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  1. Does it have to be a cav32? Why?
  2. I once saw a newly purchased old steel boat come up onto the hard at The Landing in Orakei Auckland. The washdown hose pierced the final bit of rusty metal that had stopped it from sinking. The new owners were devastated. It says something about negotiating who pays for pre-purchase inspections too.
  3. Elephant in the room is still Tiwai. https://thespinoff.co.nz/business/29-11-2019/a-modest-proposal-for-the-future-of-tiwai-point
  4. Yes please. I'm around the corner from you. I sent you a DM the other day but didn't hear from you.
  5. Do calisthenics on deck and run on the spot for 10-15 minutes while telling funny stories then jump overboard. The first time I did this on the Spirit of NZ I wasn't looking forward to it. But it's surprising how enjoyable it is even in very cold water. We jump in and swim to the landing nets pronto - the more hardy swim a lap around the boat. On warm mornings it's hard to get the kids out of the water.
  6. I noticed the pic seemed to be dated 7 April. But when I zoomed in on places I know the pic was much much older. Eg it still shows boats moored in Okahu Bay which were moved out years ago. Edit: it tells you at the bottom that the image is no longer live but doesn't tell you the date of the image.
  7. It will do for now. I'm amending my start up instructions: 1. Check the high tech ruggedised return installation on the fuel solenoid.
  8. And I forgot to say, keep your safety knife attached to your body at all times and be able to use it single-handed. I have a nice Wishard. I reckon our young Optimist sailors should be trained for that habit.
  9. Just to clarify, crotch straps should be on all PFDs, not just inflatables. You can buy suitable straps with buckles for about $10. The last time I sailed on Spirit of NZ they had some very very nice new PFDs with dual legstraps but I can't remember the make and model. When I went offshore I rigged up a sprayhood, strobe and a matchbox sized PLB into my PFD. Following Matt's useful post I checked the Maritime NZ website again. I still think, although it's improved, it is severely lacking. I downloaded their Life Jacket Guidelines and it's also deficient. For heavier people
  10. FWIW Whatever you get, get crotch straps. https://kmccready.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/lifejackets-lifejackets-and-sissies/
  11. It's no fun unless you say what's on your joblist. On my joblist I only have one job: make a joblist.
  12. Yeah big thanks to Wheels and to Ashton. Ashton also wins the prize for diagnosing a dicey deck switch for the anchor winch. Thanks again for your company Ashton; I owe you one.
  13. Thanks wheels. It sounds like the solenoid set up isn't working. The lever feels very sticky. I'll try to get it working freely. I'm gonna kick myself if this whole saga is a broken spring on a solenoid. Grrrr. But just to get it clear on my head, when the black button is released, the spring should pull the lever back?
  14. At idle it ran smooth enough but blew a bit of smoke at high load. I'm not sure where the stop lever is, but to shut down I press and hold a little black button on the ignition panel for a couple of seconds. I don't actually know how the little black button works. When I first got it started on Sun 27 March it conked out under load but started immediately when I turned the ignition again. Perhaps the gold lever with the boot on it is the culprit when I moved it back and forth it was a bit sticky. Would it run fine for over half an hour if there was a fuel/air problem but fail to start seconds
  15. UPDATE I got the engine started again yesterday (had to use ether and pump the little blue lever). I ran it under load for 30 mins. Then I thought I'd turn it off and try to start again. It wouldn't start normally. So now I suspect it might be the glow plugs. Do I need a special plug socket spanner to remove them? Any more tips would be welcome.
  16. If you haven't been taught the joy of heaving-to and the incredible dramatic change it brings you have indeed been conned. I make it a condition of boarding that my conn-ees know how to heave to. I just noticed it's number 2 on my list. I should make it number one because of how useful it can be in an emergency. https://kmccready.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/storm-fantasy-sailing-yacht-safety-card/
  17. Did you suddenly have fuel problems and have to fix it?
  18. When do you actually use the pump primer other than resetting after new filters? Maybe it was my pushing it a few times rather than the ether which did the job. Sorry to my mentors if I just failed the Diesel 101 test.
  19. Thanks for the warning on the bug. What biocide did you use?
  20. I'm ready for the test now. Thanks to you guys I might just scrape through. Heaps of thanks again!! I'm still whooping for joy from when the engine started.
  21. I've been down a rabbit hole for a while learning about banjo bolts and double banjo bolts which I'd never heard of. But I can't figure out which fuel line or lines we're talking about. For posterity on this thread I thought I'd cut and post the Nanni 15, 2 cylinder 2-60he Technical data and maintenance items in case someone needs them (did they mispell diaphragm as diagram (I have no idea what these are anyway)? ENGINE SPECIFICATION Number of cylinders : 2 Displacement : 570 cc Bore - Stroke : 72 X 70 mm Compression ratio : 22/1 Max. pressure difference between cyl. :
  22. Thanks Ashton! So it seems the guy who sold me the fuel filter might have been right after all. He said just whack it in after you've filled it with fuel and shouldn't need to bleed. I'll take the black box back to him and ask. But I couldn't see how you could get a filter into it. Maybe the whole plastic shebang needs to be replaced. I also discovered that the solar panel seems to only keep the starter battery topped up. The house things came back to life after the engine ran for a bit. I'll have to chase it up.
  23. Success! Thanks. I want to thank each and every one of you. Here's what I did with my wife's help. And some interesting things happened. 1. drained about 50 mls fluid from the primary filter and it seemed to be diesel 2. loosed the blue bolt on top of the secondary filter and cranked it and then tightened again (didn't see any bubbles) 3. Took off the black plastic box (which I think is the air intake but I'm not sure). Pic attached - the black box came off where the two bronze looking large hose clips are at the bottom left of the pic. Strangely the box seemed to be empty.
  24. I'm just about to leave. Before I do, what does it mean to say the governor might have a release screw. What's the governor?
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