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Has much changed ....

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Interesting read from 1870 (Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXVI, Issue 4153, 5 December 1870, Page 2):



My attention was drawn this morning to a letter written by Mr. Waymouth, in which he states that he is not satisfied with the result of the race on Wednesday last. He says that he was not more than 70 yards astern at the finish, when he really was five minutes behind by the umpire's time. He also adds that he was restricted to canvas by me. Now, the facts of the case stand thus I really could not get him to cover the stakes I laid until the last moment, when he came to me and said that he would sail the match but I was not prepared with my arrangements, as I considered that the race would not come off, and I had not my gaff-topsail ready. That is the reason why I restricted Mr. Waymouth not to carry a gaff topsail. Now, as Mr. Waymouth says that he will will be happy to make another match on the same terms, I am prepared to meet him at J. and D. Oxley's, on the Wharf, any time on Monday, to arrange about sailing another match.— J. Clare.

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Brad, When you ask ' has much changed' I hope you are not suggesting that Waymouth's great great grand children are also bad loosers!


There is an interesting account in the 15 December 1870 edition of the rematch in which the bet was doubled. The race was won by Waymouth 3 hrs 12 min, 2 1/2 minutes ahead of Clare.


John Waymouth senior did seem to take it seriously. He once stamped on a cup he had won in protest that it was silver plated and not solid silver!

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