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    Makes me think that maybe the big audience are Euro countries rather than USA cos it would be MPH if it was aimed at them.
  2. ...because now i have to replace the gaskets.
  3. Call me stupid but yesterday I decided that i needed to take the powerhead off to check cooling water flow. Anybody done it b4 and able to offer handy hints or know of pitfalls to be aware of
  4. Big enuff 4 one inhabitant and able to support that one i.e. arable, & provide shelter or a site where shelter could be built. Close to an ice cream shop. After all othef things - is life really possible without icecream
  5. Kind of staggers me a bit - this clumsy stuff going on. It looked like many of the guys yesterday afternoon were like star struck schoolboys on their 1st rodeo. Bertarelli (I think) was given the honour of handing out the medals and pretty rudely it seemed a lot of the ETNZ people (Dalton included) just steamed past as if he weren't there and then kinda took the medal as an afterthought. Maybe they were caught up in the moment but if not, its either axes being ground or they're just plain rude. I think they have to behave better than this, and now the squaddie are bumbling their wa
  6. While under the boat they could do a bit scraping for u
  7. Pricks. Should be keel hauled for their trouble and then bloody tarred and feathered.
  8. I'd reckon there's a point to argue BP. Pretty sure commerce commission might have a few things to say about this sort of behaviour. To my mind its like false advertising. The price list is current, doesn't indicate it's subject to change without prior notification and while every business has to have that right, there are rules about how they must go about it. If they didnt tell u at the time of booking I'd say its too late. Toe rags.
  9. Nice idea, and I think they should - but with the provisio that it would be a promo tour - 'coming to a town near you' kind of deal. Get the design out there and racing, show the public what they can do, learn about course requirements and develop the boat some more - but is the cup up for grabs? Nah! That's the defenders prerogative.
  10. Imagine Spithill as helm of ETNZ! As good as our helm is now, I'm pretty certain he'd wipe the floor clean.
  11. Its a shame it took so long for a match race to happen but credit where its due. LR's move going to mark 3 was one out of the book and both teams deserve congrats for quite a show
  12. Mr F Bruni citing the spectator fleet as a contributing reason for falling off the foils. Looks like a dead man with his eyes open. Mr J Spithill on the other hand...
  13. so is it one or 2 races tomorrow?
  14. lotto on a monday. what next. but in the end both teams have tickets eh..
  15. easy HT. Don't engage in a sh*t fight , its not worth it
  16. Hey! how come BP gets to say sh*t & i don't
  17. It is sport, but not as we knew it. That doesn't mean its bad, and I do confess to being drawn to the tele like a fly to sh*t each afternoon. And I agree 15 or 20 would be awesome.
  18. Nah. I just like the idea of something more like a 'sailing' regatta
  19. I like that idea. Then if 1 gains an advantage the other can try to wriggle away to retrieve the situation. Kind a like cat n mouse, sometimes cat wins sometimes not... Next time maybe. If ETNZ holds it I'd hope so, cos I'd rather see refinement of the wheel - not a new one.
  20. Is it going to suck or blow today. My location ( northbound on the bridge) looks pretty sucky.
  21. Or have two race days where both teams have to wear fancy dress, theme chosen by a 3 year old from a school in each of the 2 competitors 'home' country, with additional points awarded for imaginative use of the theme
  22. They should chuck a lap of an adjacent island in - sort of like the joker thing on rally cross on tele on Sundays. Or make them send on crew member ashore to have a pie and 2 pints, sprint back down the beach, restart.. Bring back the fun.
  23. I dunno how to do the upvote thingy Dtwo but that's worthy of a raft of 'em.
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