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    Winch maintenance

    Hi All Thanks for the information.
  2. Hi I am about to do some overdue maintenance on my winches (Barient 24) Any suggestions where i could buy the necessary pawls and spring? Is it possible to use Lewmar pawls and springs? Any help greatly appreciated
  3. Joined today, been going to do it for about 3 years, This thread prompted me to get on and do it. Hope I never need to use them.
  4. Scoma

    Teak suppliers

    Hi All Any suggestions where can I get small amounts of teak in Wellington for a small repair project? Not massive amounts, eg 750mmX5mmx2mm
  5. Hi all Thanks for the responses and the web link.
  6. Help please re: Anchor Chain. How do I add more chain? I currently have 50 metres of chain. At about 44m there is a rusty link. Yes there is only one that is rusty! I would like to cut that link and add some new chain. Any suggestions welcomed Thanks in advance
  7. Scoma

    Testing water

    Thanks Wheels, I will try that tomorrow. It has got to be better than the taste approach
  8. Scoma

    Testing water

    Great. thanks for the responding Grinna
  9. Scoma

    Testing water

    Hi. Help please, other than the obvious taste approach, is there any way to determine if it is fresh water or saltwater in my bilge?
  10. I check in regularly and enjoy the banter even if the conversations wander off topic it is usually an amusing journey. I have greatly appreciated the response to my questions. I am impressed by the way almost any question can be answered and have learned heaps from following the threds.
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