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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, We are urgently looking for cargo space to Tonga for: Medical Equipment (boxed, sealed, certified) A wooden sailing dinghy (for teaching kids to sail) 10xVHF radios (for each village to escalate emergencies) We are a NZ charity that gives medical training and supplies to outer island villages (teach a man to fish ideology). A sailor myself, I sailed to Tonga on my 30 foot wooden yacht and found that there were problems in these communities that we can solve. Our boats have a full offshore kits, at least one trained medic, yet communities of 300 have nothing. Help us help others
  2. Hey Folks It's getting colder so it must be time to find a boat going somewhere warmer. I have done one voyage NZ to Tonga. Keen to get more experience. Mostly done inshore sailing. I know a moderate amount about boats. I'm keen, friendly, easy going, flexible. Cheers, Thom 0211048804
  3. We are off on a family adventure! The plan is to sail from Wellington up to Auckland at the beginning of April and then leave the Bay of Island with the Island Cruising Association on 5th May bound for Tonga (via Minerva Reef if weather permits) Kena is a Ganley Pacemaker (40ft, steel, cutter rigged monohull). The family will join the yacht in Auckland for the trip to BOI, and then fly out to Tonga. We are looking for crew for either or both legs of the journey. Skipper has 10,000+ offshore miles and 30,000+ coastal miles. RYA Yachtmaster. Kena was built to Lloyds A1 stand
  4. Hey there, I'm Guilherme, a 29 years old easygoing brazilian guy who enjoys travelling, meeting new people and enjoy life in many different ways. After getting redundant on my previous job due to a crisis on the oil market in Brazil I've decided to leave everything behind and sell everything I had and give up my investments to accomplish my dream of travelling around the World, living and working on many different countries on the way without any return ticket. I'm currently living in Australia after I've travelled and lived in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australia for the past 2 years
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