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  1. yep. missing keel was my first observation too.


    Would be interesting to know the details of why they couldn't chop a hole and get him out, though yes I can see the difficultly in mountainous seas.

    I understand the problem of trying to manouvre, swim and dive in a survival suit too. Need for some redesign of the set up, possibly with appropriate buoyancy belts near the grab bag. People have been trapped by their safety gear before.


    Remarkable that his air pocket lasted.

  2. Does anyone on the Auckland area have some old thick walled hose lying about that they don't want? Or other ideas for making a rubbing strip. I've got a bit of hose like the pic but need a couple more metres. This is quite old washing machine hose. They don't use it any more.


  3. hmmm "no boat ownership registration in New Zealand"


    more hmmmm "Some owners also "shirk their responsibilities" by claiming boats no longer belonged to them when called by AT." I couple of test cases would fix that on the balance of probabilities.

  4. I once saw a newly purchased old steel boat come up onto the hard at The Landing in Orakei Auckland. The washdown hose pierced the final bit of rusty metal that had stopped it from sinking. The new owners were devastated. It says something about negotiating who pays for pre-purchase inspections too.

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  5. 13 hours ago, DrWatson said:

    water here is bloody cold

    Do calisthenics on deck and run on the spot for 10-15 minutes while telling funny stories then jump overboard. The first time I did this on the Spirit of NZ I wasn't looking forward to it. But it's surprising how enjoyable it is even in very cold water. We jump in and swim to the landing nets pronto - the more hardy swim a lap around the boat. On warm mornings it's hard to get the kids out of the water.

  6. I noticed the pic seemed to be dated 7 April. But when I zoomed in on places I know the pic was much much older. Eg it still shows boats moored in Okahu Bay which were moved out years ago.


    Edit: it tells you at the bottom that the image is no longer live but doesn't tell you the date of the image.

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  7. Just to clarify, crotch straps should be on all PFDs, not just inflatables. You can buy suitable straps with buckles for about $10.

    The last time I sailed on Spirit of NZ they had some very very nice new PFDs with dual legstraps but I can't remember the make and model.

    When I went offshore I rigged up a sprayhood, strobe and a matchbox sized PLB into my PFD.

    Following Matt's useful post I checked the Maritime NZ website again. I still think, although it's improved, it is severely lacking. I downloaded their Life Jacket Guidelines and it's also deficient.

    For heavier people and if you've got lots of gear on there are 275N jackets.

    I also have a rigid foam AS4758.1 Level 100 which I use for the seakayak

    Despite the claims some people make for a 150N they will not always turn an unconscious person upright or keep their face out of the water.


    And I just found this post on a 2017 thread from member=Rigger

    The other week a bunch of folks from work had a go with several different Inflatable Life jackets - I think there were about 10 Life jackets tested - 4 types, 2 of 275N and 2 of 150N

    First one I tried was my old work one - about +10years old and 18months since last serviced - a 275N one

    - inflated gently and rolled me onto my back head clear of water, easy to breath, no crotch strap

    Second one was a 150N jacket - failed to roll me onto my back, if unconscious I would have drowned. No crotch strap, once on my back the jacket just did not feel as comfortable as the 275N one.

    In every case where the wearer was wearing wet weather gear the 150N units failed to roll the wearer onto their back

    One of the guys tested a jacket with it fitted loosely - end result was that wearing the jacket loosely meant you would die - the jacket would drown you unless you could make it tighter.


    Tried putting a 275N inflated jacket on in the water - easy enough in the pool but would be much harder with a bit of chop.



    - crotch strap made little difference with the 275N jacket as it inflated - in a chop it may well do.

    - excess buoyancy in clothing, boots, wet weather gear may turn a 150N life jacket into a death jacket

    - falling head first into the water with wet weather gear on increases the risk of you wearing a death jacket

    - a poorly fitted inflatable Life jacket = death jacket - well you might as well wear a weight belt.

    - lights were fitted incorrectly on nearly every jacket we tested and some had not been armed by the supplier.

    - Could not fit the spray hood in the water - need to practice that.


    My current jacket is 275N (with crotch strap that I use) but I am looking for a replacement that is easier to adjust as once in the water it is very hard / impossible to adjust.


    My 2cents worth...."

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  8. Thanks wheels. It sounds like the solenoid set up isn't working. The lever feels very sticky. I'll try to get it working freely. I'm gonna kick myself if this whole saga is a broken spring on a solenoid. Grrrr. But just to get it clear on my head, when the black button is released, the spring should pull the lever back?

  9. At idle it ran smooth enough but blew a bit of smoke at high load. I'm not sure where the stop lever is, but to shut down I press and hold a little black button on the ignition panel for a couple of seconds. I don't actually know how the little black button works. When I first got it started on Sun 27 March it conked out under load but started immediately when I turned the ignition again. Perhaps the gold lever with the boot on it is the culprit when I moved it back and forth it was a bit sticky. Would it run fine for over half an hour if there was a fuel/air problem but fail to start seconds after shutdown?

  10. UPDATE

    I got the engine started again yesterday (had to use ether and pump the little blue lever). I ran it under load for 30 mins. Then I thought I'd turn it off and try to start again. It wouldn't start normally. So now I suspect it might be the glow plugs. Do I need a special plug socket spanner to remove them? Any more tips would be welcome.

  11. 41 minutes ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    I am in the fortunate position that I am the conn-ee, Mrs Aardvark is the conn-er.

    In such situations she just giggles, throws more canvas up, and leaves me to it while I wallow in the bilges fixing stuff with gaffer tape and paperclips, swearing loudly.  Its about the only sailory thing I can do.

    If you haven't been taught the joy of heaving-to and the incredible dramatic change it brings you have indeed been conned. I make it a condition of boarding that my conn-ees know how to heave to. I just noticed it's number 2 on my list. I should make it number one because of how useful it can be in an emergency. https://kmccready.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/storm-fantasy-sailing-yacht-safety-card/

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