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  1. I have a 6 man liferaft in Cat 1 survey for sale
  2. Grahame Browne is a very knowledgeable and practical YNZ Safety Inspector, but he’s currently at Musket Cove, Fiji. Not sure when he will be back in NZ.
  3. RFD Lifeguard brand 6 Man liferaft, in survey and packed to Cat 1 standard by Survitec in a soft valise. This is a quality, German manufactured liferaft. It was last serviced in February 2017 and the service technician said it was in perfect condition. It will next require service in February 2019. Always kept in a dry cockpit locker. Photos of inflated raft available on request. $1800 For more info or to purchase call 021 719635 Heading overseas 23 Sept so if not sold beforehand this item will be kept. Be quick! Also listed on Trademe https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors
  4. Coastguard have the ability to ping your cellphone and have it reply with GPS data to let them know where you are. This can save a lot of time with people reading the lat/long position of the cursor on their plotter and sending Coastguard off to search for them where they are not (happens a lot!). A lot of the calls to Coastguard (something like about 60% of calls for assistance) these days are via cellphone because many boaties don't know how to use a VHF. Activating an EPIRB automatically registers the event as a Category 1 SAR event which is co-ordinated by the Rescue Coordination Cen
  5. Sanding is a solo challenge
  6. You'll attract sponsors (& followers) by getting out there and doing something that gives a sponsor exposure and value for the money they're investing in you. Having a certain number of likes might show that you've got a certain sized following, but 100 or even 200 is a very, very small market to be exposing a sponsor to, particularly when that sponsor is probably already known to those people.
  7. I was going to ask the same question. Do you get a certain number of $ per "like" or something?
  8. I'm not that familiar with the Cavallis ... certainly not as familiar as some on here so will leave discussion of that area to others. Whangaroa Harbour is a fabulous, well protected harbor with plenty of safe secure anchorages close to the entrance or in any of the arms that lead off the main harbor The entrance to the harbor is lit at night and its fairly hard to find during the day just by eye (no problems with a chart plotter or chart and GPS though). There's good fishing inside the harbor if you anchor out, or if you want to get a marina berth there is a small marina at Whangaroa to
  9. BBay, we've got a similar curved shape to our bimini and it looks to be a similar size though its a sunbrella covering on stainless tube. I thought it'd be an ideal place for mounting solar panels, but when I mention that to anyone they all suck air thru their teeth, scratch their chins and say "I dunno, what about the shading from the boom?". Do you think shading is going to be much of an issue for you?
  10. No consideration for paper charts, parallel rules, dividers and pencils?? Would they be listed under "manual chart plotting" perhaps? Potential pros: No power requirements Excellent sunlight visibility Relatively cheap Relatively simple and cheap to upgrade Reasonably portable Bulky storage Limited connectivity
  11. My understanding is that some local sail lofts are having their designs built offshore in large asian manufacturing lofts to save on labour rates and then the sails come back to NZ to be finished here by kiwi sailmakers. So, although much of the construction work has happened overseas, the design and finishing has occurred in NZ by experienced NZ sailmakers. When you order your sail over the internet and its then "designed" according to a generic algorithm, constructed and finished by people who may or may not have ever seen a yacht let alone sailed on one or have any interest in sailing
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