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  1. Well done Richard. That is so good and is what was always needed right back from Dodge Taxi days. Stellar job mate, you must be pleased, and I'm sure you will see an improvement in race results due to improved ergonomics.
  2. Bloody good job Richard, Much more usable cockpit now.
  3. Good stuff Richard. A really good mod to do.
  4. Carbon bog painted white? Or "bog standard" plastic jobbo? Fab job on the recreation of the boat. Hats off to you.
  5. Couldn't agree more Booboo. Scary thought that the train wreck is about to happen, cos I thought it already had. It's gonna get worse? But the real killer was maintenance costs as the powers that be make it harder and more expensive to maintain your boat. I'm really talking about boats that live full time in the water here.
  6. I think Gulf Harbour is doing the same thing. My father just had to do a similar thing.
  7. Yes David is a first class host I can testify to that. I have been on BP twice, but motoring one time and tied up to the dock on New Year's Eve doesn't really count as boating does it? I slept badly last nite as over and over in my mind I was flying a hull and blasting along at 16 odd knots like we were on rails. What a great way to lose sleep!
  8. A milestone weekend for me. It's been over a year since I set foot on a yacht. It's been nearly 2 1/2 years since I last sailed on a multihull. This has been due to injuring both my forearms. They will never fully recover. I've been asked plenty of times by good friends who have said that I could simply come along for the ride and do nothing. I haven't wanted to go sailing, not at all. A couple of days ago a friend rang me up and asked me if I wanted to sail with him on his C Class cat in the local Weiti/Gulf Harbour winter race. In that instant I knew it was time to get out on the
  9. You are right but to be fair they are quite different boats. Classical Gas has wooden decks and cabin, has a non standard interior with an engine in the middle of the cabin and had been sitting deteriorating on a mooring for several years. I know White Rose as I was a friend of the previous owner. I saw "was" as he is regrettably deceased. White Rose is immaculate and has had no expense spared over her entire life. I dare say there isn't a better example around.
  10. I had a southern pacific roll up for around 15 years. I used to roll it up and store it away over winter for the first 5 but after that it lived outside. I did make my own ply floor for it which made it a lot easier to get in and out of. Rowed fine for short distances, and motored well with my 2 hp DT2. Excellent boats and they last well.
  11. +1 Couldn't put it better myself. That and twatter. But I wish you all the best with your endeavours.
  12. Moonshine eh - it could well have been that. We'd never seen underwater bow sections like that before. Yep John SPencer put crap loads of people into boats who would otherwise never have been able to do it. And that Bruce Farr chappie forever changed boat design. Yep... Alot of good yottin things happened here in NZ. (And still do)
  13. I have fond memories from my teenage years of a Saraband my dad bought. It was called Mercedes. It was built with top sides 4" higher and the cabin top 4" lower than the original design. This was to stop them looking like a lollipop. They didn't go well to windward and I remember this frustrating my dad as in those days if you raced in the squadron, which we did, the Sarabands raced against the Townson 32's. Most days the fleet was split in two; all the T32's at the front then the 5 Sarabands racing their own race at the rear of the fleet. Except once a year when there was a reaching race to
  14. Is it possible that there are only 12 Spencer boats racing in NZ?
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