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  1. Bluetooth head unit (fusion) playing spotify from my phone. Remote controller on the tiller. 10inch sub and 2 x 7.7 signature range fusion speakers in the cockpit, 700w 4 chanel d-class amp running the cockpit speakers and bridged onto the sub.   2x 6x9s downstairs running off the head unit.

    It goes pretty hard. Draws 25amps when cranked up and has a cooling fan for the amp so we dont need to use the cold Christmas ham to cool it like last summer. 

    Also have my ipod plugged into the head unit AUX cable but have been using that less and less. 

    Numerous playlists on spotify for different occasions. One big one that is a few days long that I keep adding favorite songs too and a few party playlists. 

    Not sure if this link to my long boat playlist works here.



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  2. Yeah neopreme boot is your best bet, then an additional cover to go on when its retracted. On Waka we had a fiberglass cover that we put on when it was retracted but you could use material. If its got a good drainage system for the locker then it may not be too much of an issue.

  3. I was on the Ross 45 M1 for that race. Was a pretty epic hoon.

    For me though the 2012(?) On crusader and the 2019 on Motorboat II were better and we set records both times.  The beat in from the Brett both races slowed things down a bit but the bit to the Brett was super quick.

  4. Thanks for all the info guys.

    Yeah I did think that tube might not be up to it but I already had the tube kicking around home so might just give it a go if the bending is not too expensive. I was going to make the bends less than 90 degrees so the top was actually forced into a slight bend to help stabilise it a bit. If it doesn't work I can make a proper MKII version. 

    It needs to be light enough that I can remove it easily for racing. It's just s summer cruise temporary setup. 

  5. Anyone got a recommendation for a tube bending company or got any bending gear themselves and able to do some bending for me? More than happy to pay. 

    I want to make an arch for some solar panels on the back of the boat. 2 frames made with a 6m length each frame, 90 degree bends 1.6m from each end leaving a 2.8m top section between the bends. 

    Will have 2 x 150w pannels around 10kg each. 

    I have some 6m lengths of 25mm 1.2mm wall thickness stainless. Hopefully that's strong enough?


  6. 37 minutes ago, Jon said:

    Also not sure about how we can do race management without adopting the rest of the team ?

    Fingers crossed this is only the first step

    Im sure everyone would be more than happy to start off the westhaven tower if that was better. Maybe break up the start times so 150 boats are not in the start area at the same time?

  7. Yup I managed to get a copy also. 

    Other interesting things I found in the regs.

    Im asuming the New Zealand Maritime Transport Act 1994 is the older regs that most boats are using?


    All the Australian and New Zealand Technical Regulators agree that this Standard should provide for particular appliances and components to be certified. It was also agreed that this Standard include a statement that this requirement would not apply retrospectively.


    1.1.2 Exclusions This Standard does not apply to — (a) installations covered by statutory requirements such as the New Zealand Maritime Transport Act 1994

  8. Does anyone have a copy of the gas regs part 2 (boats and vehicles). I searched and could only find a copy that I had to pay $185 for. 

    I need to clarify the current regulations.  

    It seems to me that there is a big difference between meeting the current 'regulations' and meeting the current 'standards'

    Meeting the current 'regulations' means that boats pre 2013 are exempt unless they have work done on the gas system.

    Meeting the curent 'standards' means a full system rebuild for most boats.

    I feel the shits going to be hitting the fan on this subject soon.

    Insurance, marinas and racing regulations......

  9. Anyone ever read the voyage of the golden lotus? Its a facinating read about a voyage from hong Kong to NZ in a chinnese junk. 

    The actual boat golden lotus is actually still on a farm somehwere in south auckland. 


    I also have the book 'An island to oneself' in a PD file. Its the story of Tom Neale who lived on the island of Suwarrow by himself for 6 years. If anyone wants a copy then let me know.

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