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  1. An oligopoly is a wonderful thing...for the owners.
  2. Given what he's competing in, I don't think significant solo efforts are too much of an imposition to the guy!
  3. Mothership

    VX One

    Has anyone had any experience with these: https://vxoneaustralia.wordpress.com Looking at putting a couple of guys together and getting one for some weekend fun
  4. Mothership


    Any recommendations for shoes for racing, and where to buy? Sailor's Corner have little in my size, and can't find much at all elsewhere.
  5. Too hard to answer. In this situation, a large factor is whether the other boat has electronics or humans looking for you.
  6. Silly people - you can hear the motor running!
  7. I may upset some with this comment, but I'd be happy to pay an annual (token) fee for a permit as a crew member. If it were say $60-80/yr or similar to cover the cost of administration, and allowed parking in any area, then I think that's a reasonable outcome. One of the issues faced is that parking is expensive in the CBD, and getting worse. We have a deal with Britomart for $200/m, but have had this in place for a couple of years. New users are paying $320-340/m and more. Because of this, city parkers are parking at Westhaven.
  8. So; apparently race crews will still be fine to park Wednesday and Friday nights. It'd be nice to get an official statement from Westhaven on this for all those that aren't berth owners.
  9. Well that stuffs it for all racing. Even rum races take longer than 2 hours once getting to the boat and setting up the boat is taken into account. Westhaven and whoever is pulling the strings behind the scenes is making it abundantly clear that yachting is to be milked for all it's worth before it slides quietly away and becomes a piece of our past.
  10. I'm heading in from Titirangi, leaving in an hour or so if anyone is being responsible and not driving in, and wants a lift.
  11. Almost 2 hours. Must have been out selling a house
  12. Oh wait sorry - you did say 'having a shower'.
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