. IRPCS still applies between any boat racing and all vessels that are not raci
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