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  1. You have had success with this method Sail Rock? Currently in the process of doing the first track at the moment using Sika 291. Cheers.
  2. Thanks MCP. Is someone able to briefly explain how I would go about using Butyl tape on an application such as the sheet track pictured above?
  3. Cheers. I understand the concept of counter sinking however in this case I am not sure as the current holes 'just' fit inside the two rails that sit on the deck. Any countersink would put the diameter outside the rails and into open deck, if that makes sense?
  4. Thanks Fish, if you could get the Sika number that would be great, may as well give myself the best chance of success, don't want to be doing it a 3rd time!!!
  5. This is the shape of the track, not flat on the bottom so makes it a little difficult to seal.
  6. Ok sounds good thanks Fish. I am using Mastersil SMP 50, should be ok?
  7. Yes I get that answer a lot but I can't source the stuff here in NZ!
  8. Has anyone ever successfully sealed one of these tracks? Both of mine are leaking through into the cabin. Planning on first sail in a few weeks but I can't for the life of me stop water getting into this boat (rain that is)!!!
  9. Looking at using this product for teak toe rails. Was looking at the Cetol Filter 7 Plus but it states this should be used as a top coat over Cetol HLSe? Are both necessary or could I just do 3 coats of HLSe? Any advice appreciated.
  10. I have attached some before and after photos of my window replacement incase anyone is interested. Once again I appreciate all the great advice I got from this forum which was a big part of the job going well. Really pleased with the result, it was a very rewarding experience 👍
  11. Thanks for all the advice. Went for the Quilosa MS35 and have done away with the screws. Finished installing the first window today and looks good. Once everything has set and I have given it a tidy up I will post some photos. Great to be well underway on the biggest job I have on my winter list.
  12. Is there a specific tape you use? Can be sourced in NZ? I also have some deck hardware I want to re seal.
  13. Ok. So is there a way to identify if the tint is comparable with the acrylic or not, it should say on the packaging? Put tint on after windows are fitted or prior to?
  14. Slightly off topic but still window related, peoples views on tint? Is it a must or just personal preference? My original windows were clear so I got clear acrylic but could get some stick on tint and apply before fitting the windows I guess?
  15. Yes as I mentioned earlier I feel there are probably several very good products around nowadays, especially when compared to decades ago when a lot of our boats were built! Forums like this are great for me being a newbie to use the experience of others to help make good choices and reduce the risk of mistakes. All very helpful stuff. I am confident I will have a watertight boat soon!!!
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