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  1. 1. Project Gutenberg: Free eBooks https://www.gutenberg.org 2. graycity.net
  2. You can very easily get rolled in the Hauraki Gulf. As always get good weather reports and don't take risks you aren't capable of handling. Make sure your stormboards are in, all hatches dogged down, secured everything, are clipped on, wearing your life jacket and have a saftey knife attached to yourself. It's fundamental that you learn how to heave-to. And take two or three forms of communication.
  3. Report said "many relatively modern production vessels, such as Essence, are constructed from materials that are more susceptible to flexing under pressure. This, when combined with the larger windows that are commonly found in modern sailing vessels, makes the rebated substrate area around the windows more susceptible to failure." Seems they mean the vessel wasn't seaworthy. So even if the storm covers had been fitted they would have needed substantial engineering attachment to stop them being blown out.
  4. The offending post SUPPORTED the kick in the face (didn't just post a link Harry). That's untenable. As for self-defence argument, gimme a break.
  5. The offensive post has been removed. Hopefully the offender has been given a warning.
  6. I find it disgusting that a member on this site can promote the violence of kicking someone in the face, regardless of what "may" have happened first. This violates our rules. Moderator, could you delete it and post a message as to why? Thanks. Also interesting to note that even the workers quoted in the NZ Herald today did not support kicking: "Then there are the workers. A party from that side said today: "I think kicking the protester in the head was way too far and a shocking act but I would like to see a story written about what the workers are put though every day from these so-call
  7. My old hometown bar. BTW it's not Southport which is a bit further north.
  8. And don't forget tidal rise/fall when calculating your scope.
  9. You need much more chain by the sound of it.
  10. I don't answer silly questions
  11. Fish, I'm not trying to inspire you. What do you think I'd do if they couldn't tread water?
  12. I've rescued a few people in surf rips back in the day. The trick is worth knowing. If they can tread water just go out and tread water with them. It's incredibly hard not to panic when you see the beach disappearing so you need to reassure yourself and them. Don't get close to the victim if you can avoid it or they'll pull you under. Just reassure them and tell them help is on the way and we'll probably just get washed back to the beach soon. On one occasion on 90 mile beach in Victoria help was nowhere (LOL) and we were washed back in about 15 mins. On another occasion me and the victim got
  13. You must have missed the bit where she said he was having difficulty keeping his head above water. You must have also missed the bit where it said every second counts.
  14. Yes. Well done to Matt!!! Who's the new owner?
  15. If you mean this pic, yes. let's hear about the boat.
  16. There's also unpaywall.org but I doubt if the Herald would be counted as scientific /end saracasm
  17. A quick google search found that the UK authorities said in 2013 "None of the EVDS on the market that we are aware of, currently meet the light intensity required by the IMO Life Saving Appliance Code". Does anyone have an update?
  18. So what's to stop 2 or more people from meeting in the same anchorage?
  19. How on earth do they expect to stop yacht to yacht mingling at anchorages?????
  20. Michael Field on twitter @MichaelFieldNZ · 15h And now @nzherald falls for the PR spin about the super yacht Bold not able to bring its millions to NZ for a refit... fails to say there is Covid aboard & that it was fined for violating Vanuatu's border.
  21. Fully support the guy reporting this stupid and illegal behaviour and I note that CG has owned up; good. It would also be nice if people on this thread could RTFA. If your knickers are knotted because someone reported what they thought was a safety violation at an airfield then why carry that through here? AFWIW reporting "possible" safety violations should be encouraged. NZ safety culture in so many areas is woeful and needs to change.
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