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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have been following this forum for a while and found it a great source of information in researching for our first yacht. In a nutshell I have spent my life in, on or under the water fishing, diving, kayaking, boating with some limited sailing etc and am at the point where I want to get a trailer sailer for family holidays, initially lakes, sheltered costal water etc. We are a family of four. I live in New Plymouth and that combined with several other factors has led me to a trailer sailer, keeler not an option at the moment. I have been looking at the Catalina 7 and they look like
  2. Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to sailing and my wife and kids (7/8yrs) are even greener. We have owned power boats for awhile so not new to the Marine environment. We are going to buy a trailer sailer, please offer some suggestions and help me to clarify what is important in a TS. I am of the belief that big is better - Big=comfort Big=capable Big=longer ownership (won't grow out of it so quick) Big=7.5m & over Big=heavy (I have 3lt diesel Hilux max braked 2250Kg) Big=better.....??? Am I right? Please convince me of otherwise!!! Will us 4 fit and be happy in a smaller pa
  3. Before I tow my boat back to the compound, I may aswell take the opportunity to venture elsewhere, I have Great Mercury Island in my sights. Can you share some local knowledge on the place? Any must do's or must do nots? Is it all private land? Anchorages, fishing spots, dive spots? The plan is to launch at Koutuna ramp, head over and spend 3 nights exploring fishing and diving.
  4. If anyone is interested I have started a sailing blog . We have a Catalina 7 trailer sailer and have just started out, as you will see I am pretty new to sailing but keen to get out and have some fun. Please feel free to comment and offer any helpful tips, I'm learning as I go and I'm not scared to share my mistakes. When I was reading up on sailing I couldn't find enough of this type of thing so hopefully others find it interesting and possibly useful. The site puts the newest blog at the top which is annoying if you want to read in chronological order, so If you want to start from th
  5. I bought a flare pack today it has 2 smoke,2 handheld and a parachute. I have a trailer sailer and haven't ever raced, so racing aside my question is: Do I really need a flare pack? I like the idea of the LED flare instead. Keeping in mind I have a VHF, waterproof PLB, cell phone in a life proof case,waterproof handheld VHF, GPS & hand held GPS. So I pretty much now where I am,and have communication options. Even The wife can track my phone (it's scary how accurate it is) What's everyone's opinions? Trade the flares for one LED or keep flares instead (budget doesn't allo
  6. We just bought a trailer sailer! Planning our first trip and have chosen lake Taupo. Can anyone offer some local knowledge on ramps, anchorages, things to see, things to avoid etc etc. Have downloaded the chart and scanned google earth, looks like plenty of anchorage options for almost all wind directions. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I am based in Marlborough and after so many years dreaming of sailing I am now decided to get into it! Having the Marlborough Sounds just at our door step seems just to easy! I am planning to go cruising with my young family over the weekend (kids 7 & 4). I have settled on the idea of getting a trailer sailer probably around 20'. I have spent hours reading and searching the web but I still have many questions: My budget is of around $10,000 but not much more. I have a Subaru Forester 2.5 with a tow bar rated 700kg unbraked and 1400kg braked. It looks like one of the major decidi
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