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  1. Thanks CD. 

    I do like the idea of temp controllable as per the unit u mentioned. Has it got seperate compartments?

    When my system was working it was on or off, and when on, freezing every bloody thing was only a matter of time. 

    Hopefully Darrin can help.


  2. Slight drift here but in coming months I will be faced with dealing with an out of service compressor driven system. What I mean by that is that as a consequence of a lack of use, I think my system has de-gassed itself, and I guess - this has caused a vacuum effect which has deformed the s/s fridge/freezer box. No cold beersies for me atm :(

    So - I need to take stock of the bits I have, determine if they are salvageable, determine what the cost of returning to service would be, and then compare that to the cost of changing to a more 'efficient' system. IT - I recall you saying you are a reseller or agent for ozefridge? Can you offer some assistance in all this, or refer me to someone who knows?


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  3. I have to replace my start battery. The experts have u believe its gotta be a 'marine' battery. Seems to me to be another way of extracting more wedge Roughly 100% more.

    As an example - 57MF 530cca 12v car batt =$133 but double that for a 57MF M, also 530CCA.

    Seems like mmms must be bloody valuable.

    Isn't 12v 12v no matter what? 


  4. I'd definitely call AT moorings. They are pretty helpful, but you will have to know with certainty which mooring number it is. There are limitations over how long you can own and rent a mooring out to someone else and i know where i live this caused a few harsh words. The situation u allude to is not uncommon and in ATs defence i think they do try to sweep the rats out from time to time. 

    Is it a swing mooring or a fore n aft pile set up? I think that has a huge bearing on your questions - if piles, likely the super shitty owns em and the 'owners' gear is the rope connecting your boat to the floaty ring thing (and tbh - get your own. You don't want to go floating off up the creek one day because the ropes are knackered and let go while you are at school/work or asleep). If its a swing mooring or similar could be quite a different ownership situation.

    I have a fore n aft weight /chain arrangement - I own the gear but 'lease' the space and it costs me $500/year to have my stuff inspected. If something wears out that adds to the cost.

    If I wanted to rent my mooring out for a while I would want to cover the wear and tear too. So if he is charging you his lease cost plus wear and tear, surely thats not so bad is it?



  5. Well... maybe.

    Not saying anything bad but here is reply I got from last nights email to Southern Plumbing.

    In fact thumbs up for fast reply..

    We would start with a service call which is $320.00 incl GST.

    This covers the first hour and 15 minutes of labour on the job.

    Anything beyond that the Plumber/Gas fitter will discuss with you. Materials are extra.
    We require you to be onsite when we are here for the service call.

    If there is rubber hose used as gas piping, we cannot do any work or testing until this is replaced with a suitable pipe.

    In Order for us to certify the job, the entire gas installation including the bottle and piping and ventilation has to be compliant with the gas installation standard for boats.

    If the installation is not compliant, we will not be able to perform any tests and we will charge time for quote. Which is $90 including GST. Proposal will be sent shortly after visit.

    If you wish to book in a service call we require:

    Billing name:
    Billing address:
    Boat name, location and length:

    Site contact:

    Please note that after 7 years there are no longer spare parts produced for gas appliances and after that it can be almost impossible to locate any. 
    If the unit is over 15 years we cannot guarantee any repairs will last a reasonable amount of time, or guarantee that it can even be repaired. You may choose to put the money toward a new appliance instead of attempting to repair it.

    Kind Regards,

  6. 23 hours ago, Black Panther said:

    Current on board debate: how big does a rock have to be before it is an island.

    Big enuff 4 one inhabitant and able to support that one i.e. arable, & provide shelter or a site where shelter could be built.

    Close to an ice cream shop. After all othef things - is life really possible without icecream


  7. Kind of staggers me a bit - this clumsy stuff going on.

    It looked like many of the guys yesterday afternoon were like star struck schoolboys on their 1st rodeo. Bertarelli (I think) was given the honour of handing out the medals and pretty rudely it seemed a lot of the ETNZ people (Dalton included) just steamed past as if he weren't there and then kinda took the medal as an afterthought. Maybe they were caught up in the moment but if not,  its either axes being ground or they're just plain rude. 

    I think they have to behave better than this, and now the squaddie are bumbling their way around too.

    Rant concluded.


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  8. I'd reckon there's a point to argue BP. 

    Pretty sure commerce commission might have a few things to say about this sort of behaviour. To my mind its like false advertising.

    The price list is current, doesn't indicate it's subject to change without prior notification and while every business has to have that right, there are rules about how they must go about it.  If they didnt tell u at the time of booking I'd say its too late.  

    Toe rags.

  9. 44 minutes ago, erice said:


    interesting this talk of a 1-off AC in cowes next year paid for by ratcliffe of ineos

    1 race and if etnz lose it the cup is gone?



    Nice idea, and I think they should - but with the provisio that it would be a promo tour - 'coming to a town near you' kind of deal.

    Get the design out there and racing, show the public what they can do, learn about course requirements and develop the boat some more - but is the cup up for grabs? Nah! That's the defenders prerogative.

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