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  1. I have a 6 man liferaft in Cat 1 survey for sale
  2. Grahame Browne is a very knowledgeable and practical YNZ Safety Inspector, but he’s currently at Musket Cove, Fiji. Not sure when he will be back in NZ.
  3. RFD Lifeguard brand 6 Man liferaft, in survey and packed to Cat 1 standard by Survitec in a soft valise. This is a quality, German manufactured liferaft. It was last serviced in February 2017 and the service technician said it was in perfect condition. It will next require service in February 2019. Always kept in a dry cockpit locker. Photos of inflated raft available on request. $1800 For more info or to purchase call 021 719635 Heading overseas 23 Sept so if not sold beforehand this item will be kept. Be quick! Also listed on Trademe https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors
  4. Coastguard have the ability to ping your cellphone and have it reply with GPS data to let them know where you are. This can save a lot of time with people reading the lat/long position of the cursor on their plotter and sending Coastguard off to search for them where they are not (happens a lot!). A lot of the calls to Coastguard (something like about 60% of calls for assistance) these days are via cellphone because many boaties don't know how to use a VHF. Activating an EPIRB automatically registers the event as a Category 1 SAR event which is co-ordinated by the Rescue Coordination Cen
  5. Wakatere are also doing something, but I think they're only dinghies, not keelers (or RC yachts) as well. Speaking of which, if anyone wants a spot on a Platu 25 (a 25 foot Bruce Farr designed keelboat trainer - awesome fun, they're like a big dinghy) there are plenty of spots available for the Bart's Bash. There are 3 boats available to sail on and each boat has a crew of 5. There may even be a couple of helming spots available in the Platus. At this stage, I think most of the regular crews are involved in running the event rather than sailing in it.
  6. That's the plan IT. The Flying 15 class are using the whole weekend as a build up to the upcoming worlds, I think there will be a bunch of zephyrs from Manly showing up, a group of keelers from Gulf Harbour and Weiti clubs are entered, the jollyboat fleet has been invited (not sure how many are going to be participating). There will also be a fleet of radio controlled yachts competing on the nearby lake at Gulf Harbour. There will be about 5 or 6 fleets started and running on several courses. Entry fee is minimal ($12) and that goes to the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation. It should be a
  7. On Sunday 21 September at Gulf Harbour Yacht Club, the Bart's Bash regatta will be kicking off. The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation have organised a worldwide regatta with the aim of breaking the Guinness World Record for the most number of yachts competing in a regatta that spans the globe. The Gulf Harbour Yacht Club is the primary club in New Zealand to run the Bart's Bash and is likely to be one of the first, if not the first, club to start the regatta worldwide. The event will be a multi class (keelboats, dinghies and radio controlled yachts) low key race with all entry fees going
  8. Simms Turbo and Diesel in Ellerslie is able to source parts for Yanmar marine engines as an alternative to the agents, Whiting Power, however, they usually only special order Yanmar parts.
  9. Grinna

    A Little rant

    Something to bear in mind is that Coastguard units have operational limits - conditions that they WON'T go out in or are not allowed to operate i and these are usually imposed by Maritime NZ as part of their SSM program. These limits vary from location to location depending on the gear available and the locale but I know one unit won't operate in anything over 50 knots wind and 5 metre seas. When it gets really seriously nasty, you can't necessarily expect Coastguard to come get you.
  10. A lifejacket must roll an unconscious person onto their back and lift their mouth and nose 150mm clear of the water. A pfd may do the same thing, and most will roll an unconscious user onto their back, but most won't achieve the 150mm clearance required to be classified as a lifejacket. So, in short, you're absolutely correct BP
  11. Nautical trivia question for the day What is the official difference between a lifejackets and a personal flotation device (pfd)? There is a very specific difference between the two devices .... or rather two very specific differences.
  12. If nothing sticks to Teflon, how do they make Teflon stick to a pan?
  13. Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  14. Rule #1: Don't leave the boat As far as lifejackets go, I have a personal preference for manual inflation PFDs so that you have an option of inflating them when and if you want. I know others here may have a differing view. It is interesting to note that Coastguard units insist in their on-water people wearing inflatable PFDs but they all manually inflatable.
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