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  1. Well done Richard. That is so good and is what was always needed right back from Dodge Taxi days. Stellar job mate, you must be pleased, and I'm sure you will see an improvement in race results due to improved ergonomics.
  2. 7 boats, all close enough to talk to each other. Hey South Park is on WooHOO!!!
  3. You in a Dirty Harry frame of mind Smithy?
  4. Bloody good job Richard, Much more usable cockpit now.
  5. Good stuff Richard. A really good mod to do.
  6. Carbon bog painted white? Or "bog standard" plastic jobbo? Fab job on the recreation of the boat. Hats off to you.
  7. What a terrifying experience it must have been. I just can't imagine it.
  8. Back in the boat ownership game are we Keith?
  9. Like a laser on 'roids. Hope you have fun on Sunday. 20 odd knots forecast!
  10. At the new home. Sails beautifully!
  11. On the way, good bye Auckland. Saw Extreme heading the other way.
  12. It's going to a great home. And rumour has it that it is gonna be painted red, cos red boats go fast.
  13. Well... I can confirm that Jono is right!
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